Find Missouri Travel Nurses | Get more out of life

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Find Missouri Travel Nurses | Get more out of life

Hi, my name is Cory Minter and I’m with Trinity employment specialists and we are a travel nursing agency located here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but we service the entire United States, Alaska, Hawaii, all of these different places because we’re travel nursing agency. Find Missouri Travel Nurses And so I, um, want to share with you the pros and cons of travel nursing. The big thing is, is there’s a lot, there are a lot of travel nurse. Are there a lot of nurses out there that are working full time permit positions in a hospital and they work most likely with the travel nurse. Now there’s murmuring that goes on. There are things that are starting to be said, probably have been said for a long time about salary and how much more they make. I’m just assuming the way it goes down, there’s, there’s always that one person that likes to brag when they know they’re making more money than everyone else.

Now, a lot of times this is kind of the person that can be annoying, but sometimes maybe it’s just the nurses asking and there’s always a curiosity about this. If you’re a nurse, you would be out of your mind not to be curious about this. It might not be for you and that’s totally okay, but being knowledgeable about it is can be really helpful. Knowledge gives you power in. The main reason for this video is we want to give people knowledge about travel agency nursing to see if it’s an option for them. So let’s get, let’s get started on the pros and cons of travel nursing. I like to start out with some statistics. Find Missouri Travel Nurses In the American nurses association States that 1.1 million new jobs will have to be created by 2022 the Bureau of labor statistics indicates that there’s going to be a 20% increase in the demand for nursing in between now and year 2026 that is astronomical.

That is a ridiculous amount of nurses that are going to be needed. Find Missouri Travel Nurses One of the great things is is that most likely salaries are going to go up. Probably not so much in the hospitals though for permanent employees. Most likely they’re going to go up through travel nursing, especially with this [inaudible] 19 that has happened. The demand for travel nursing has skyrocketed. The salaries for um, for travel nursing has tripled. It is just, it’s almost like the wild wild West, but there’s a great opportunity for nurses to make a lot of money right now. Now I want to give it to you. There is some risk if you’re working in some, uh, highly, um, you know, Covin 19, uh, you know, group group group have an air of an area in the hospital. However, um, there are a lot of different options for travel nurses to go where they wouldn’t be necessarily exposed to that, uh, that nasty, nasty virus. Find Missouri Travel Nurses here!

But I want to go ahead and start out with, um, with some of the things pros, you get paid to travel if you wanted to travel. I’ve got one of my best friends, his daughter and his daughter’s husband, they’re younger and they’ve got some experience in a hospital and now they wanted to go travel and see the world or see the country. So they went and got this big long 36 foot RV and they wanted to go travel to California. Now, uh, they went to go out there and the COBIT 19 happens. So it basically shut down the state. So they’re like, well, I think we’re going to stay here for a while. And so they’re taking a contract with this that’s just 50 miles away in Tahlequah and they’re going to drive over there and make three times what they normally would and um, and what only one of them is going to have to work.

They’re going to make the exact same amount of money. It’s crazy. And then they’re going to go travel. And I can’t wait to be a resource for them when they go travel. But you get paid to travel and so they’re going to be able to go to Florida, go to Yosemite park, um, and go live in these areas while getting paid more and getting some great new nursing experience, which we’re going to talk about next. Find Missouri Travel Nurses and Second thing is you can potentially make more money as you travel. I’ve talked about that over and over and over again in these videos, but you can make so much more money and you’re going to be working less, um, you. So you can work at 13 week contract and then take a month off and still make more money at the end of the year. So that’s a great option for you.

Tax free money in travel nursing. Well a travel nursing agency is going to pay for your lodging. And so if you’re like, uh, if you’re like my buddy, son, son-in-law and daughter, they’ve got their own camper and so they’re only going to be paying 20, $30 a night at a a, you know, at a, at a camp site, whereas the travel nursing agency is going to pay you for an apartment and that can be tax free income that just adds to your income. Um, so further information on travel, nursing pay, um, you can, how much you travel. Nurses may go to a definitive guide, go online, you can research this. Travel nursing, pay package comparisons. You can go and take a look online on Google and travel nursing pay, qualifying for tax free stipends and text deductions. There’s a lot of information on there. If you are a little bit concerned about the information that you’re getting online, please give Trinity a call at (918) 622-2588 ask for myself, Cory Minter or Darcel and we’ll be happy to just personally walk you through it. Find Missouri Travel Nurses with us.

Another pro, avoiding hospital politics. Listen, one of the things that I’ve noticed in nursing at Trinity employment specialists, we’ve been, we’ve been doing nursing since day one, that’s 11 years ago. There’s a lot of drama, certain talk that happens in hospitals and with nurses and it would be nice if you could go in work for about three months and then step out, go in there and work for three months and then step out and it eliminates you from getting stuck in the office politics that happened with the nurses that are there permanently. Find Missouri Travel Nurses There are some great cultures that are, that are developed in different hospitals and there are some hospitals that have a horrible culture. Sometimes within a hospital, the um, the ho the ICU department has a great culture and then if you go into the, uh, emergency room, they have a horrible culture so you can eventually begin to learn the areas that do have great cultures and even if you jump into a bad culture, three months is not long enough for you to really dig into the, the, the middle of office politics.

So you can, you can avoid that. Number four, you can broaden your work experience. A lot of travel nursing opportunities give you the opportunity to broaden your experience by getting exposure into all of these different arenas and getting experience. That way you can get paid more and more and more as you go down the room. Uh, uh, the next one, professional networking opportunities. As a travel nurse, you can gain more opportunities with other travel nurses. They can share with you different options. You can get a lot of great information and you can learn how to do more tax free options, how to set up your taxes at the end of the year and make more money by saving money with tax free options. Find Missouri Travel Nurses The next one, making new friends as a travel nurse, being networked is just a great opportunity and making new friends and travel nursing, that’s going to share more information.

You’re going to learn more about your industry. It’s a great opportunity to do that. Try before you buy as a travel nurse, if you always wondered what it would be like working in this particular type of a department or a different specialty. A lot of times you can get exposure into that area before you take a full time permanent job with it and you’ll get paid more while you do it. So that’s a great option for you. Travel nurses can land jobs quickly. Listen, if once you get your information put put into Trinity employment specialists, um, travel nursing agency and we get you credentialed as a nurse cause it is a big deal to get you credentialed you, we can send you out all over the place and give you all sorts of options that you never thought, uh, or new would be, uh, an opportunity for you.

The next one, flexibility between travel, nursing assignments. Listen, there’s all sorts of flexibility. We have eight week contracts, contracts, 13 week contracts, all sorts of options for travel nursing that, that you can take advantage of. Protravel nurses help underserved populations. So one of the things that you can notice is rural hospitals are very much underserved and you can go out and that can be a mission for you to be able to provide great nursing experience in an area where they might not have access to great nurses. Listen, these are just a few things that travel nurse that travel nurses can take advantage of as pros to this field. If you want to learn more about travel nursing or reach out to a T, uh, a great travel nursing agency, give Trinity call at nine one eight six two, two, two, five, eight or you can visit us to learn so much more about this exciting field.