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Find Missouri Travel Nurses | Find a position that suits you

Hi, my name is Cory Minter and I am president of Trinity employment specialists. We are a staffing firm located here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but we do staffing for travel nurses all over the entire United States. We have a, a real intensive focus on the middle part of the United States in Missouri, Arkansas, Texas and Kansas. But we have people that are going all over the entire nation. Um, one of the, one of the videos that I just completed for, um, 10 top social media statistics that travel nurses need to be aware of. Um, and basically just real quickly I’ll, I’ll Find Missouri Travel Nurses tell you some, some of the statistics so I can kind of get you thinking about it is like 60% of employers have researched candidates by browsing through social networking sites. 49% of the employers discovered information online that prevented them from hiring people. This is a survey that’s done by career builder.

Number four, more than 25% of these employers found content on these sites that resulted in either a firing or a severe reprimand by the employee. You’ve got to Find Missouri Travel Nurses keep in mind who you’re representing as a nurse. And at Trinity, one of our number one standards is to never hire a nurse that we wouldn’t be comfortable working with our grandmother if they were in a really severe situation, either in a surgery or an ICU in the hospital. We want to hire nurses that are going to make our grandparents feel good and comfortable. Um, 53% said that they check online to determine that if the prospective employee has a professional online persona, 30% said they checked it to see what others are saying about the candidate. Um, 21% said they’re looking for a reason not to hire the employee. This, this survey by career builder, 46% say it’s due to provocative or inappropriate images, they’ll, they’ll release a candidate for that.

So you Find Missouri Travel Nurses have all of these statistics that are very true, but what does this mean for travel nurses? So I wanted this, this particular video to be how can you control your social media so that you have the right kind of image for employers. And I’ve got, I’ve got a list of items that career builder also offered as a route, as a, uh, a point of reference for people. I thought it was really interesting and it can be helpful for you. Um, the first thing you need to do is install privacy settings on all of your online accounts so that someone can’t come in and just start posting things about you. You know, I cannot, sometimes I do get on some social media, it’s not very much because I try to stay off of it as much as possible and I certainly don’t post anything on it.

And the reason I don’t post anything on it is because of the horrible comments that come from just something so simple. And you know, we’re in the middle of Covidien 19. And just yesterday I, I’m a camper. Our family goes camping and they shut down all the camping sites. And so I posted something up saying, you know, I don’t understand why they let a thousand cars at Walmart and they consider that safe, but a camping place that’s out in the middle of nowhere by himself. They consider that not safe. And I was just kind of pointing something out cause our family’s wanting to go camping. Holy smokes. You would not believe how mean people can be behind the keyboard of a computer. It’s, it’s really surprising to me, especially in something that I think, I honestly thought that was so simple minded. Um, and it was pretty obvious to me, but people are so politically motivated now you’ve gotta be very careful at what you even say, but you’ll want to put privacy settings.

So not anyone can just come in there and just blast out other people. Be mean. Use crude language. Say things that no one would ever say in person ever. Maybe somebody, some people do, but it’s not very many people do a lot more people online. Number two, remove yourself from any post friends may have tagged you in that are more morally questionable. Um, I would also say politically sensitive that that was one thing. I, again, I don’t post anything online, but I just, I don’t know why I posted this a lot. I should never have done it because we’ve got 50 comments on, Hey, why are they stopping you from going camping? But they don’t stop you from going to Walmart and, but people are so mean. And so in this case, I would want to make sure and remove some of these people off of my online profile.

I didn’t know. I didn’t know that there would be offense to something that I thought was so simple. Um, number three, public post a public photo of yourself that has a poor, uh Find Missouri Travel Nurses, polite and professional appearance. Um, make sure you don’t have certain things, you know, career builder suggest no Daisy Dukes, muscle shirts, cigarettes dangling from your mouth, giving a, a poor image of yourself. Um, these are things that a picture says a thousand words and some people will make judgements off of that and especially if it’s the hospital and kind of removed from the hiring process. Um, but they get all of the decision making abilities. You want to be careful with that for travel nurses, never bad mouth your current employer, online or previous employers, save these scathing comments for your diary or for private conversation with a trusted friend. These things can easily be found, especially on places like LinkedIn.

Um, you want to be careful with this and make sure that you’re not saying something that you’re very passionate about in the moment, but it’ll later hurt you. And especially if it’s Find Missouri Travel Nurses a website or a social media platform where you cannot take it down there. I believe there are some, I’m not a social media theme so I don’t know all the details of social media platforms, but I believe there are some areas that you can’t take it down, especially if it’s reposting on someone else’s site. You probably lose control of it over at that point in time. So be very careful there. Um, number, the next thing is think twice about posting your personal opinions regarding politics, abortion, gay rights, immigration reform. I remember one time, this was about four or five years ago. Um, well it was when, uh, it was when, um, the election was happening and I posted one thing, I’m not going to say one way or another, but I just posted one thing online that I agreed with and it, and it to me at the time, just like earlier when I was posting about camping versus Walmart, I thought it seemed safe, but one of the managers at a very large hospital was the complete opposite opinion of what I had posted.

Um, and it was, uh, it was somewhat politically Mo. I didn’t think it was that big a deal, but they did literally, we lost hundreds of thousands of dollars of business because they disagreed with me. This person came online and said, w I disagree wholeheartedly and I can’t even work with you anymore, Corey. So this was a very simple thing, um, that I could never in my wildest dreams have imagined that this would be offensive to anyone. And it seemed pretty moderate, but this person didn’t think so. They took it very personal and they decided not to work with us and they were empowered to do so. So be very careful. That’s how it happens to a company. But the same thing can happen to you as an employee. Um, refrain from using vulgar language. Um, that’s an obvious, people might, uh, be concerned that you’d come in the hospital and begin using that language with the patients.

And they’re also motivated to make sure I’m Find Missouri Travel Nurses bringing the most polite professional people that they can. Um, don’t post scantily clad selfies on. Again, that’s going to give a picture, says a thousand words and you might be a really great person, but a friend posted this up and you posted it up because you thought it was funny at the time and now someone is making a different kind of assessment about you because of this. That’s not true. So be very careful with those, um, proofread everything posted publicly so it’s grammatically correct. You don’t want to have a lot of grammatical errors, especially if your job in nursing would be to be documenting into an EMR or something like that. Uh, grammatical errors in an EMR is a, is a big, can be a big, uh, liability for the hospital. Last thing is a good rule of thumb is to post comments, images that you wouldn’t mind your grandparents seeing, um, that might it work.

It might depend on your grandparents. I Find Missouri Travel Nurses know that my grandpa, my grandpa for sure, my grandpa was a larger than life personality. He has gold medal in the Olympics. You Google the man and he’s going to come up with Michael Jordan in basketball. He was one of the best basketball players that our nation’s ever seen in pioneered the NBA. I’m very proud of that. But with that came some opinionated people. So it might depend on your grandparents, but for the majority you might consider, what would my grandparents say about this? If Trinity can help you in any way, shape or form with your travel nursing, please give us a call. Our number is (918) 622-2588 or you can visit us