Find Missouri Travel Nurses | A Company that is looking out for you

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Find Missouri Travel Nurses | A Company that is looking out for you

Hi, my name is Cory Minter. I’m here with Marcel and we are with Trinity employment specialists. We’re located here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. But we have a division of Trinity that staffs in travel nursing all over the nation. And our goal is to make sure and add value to travel nurses, especially those that are new, considering travel nursing, not sure if they’re, this is for them or not. Knowledge gives you power and that’s what we want to do is give you the knowledge that you need to be able to be successful in this industry. And then if you’re using Trinity, you get the great, great knowledge of Darcell and Find Missouri Travel Nurses that’s what we want to do here and have a snippet of that. So this particular video cast five requirements to become a travel nurse. What do you got to do? What do you need? You’d have to at least have one year of bedside nursing in a launch.

In a hospital. Yes. Not in a clinic. Not in a clinic. And you have to have bedside. That’s why I specified bedside. And you have to have that. And a lot of times a nurse will tell me, okay, I got two more months to go. I go ahead and start her, get her ready. You know, because they want to travel. This is something that nurses cannot wait to get that year and they belt to do. Right. Because, but I tell them, I will put you on the travel but we’re going to start in your state. That is what I recommend that for any new traveler to start in your spouse that wants that because it’s their out of their comfort zone. Find Missouri Travel Nurses They don’t know anything about it. They need to be around other travelers and so they could hear and find out how, you know, because if you get a new need, a mentor, absolutely.

Because you go, you send a nurse to Florida and they’ve never been anywhere outside of their home state. They’re intimidated. So you want them to get used to their own environment. I mean that in addition, I think that, you know, being, being a travel nursing recruiter, like you can be a great mentor as well. I, I talked to him. But you nurses, if you’ve been around nurses, they, they could treat you really cold. I, I, I’ve definitely noticed that. I see always different, always staffed in the clinics. Right. You know, we’ve, we’ve done some in the hospitals, but primarily we’ve always staffed for tons of nurses. I have, but it’s in the clinics. And so this is a little bit difference. Yes. Because they’re intimidated. They talk, they shouldn’t talk about pay, but they do and they do. So you said that everybody don’t say, well you shouldn’t.

That is a thing that no one should do. But anyway, I want her to be comfortable or him in their own environment, get them used to it. Because there’s so many things you have to do to time sheets. I mean, there’s so many requirements for travel nurses not just go somewhere. So you want them to be used to it and get their feet wet. Now, one thing that I, I think that many nurses should know about is that, you know, we’ve got people that are just working like 50 miles away. They’re still getting a travel. They’re still getting all the benefits of travel nursing. If you think about it, I drive to work. It takes, it took me 25 30 minutes to get here this morning and I just live in broken arrow. We’re in Tulsa and that’s the average commute in Tulsa by the way, is about 30 minutes.
25 to 30 minutes. Okay. We have nurses right now that are driving an extra 20 miles each way. So it’s an extra 40 miles and tell them, tell them the options that you have just working like 50 miles away. Yes. You can make anywhere from 18 to 2100 a week and most of that is tax free. God, I mean, yes. So I mean that’s a real legitimate opportunity for someone to even get their feet wet. So you’re staying in your house, you’re still getting the stipend rack, the housing stipend. Absolutely. And you’re, you’re just a little bit away. You can stay there and be with your family. I think a lot of nurses don’t do travel nursing because they think they have families and they think they got to go. Right, right. And that’s why I tell a nurse might tell me I’m not used to, I’m not interested in travel right now.

I, I continue to talk to her. I said, well you could travel in your own state. So then they like what I can do that absolutely. Well not only that, you can travel just to a rural community that’s like 50 miles away and make that money. And there are a lot of, there are a lot of rural hospitals that need help. Absolutely. Um, and, and we’ve got a lot of relationships with some and it’s building and building and building. Um, what are the license requirements that, uh, someone would need before they could become a travel? They have to be licensed in that state. Okay. Um, say about amongst pick up Oklahoma, cause we’re here, but Oklahoma, a nurse, they just made Oklahoma compact state as of last year. So now, now that you have your Oklahoma license and you want to travel outside the state, go to the nursing board, apply for compact state.

Like tell them what this is. Just let’s just assume that they don’t know what state licenses. If you long as your home state, you have a license in that state, it can be Oklahoma, Georgia, what have you at that point you go back and say, okay, I want to pay a fee to get a compact state license that opens you up to work in 33 different States across the U S I didn’t know it was 33. Oh yes, Hawaii. Alaska. Okay. Yeah, they could go is 33 States and they add every year. Okay. How much is this fee that they’ll need to pay? I think it’s about a hundred dollars. Is there a test or anything that they’re needing to take? Nick, just want the money to give you a compact. Of course they do. He had some. Great, congratulations. Oh, got it. Um, talk about a difference between a BSN and just a normal nursing.

Normal nurse is associate’s degree? Yes. Find Missouri Travel Nurses They could still do a travel contract. Yeah. So even though you have a BSN or an associates or a masters, an okay cause BSN is that bachelor’s? Right. Okay. But then associates, they just get the nursing degree. Right. Then you got a master’s and this higher. So, um, any nurses are they gonna make more money if they have a BSN? None at all. Now will some hospitals be a little bit more picky and they would prefer a BSN versus an associate? Very rare. They will categorize that. That’s what they’re looking for. Very rare because a nurse that’s associate nurse knows just what that BSN nurse that they’re going to look more at the work history. Absolutely. Right. Right. And it makes no sense but, but the nurse got it because when she goes to get up arm job, that’s when it plays a factor.

Right. Okay. They’re not going to pay you extra money because you have a higher degree than that associate nurse because you’re not their employee. Right. If you go on and do a core job, yes. A person would have BSN or a masters wouldn’t get more money but not in a travel. Got it. Um, the, talk to me a little bit about the credentials that you need, uh, to be a travel nurse. You’re going to have as a nurse, we always had to deal with this. Like keeping up with their shot records on TV. Oh, it’s so much in a nurse. No one likes to go get these shots. Even if you’re a nurse, you can’t like to go do that. Right? And most of these nurses, they bid on their job for years. So they’re, they change every year. What’s new, right? So that’s the first thing I tell them.

Send me what you add. Right? So LIS, if there’s a nurse that’s considering this, go look for your shot records and get these things, uh, you know, just get them in order. Because what we don’t want is we don’t want your frustration level to be high because it does take only one time, but it does take a little bit of time to get you credentialed. And we’re going to have to go and do that. Now, once we do that, it’s very easy to maintain. Yes. But just don’t, we don’t want people to get frustrated. You have to bring us all of this information. Yeah, they don’t like it. They think it’s too much paperwork. But I let them know there’s a lot of paperwork. Let them know. Because you don’t want to spring them on, you get a contract, Find Missouri Travel Nurses you accepted the contract, then I throw all this stuff.

It’s only one time, one time. Right. Absolutely. Um, taxes for travel, nurses, you know, talk about the tax home. We’re gonna have to wrap this up real quick. Two. Okay. One was they, they keep their home, uh, which that’s really mostly what every nurse do. They’re not going to live where they’re, it only makes sense if they’re not going to become gypsies. Yeah, absolutely. But in the case that I wanted to become a gypsy, the IRS, not Trinity employment specialists, Find Missouri Travel Nurses the IRS requires for you to have a solid home so that you can take advantage of the, of the, uh, the stipend, the housing stopping and you don’t, and you decide when to be a gypsy. Right? Well then, um, the, uh, uncle Sam is going to get frustrated and he’s wanting to begin to charge you taxes on that. So, but a nurse could work up to a year, but they have to, um, take a week or two off before they do another contract.

Right. Right. Okay, good. Well. Um, the last thing is, is maintaining your nursing license as a travel nurse so that you don’t ever get upside down. Um, most likely your agency is going to track that pretty carefully because they have a strong incentive for that. But what are some of the things that you suggest to travel nurses and a nurse in itself? They know when their licensures is due. That’s their bread and butter, right? So, but let’s just be honest. We’re gonna forget some duplicate. Specially on a travel contract, right? Okay. If you’re in a core hospital, they gonna let you know, my job as a recruiter is to always make sure I TA, I set that date. I, when are you going to get your license? Even I have a nurse now. Um, she wants to go travel. I say, your license expires the end of this month.

She’s already applied. Right? So stay on that. Right. Find Missouri Travel Nurses and Mention it and look at their license. But when you talk to them, right? You know what you’re dealing with. You’re gonna want to keep this up to date because let’s just be honest. Surprises are never fun. Generally they’re not fun. Not when it comes to your license and you don’t want them to expire. I don’t like surprises either. Um, listen, if Trinity can help you in any way with travel nursing, we would love to be resourced. I promise you, you want to talk to Darcel? Give us a call at nine one eight six two two two five, eight, eight ask for Darcell. But if you want to check us out online, it’s Trinity

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