Episode #15 | Staffing Agency Tulsa Podcast | Pt 2 of How to Improve the Candidate Experience

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You are listening to Trinity Employment’s, a player matchmaker Staffing Agency Tulsa podcast starring your host and the cofounder of Trinity Employment Specialists, Cory Minter. Hi, welcome back. I’m here with Ethan May

we are the a player matchmakers. We’re always looking to find ways to add value to job seekers and employers. The title of this Staffing Agency Tulsa podcast, this is the second series of how to improve the candidate experience. And so if you are struggling to find and retain good employees or get people in your door and staying there, this content may be helpful for you. Um, you can see all of our new content now on our website, we have it under our career section and if you go down there, you’ll see podcasts and that is where we’re located at. Um, we particularly believe this content is really important for today’s time. And this is why our unemployment rate is very, very low. It’s the lowest it’s been in 20 years. We have now switched guys from an employee’s to employ from an employer’s market into now an employees market.

And so what that means is, is that candidates are going to have options and you need to be very, very careful and intentional with how you treat them through your process. In all of us get busy, we all know that. We want to make sure it put some intention to the way that we treat our candidates and not have them wait on us. Um, so we like to ask all of our listeners if this content is helpful for you, please let other people know about it. We’re going to be moving over to iTunes shortly. And so at that point we’re going to be asking for people to like us and all that other stuff. But at this point right now, we’d really like for you to just share the information because we want to be able to help as many people as possible and especially job seekers.

I know we’ve got some great content on this podcast and so we’re moving into the section to the second section of how to improve your candidate experience. And so the first thing that we want to do is kick off with some of the stats. We’ve got two other stats here that are really, really interesting and we’ve got our statistical miracle Ethan May over here. Talk to us about that real quick, man. Yeah, I mean in the, in our first, first part of this, we were talking about how important the candidate is to the whole process and a and how to really, you know, make their experience way better. Um, you know, Jeff Bezos, who is the, the CEO, the creator of Amazon has some great quotes and we had changed the word customer in his quotes. The word candidates have it be a little bit more focused on, on the people because it applies super well.

But I mean, he says the most important, the most important single thing is to focus obsessive Lee on the candidate. And it’s true. And that shows in these stats, careerbuilder.com did a nationwide candidate survey and they said 42% of a dis of disgruntled candidates will not apply for a position at that company again. So if someone applied for a job, they felt that they were kind of jumping through hoops, they didn’t have a good experience. 42% of them won’t apply for that company ever again. In 22% will tell others not to apply to that company. We talked about that last time, that the impact that that word of mouth has both positively and negatively, but this is the big one in my mind. 9% of those disgruntled candidates will ask others to boycott products or in this case companies, which is really bad for your, your image.

Well, you know, as I was saying earlier, when we, um, when we go out and do sales, and it’s so true and it’s true for Trinity, it’s true for your company that you know, people who are currently working in a company, especially if you’re an employer, listen, if you treat people really, really well, people may talk about you positively to maybe two or three people if you’re, if you’re lucky. But if you treat them horribly, they’ll tell a minimum of 20. And that is how trinity has grown. Honestly, Ethan, um, we, we did people, will, we treated people well? You can see that in the reviews and those people have told slowly one or two at a time, but oh boy, oh boy, do we hear it when someone feels like they have not been treated well here, here at Trinity, I get those calls.

I’m the CEO and so I get those calls. Um, sometimes, and it’s not very often, thank goodness, but you know, in some of them are justified in some of them are. And then some of them have a point to them, but they’re missing, you know, there, there, there, there’s a big reason why they weren’t called. And it was, it was actually helpful for them that we didn’t call them in to bring them in for something that they, they, they would have wasted their time with, you know, but every company struggles to make sure that they handle the influx of people coming in. But I’ll tell you what, people who are intentional with it, um, they’re going to fare much, much better. But these stats are really important. It says here, 22% are going to tell other people’s not to tell other people not to apply at your company.

And that is not something that you want, especially when it’s an employees market and they get to have choices. Yeah. Not just 22% of people will say, I wasn’t a great experience. 22% of people will actively tell others don’t apply for that company. I mean that’s just so, oh, it’s brutal and you don’t want that. So, uh, earlier we started our tea, our first topic of action items into making sure that you’re hiring to fill a real need and we went over how you go about doing that. Um, the, the next, uh, and we also went over, you know, how to write clear job descriptions and the processes to go about doing that in a meeting with your managers, making sure that your job description is up to date. You know, um, it wasn’t long ago where we had, um, one of our big, big clients send us over a job description, said this is exactly what we want.

And we went out and we recruited everyone, like a lot of people for this, for this position. And they completely changed everything. And when they, when were like, well we, we recruited your for your job description. And they’re like, oh yeah, but that isn’t even really close. You know, and they, the thing was is it really wasn’t any ones in PR. I mean there was somebody that was responsible for it, but they were such a big company and they had this job description. And so we asked him, do you have a job description? Oh yeah, no problem. We got a job description. It’s just that no one had read it in 10 years is that it was wrong. It was completely off. So you want to make sure that your job descriptions are up to date because if you give that job description to your Staffing Agency Tulsa candidate and then all of a sudden you were trying to, uh, you’re trying to figure or you’re trying, you’re telling the candidate right in front of, Oh, well that’s not up to date.

It really gives some concern to the candidate. So our third point here is make it easy for candidates to apply to your jobs. Um, this is really, really important. This is, this was a, this is an interesting stat, um, that most people spend almost eight hours on, on there. Now, what was it? What I’m messing this up, Ethan. You’re the statistical miracle. How, how long, how long was it that people were spending on their iPhone daily? Do you remember this on there? I remembered lungs daily or on their phones? It was like six hours. Yeah. I mean it was really, really high. Exactly what it was. But the had the average was pretty staggering. Yeah. So most of your, most of the people coming in, they’re going to be applying on their phone. And so you having an easy way for them to be able to do that and fill out an application online is really, really important.

Making the process being streamlined. Here’s another thing. If you have not spent some time on your website recently and you have people apply online, you need to make sure that your content is actually friendly to the phone. So, um, I know the iPhone, iPhones are going to have a different kind of platform then an android and you need to work with your web developer to make sure that that actually shows up appropriately on your phone. But you’ve got to make sure that you look good when you’re online and don’t make the application process cumbersome. In fact, trinity, we just started a newer platform. We had an older platform that we had used for years and we found that this would be much better for candidates. Um, but we, we just upgraded this to make sure that our, our candidate experience is much, is much, much better.

So you want to give, um, you want to make sure that your careers page is easy to find. You want to give clear application instructions and make sure that your application is not long complicated where the instructions confused them and turn off candidates and avoid cane. It’s just literally dropping out of your application process. So this is what will happen. I guarantee you they’ll, they’ll get online and they’ll start looking at the application and it will go, you know, it’ll go long or it will become cumbersome and just like drop out. I mean, have you ever done this online yourself, Ethan? I remember doing this 12 years ago, you know, you know, I mean it’s not really related to do a job, but you know, my fiance now, we were trying to figure out where we’re going to go on our honeymoon. And so we are looking at different resorts and there’s this one website I went to look like a great resort after about three minutes on their website, I just exited out.

I was like, I don’t care how nice it is. Their website is so frustrating and so laggy to operate. I can’t even spend any like any more time just looking at this place. And so we, so where, where’s the, where’s the location? Like I’m learning this right now as we speak. We’re, where’s the location? Like where, where did you, sorry, what, what place, what destination? Oh, they were in Jamaica, man. It was a Jamaican man. Yeah. Real Nice. But we can pick it because their website was staying there. I just had a terrible website. Yeah, it was bad. It was just a nightmare to navigate and I didn’t even pick it. And so that was for in our honeymoon. But people who are looking for jobs and they’re applying for job after job after job online do, they’re going to be the exact same way.

This is annoying and just, who cares? Well, and, and it is annoying because they all know that there’s a big black hole problem that people experience in, in. It’s a real problem for people. You know, that I think that both sides probably need to look and remember that, you know, there’s, there’s probably another side to this, um, and maybe adjust your strategy to make sure that your strategy works well with the black coal, which will we’re going to talk about in, in our next segment. Um, another thing that, um, that you want to do is, um, this is something that’s new that’s happening in, um, I, we read about this on a, on, it was a career builder. Um, website is to offer a linkedin or resume parsing and that’s something new that I’m actually going to be looking into myself. But that’s something that is new that is happening there where it makes it really, really easy.

So you can pull all of the information that you have on linkedin and automatically a move that in a to your website, there is a charge for doing that. It appears in how much I’ve looked into it so far. Um, but that is something that you can look at. The next thing is make your entire application process obvious on one page. If it’s possible of course that’s all that’s going to go back up to don’t make it so long that it that it confuses people. But this is all, these are all action items that you can take with your it and making sure that uh, that your Staffing Agency Tulsa application processes as well. So I’m going to move on to our next, um, on to our next action item. And that is follow up early and often these are some that I think is very important and we actually have a lot of information for because we have this happen all the time.

In fact, we’re, we’re probably going to lose a really great candidate that, um, that we’ve recruited and it’s a high salary. Trinity was going to make a good, it was going to be a good thing for us. But, um, you know, the, our, our client just has not communicated and so they’re, they’re doing exactly what the employee’s market does. They’re going to go somewhere else and they’re just frustrated and concerned that if they ever did go over to that company there, it would be a, another example of the same old things. I don’t know if you have any examples of that yourself now? Lately it’s true. I mean we’ve, when it comes to, you know, employers not understanding the fact that, you know, it really is an employee’s market. I, yeah, we’ve got plenty of time, plenty of times where I’ve sent a really great candidate to accompany.

I don’t hear from him in a couple of days. I’ll try and follow up. I don’t hear anything. I update the candidate. I try and follow up again and a week and a half later, the manager finally calls me and says, Hey, sorry, it’s been busy. We’d love to interview them. And I say, well, I’m sorry they’ve, they’ve got another job already. And here’s a really interesting thing to think about to Ethan because I’ll tell you the people that will likely tolerate that are likely going to be your B and c players. One thing for sure, your a players will not want to tolerate that. They will move on and they’re going to look to a company that’s organized because that’s the way that they operate the best in. And they’ll know, yeah, not only will a player’s not enjoy that and not really tolerate that themselves, but other companies will be actively looking for those a players and they will not dilly dally.

They will. They will jump on it real quick and you’ll lose that candidate. You’ll be stuck with okay, candidates instead of great. So I’m going to knock, knock these action items out, send a rejection email or an interview invite as soon as you can message candidates from a human email address and make sure that you spell out the process and if it’s going to be a low, a little bit of a time and you know that it’s going to be some time for your to get your team together, make sure you give the candidate a timeline on it. And if you miss that timeline, at least let them know about it. Um, a lot of people will give you forgiveness if you let them know, hey, this happened, it’s going to be another couple of days. Please be patient with this. People really appreciate that. The next thing is respond to candidate.

Thank you. And follow up notes. Um, it’s really important. The last action item is um, communicate with and thank candidates during each step of the process. You need to have a hiring process. Your managers need to know what it is and you need, you need to be able to talk to people on the phone before asking them to take a test or do an assignment. Um, make any test assignments or directions clear and transparent about your timeline. Make sure that you’re spilling it out. They know exactly what it is that you’re going to be doing. Thank candidates when they submit assignments or take tests. If there’s anything to do with this last thing here in Ethan, has something to say here. Make the remaining steps of your hiring timeline very transparent and keep candidates updated along the way. That way they’re not using their imagination.

What did you have? Their email was just going to on top of that. Yeah. Communicating with and thinking candidates. It seems so basic and so simple. Um, and something that you can say, oh, well we’re too busy. We got a lot, we don’t have time for that. But here’s the deal. One thing that I’ve started practicing and in every interview that I have with someone is at the end of it, whether it went well or whether it didn’t go well, I asked that person, great, Hey, any fun plans for the rest of the week as we were like walking out of the office, I say, thanks for coming in. You have any fun plans for the rest of the week or anything going on this weekend. And that kind of lightens the mood as they walk out. They walk out feeling like, Oh that was nice, he cares about me. And then when I called them and I follow up with them and if I’m saying, hey listen, sorry I haven’t heard back from them yet and I know the candidate might be frustrated.

I’ve already got something. We’re going to say, hey, how was fill in the blank, that thing that you did this weekend that makes them feel like I’m on their team, that makes them feel like I care about them. And it’s the simplest, easiest thing to do and it’s just a personal approach is all you’re doing is making someone feel like a person and not a number because let’s just be honest, every single one of us has gone into a job interview and it was really uncomfortable. You felt more like a number and not like a Staffing Agency Tulsa person. And that’s really what we try to do here at Trinity. Please go take a look at the reviews that we have. You’ll see this in the way that we treat candidates. We’re really proud of that. If we can help you out with your job search or if you are trying to find an a player, please, uh, give us a call.