Employment Agency Tulsa | What Lessons Did I Learn from My Heroes?

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Yeah. I remember you telling me the story, you know, you know, I’ve had so many conversations, but, um, one of the things that, well, if you don’t mind, I’ll tell it about you if that’s okay. Um, but you know, David was going through this with his son and a lot of people, I mean, you know, his son was probably one of his best friends at the time. I mean, he helped run a big, significant portion of his business, you know, and, and so this happens. And of course, you know, we’re all just one phone call away from going to our knees. Yeah, sure. And you got that phone call. Yeah. And um, you know, people started watching, um, people around started watching how you were handling yourself and um, you know, one of, one of your friends is pastor Craig Rochelle, right. And, um, he, David was introduced to Craig by his pastor. And the reason that that happened was because, um, your pastor at your local church started seeing how you were behaving, just act, dealing with it. And he was so by it. Like tell me like, how did, how did you get there in your head? Because that is like one of the biggest things ever. And I, I hope I’m not going too deep. Oh no, it’s fine. It’s fine. Yeah, it’s fine. Um, you know, it, it takes a paradigm shift. You, you know, you want to recoil in life, you want to pull up and get in the fetal position. And you know, I, I actually thought, you know, my son was killed on my eighth. I thought May 9th the sun wasn’t going to come up, but it did. Yeah. And it has every day since then and life’s gonna go on and you don’t want life to go on. You don’t feel like life can go on, but you learn that it will and it can and you will as well. Yeah. Well that just, it, it meant a lot to me to just see some of the ways that you dealt with that because when you told me about that, of course I had no clue. But, um, you know, first thing I did is I went and prayed and asked. I said, God, please protect my kids. You know, all that stuff. Well man, thanks. Thanks for talking about that. I know it’s kind of a big deal. Um, moving on to a completely different topic. Um, I’m really interested in this one too. If you could put a big gigantic billboard anywhere saying anything on it, metaphorically speaking, you know, to get the most important message to you out. Like what, what would you put on there? Jesus. I mean, you know, I’m real, I’m real in life, man. I mean, I get angry, I get upset, things happen, you know, uh, you don’t want to be around me when I’m angry. Yeah. But, um, I mean real life is about Jesus and it’s about who he is and what he did for us. And, um, I love Jesus. I’m proud to say that. And I live for him. And, um, and really that’s the message that that’s our business is so blessed and it’s so blessed. And I don’t go out and preach to my employees. Uh, you know, I, I like the old saying, it’s his preached the gospel and if you have to use words, I live in front of them. I live in front of my, I don’t have a fish on my car. I don’t, Oh, you should do business with us.

Cause we’re Christians. I’m nothing like that, you know, I mean, I can fit in with the guys, you know, that’s working cattle or you know, uh, running hogs or you know, bailing hay or, you know, I mean I got friends at the country club level and I go hang out with them. And I think when you learn how to be who you are in Christ, that Christ is my identity, my identity is not at the country club. And it’s not just for bailing hay and stuff that I do personally, but it’s, that’s my identity is in Christ. Yeah. What do you think people would think if they saw a billboard and all it said was Jesus? Well, I, I think that name invokes lot of emotion in some people. Unfortunately, there’s people in the world who’s never heard that name and that’s why I’m leaving Saturday. Yeah. Tell, tell. Hey real quick, tell him where you’re going. If you know I’m going to Brazil. I go to Brazil. I think it’s my 17th trip to Brazil in four years. I just got home from Ethiopia about three weeks ago. And uh, you know, that’s where my money goes. That’s where my heart is. You know, the Bible says where your heart is or your treasure also. I mean, we’re treasure is, that’s where your heart is. And um, you know, I could live a lot different lifestyles than I live. I have a nice lifestyle, but, uh, my life is to help people. It’s not for me. Uh, and just, just from me to you, dude, thank you so much for taking me to Brazil. It’s not just to go to Brazil, but one so I could see the power of God. We can see it here too, but it changed my perspective. Um, and my level of gratefulness just because our country as you know, we, we don’t even know what poverty is, you know, and God, that meant so much to me. You had mentioned about where your finances go and this sitting on our, on our list and so it’s going to come out of left field on you. Um, dude, one of the most important things you taught me about doing was giving right. And the importance of it. And you know what you call me on a daily basis. He, David thinks I’m tight on everything.

No, I know that. I don’t think that, I know that it’s total bull, man. I, I, I’ve, I’ve changed, you have significant weight a lot. I will get you’re saying that is because we’re on this, you know, I bust your chops later. It’s all right. Um, dude, it meant a lot to me. It changed me. Um, and I saw things differently. Can you just like in a real quick thing, tell people about your, um, perspective on giving it’s life. That’s life to me. I mean, you know, if you’re living for yourself, you’re living a pretty small life. But when you learn to live your life through others, through giving and giving, I mean, you know, don’t get hung up on money, but giving your life your time. You know, my time, what we went through with losing Zach, it taught me the most precious thing I have is time. Stomp money. It’s time. And when you learn how to give that God, you know, you reap what you sow. I give time, man. I’ve got so much time. God has freed my schedule up so much. I mean, people call, Hey, can you go here? Sure. I’m gone. You know, I can take off. I can go anywhere in the world. I want, anytime I want to do anything I wanna do. Cause God’s blessed me to that point. But he knows that I’m willing and ready to go. Yeah, I get time. But man, just for me personally, and I think a lot of people, especially who are young, like the thing that going to struggle with might not be as much time but more about money. So cannot tee this up just a little bit differently. Okay. Sure. Um, you know, one, one of the things that, uh, that I learned from you is a term that I’d never heard before and it was called irrational giving. Okay. And I don’t, you can go with this wherever you want, but I’m going to tell a story just real quickly. Um, you know, uh, there was a guy that showed up to Brazil with this. Um, his name was Terry and he runs these, uh, these huge crusades and I think one of them was for driving. And he’s, he’s also the, the guy that created the dream center out here and Tulsa, which is just unbelievable, um, miracle, uh, of God. And, and just the in what it gives back. But I remember you like, you didn’t know Terry back then, but you, you went out and bought some Jackhammer, which I don’t know how much those things are. Um, I’m a yuppie, you know that. But David goes and buys a him Jackhammer and, um, goes out and, uh, he, he hears that somebody needs one of those and he just, he just gives it to him. So he goes home, he goes home and, uh, is one of his sons is like, so where’s, where’s that Jackhammer at? He’s like, dude, you just gave it to someone, didn’t you? And he’s like, yeah, yeah, tell me if I’m screwing up this story. So he goes, he goes and gives away this thing. And so it goes back to Hilti to get a new Jackhammer. And this is one of the ways that God provides.

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