Employment Agency Tulsa | What Are My Heroes Teaching Me?

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And of course we don’t give, um, uh, you know, just to get back. But this was what happened to David on that day. Um, you know, the guy went over there and he said, you see that box over there? And he kicks it and he’s like, does that, does that box look use to you? And then, yeah. And so from now on, every time David goes over there by that equipment, he’s got a lot of daggum equipment and David Eden’s instructional. But um, man, he gets it at a used price. Um, deal price demo, demo price. Dude. That’s what I’m wanting people to at least get into your mind with. Cause you taught me, it changed my life. Do you want, I got this Employment Agency Tulsa, but the thing is my heart wasn’t give to get my heart was this man was putting up a tent, a 30,000 square foot pressurized tent. Hey, it’s called the 99. The dream. It’s part, you know, Terry Hinshaw, Terry Hinshaw ministries here at the Tulsa. And um, Terry needed that and I had an old one and we went back to using our old one until we could afford another new one. But you know, through that, God just opened doors for me and I didn’t expect that. I didn’t ask for that. I didn’t, you know, demand that God do something, but I just had a heart to give and God blessed me for my heart to give. Yeah, man. I just want anyone who’s listening that is new and young. I think it’s probably one the toughest Employment Agency Tulsa lessons that I’ve ever learned because my dependence on finances, but I just want you to know that by he is tight by implementing this in my life, it was uncomfortable. I’m not gonna lie. I did experience fear, but it was in doing it, but it was one of the most important things that I’ve ever learned. Thank you very much for that, David. You’re welcome. Um, what was, what has been one of the most worthwhile investments you’ve ever made?

One of the most worst worthwhile? Well, I mean, you know, I don’t want to spiritualize everything, but I mean the gospel financing the gospel, that’s what I do. That’s why, you know, we have, we have three different companies. Uh, we have multiple income streams. Uh, you know, yeah, we’re older. You know, we’ve managed it and we’ve done well. But, um, you know, I remember my wife and I were buying another company and I looked at her and said, why are we doing this? Why are we buying this company? She says, we can give more. And, and that’s, that’s a real, uh, but let me tell you, on the natural side, on the natural side, one of the things that I’ve constantly made a lot of money in is in real estate and buying and selling pieces of land. I mean, not just, you know, houses and flipping and you know, everybody wants to flip now. Well, let me tell you, um, you’ll lose your, not everybody’s good at flipping. Okay. It’d be this dude right here. You know, so, so you know, just because you see it on TV, I promise you it doesn’t happen in 30 minutes in Employment Agency Tulsa reality. So, but know what, you don’t have a passion about something. Don’t just do something if you’re doing it for the money. And I’m going to be kind of crude here. You’re just a whore though. If you’re just doing it for the money, do it because you got a passion to it because you got to love do it because you feel like that’s what you’re supposed to do.

How do you define success? Uh, success is, I believe when you have true success, you have peace and you have happiness. You know, [inaudible] uh, stress comes along. Yeah. Things happen, you know, I mean, even at my level, you know, cash flow happens. Things happen. You know, people hold up. People don’t end up, you know, hold up their end of the bargain. Things happen in life. I mean, life happens, but success is at the end of the day, you know, do you lay down in bed and you got an Employment Agency Tulsa smile on your face? You know, uh, pastor rod Baker here out of Tulsa, he taught me this. He said, it’s a good day when you can do something for someone that could never, ever repay you. That’s a good day, you know, and find things to do, you know, go help people. You know, when you live through others, you live a big life. When you live through yourself, you live a small life. Oh yeah. The getting this is so for someone like me, but I want to ask you to talk about something that is unusual for me when I hear it from you, but you know, I’m around you enough that I can, I get to see it. Yeah. Really manifest itself and what it looks like and it’s difficult to get. I still haven’t got there yet, but you know, you tell me all the time, David, you’re, you’re like, it’s generally coming when I’m calling and telling you about something that I’m fearful of. You know how it goes. Yeah. And you’re like, you’re like, listen, dude. Trusting God. I don’t fear anything. Right. I don’t fear a thing. Right. I don’t do it anymore. Yeah. Okay. Can you talk about that? Because people that are young like me, they need to hear this stuff.

Yeah. Well, you know the word teaches us perfect love cast out fear and perfect love doesn’t mean that your, your love is perfected. It means it’s matured. It’s matured enough to rest in the fact how much he loves you. And how much, you know, the Bible talks about if you being evil, know how to give Employment Agency Tulsa good gifts into your children. How much more show your heavenly father given to you. So you know, it’s about resting in that, knowing that, but so many people, you know, you go to church and you hear the sermon and that’s it. Well listen, you’ve got to feed on that word. You want to build up, you want to become strong in Christ. You want to have the peace that I have. You want to have the success that I have is because of the word. It’s the word in me. It’s, you know, G the Bible says Jesus is the word. So if you’ve got the word and you got Jesus in you, and not just in your heart, but I mean, he’s in my mind, he’s in my soul. He’s in our ever part of my being, you know, and it’s because the word of God is in me. And it manifest. It comes out of me. You know, people, they’ll have problems. I have issues, you know, I’ve got the word in me in the word comes out. It’s not David’s opinion. It’s not something David read in a book, but it’s the word in me that comes out Oh man. In learning the importance of that, you know, you hear well yeah, I should put the word in my heart. Dude. We’ve heard since this, since were a kid, especially if you’re, if you’ve grown up in church, yeah. But I’m learning how to abide in Christ. Meaning you, you trust him with all things. It just doesn’t happen without the word. And I got that completely wrong. Cause I, I was always looking for other people to say something really important that mattered and I didn’t ever see, I didn’t ever see important one was already on the inside of you. That’s right. That’s right. That’s exactly right. Um, ah man, I gotta wrap this up, but um, you know, what, what values guide your decisions? My values, uh, does, ah, they, they make every decision for me. I mean, I, uh, I, it’s to steer off. It’s, it’s easy to go a different way. Um, my wife and I, we were shopping last night and we were talking about, you know, how much things cost and, and you know, and how people make mistakes at registers. And she was saying the other day that she had been at a, a big box store here in town and how they had missed something and how she went back into.

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