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You are listening to Trinity employment’s, a player matchmaker podcast starring your host and the cofounder of Trinity employment specialists, Cory Minter. Hello and welcome

back to the “a” player matchmakers where we’re always trying to find different ways to add value to job seekers and employers. And the title of this podcast is how to write a resume to beat the bots. Now why in the world would you want to or need to beat the bots? Well in my generation, this just started and it’s a big thing called an applicant tracking system and this is what happened. There were so many resumes coming in that larger companies began to have an applicant tracking system that would scan all the resumes in and send you the ones that seemed to, you know, fit the position the best and that had the right keywords. You know OKC Medical Staffing can really make a difference with the best Employment Agency, it wasn’t completely locked that because we had an applicant tracking system when I was in the oil and gas field, but it really wasn’t, it wasn’t as bad as what I think this is where a human being was looking at the resume for the most part.

But it would just flag the ones for you to take a look at. Um, uh, but you still kind of went through all of them. Because for me, I really never trusted the bots. I didn’t know that they were called bots back then. I, I called it just the computer system. But this is something that is going to be very relevant to resume writers. And I had a buddy last night give me a call yesterday and he used to be in the staffing field and he, he was very notorious for being in and really well respected in groups like Tara, the Tulsa area, human resources association, Sherm society of human resources. And he was, he was always a good speaker for that in a thought leader. And he called me last night. He, he, he started a company that, um, is not in that field at all. It’s, it’s an automobile repair company and he runs it, but he still likes to stay involved in, you know, resumes and, uh, just helping people find the right career. And he called me, said, Corey, are you seeing people getting horrible advice about the resumes? He’s like really professional people, especially those that are paying to have their resumes written. And you read it and you’re like, what in the world would you need a good OKC Medical Staffing for?

And I was like, yeah, all the time. He’s like, well what do you do about it? And I was like, I’m not going to give him advice. I said I learned that the hard way. And he said, why? Why wouldn’t you give him advice? And I was like, because they take that advice that you’re meaning for good in like genuinely trying to help them because you work in this field and you kind of already know a lot of the things that I’ve, I tried to bring up to people. It’s not really, you know, a lot of it’s just pretty cut and dry. There are some gray areas in resume writing in. There’s actually quite a few, but you know, some of these things that he’s talking about are just ridiculous. And he’s like, why? Why won’t you say anything? I was like, because they’ve paid for it and they defend it like to the T because they’ve made a decision to pay.

They don’t want to hear that, Hey listen, you just got, you just paid for something that was bad advice. Have you ever, have you ever watched, um, pawn stars and some guy comes into pawn stars or S or one of these antique places? You know, if you’ve watched antique roadshow, you’ll have somebody that just believes that this item is just, it is worth so much money and they are so excited to become the next millionaire and they are just dead certain they’re a millionaire or they’re getting ready to make a lot of money and somebody uses OKC Medical Staffing, and they tell them, listen, this is a fake, or this just isn’t worth any money. And they’re like, what? They’re offended. They can’t believe it. You know, a lot of it is just, they’re frustrated with themselves for not knowing, but you know, it’s easier to, to attack the other person.

I’ve been that person where I was really trying to help and they, I don’t know that they somehow got the idea that I was trying to hurt them in my, um, advice for it. So I told them I can’t do this. And he’s like, man, I understand exactly what you’re talking about. He’s like, I’ve gotten that too. But he’s like, I cannot believe the advice that some of these people are being given the top OKC Medical Staffing. And we got to talking about, you know, he, he was talking about the right format, blah, blah, blah. And you know, him and I grew up in the same era and so, you know, some of this stuff is relatively new. And I said, well, um, Russ, what about, what about the bots? Those things are changing stuff on Y or N on what you want to have on your resume.

And he was like, you know, that’s actually really interesting and so we, we began to talk about that and he had some really interesting, um, he had some really interesting ideas on it. I’m going to share with you here in a little bit, but you know, uh, you’ve, you’ve got all sorts of resume writing, advance advises to CRA to craft the perfect resume. It’s a witty Jim document and when you send it to potential employers, you never hear hardly anything back. We used to call it the big dark black coal. Does that sound familiar? What might be happening is your resume might not be reaching hiring managers, to begin with. It may have fallen afoul of the bots um, or to talk about it more specifically, the applicant tracking system, the ATS,

um, and re forward formatting your resume to please this new thing. Well, that’s not a new thing, it’s been around, but it’s becoming more and more common, especially with AI coming around the corner. I mean this has got to be something that is important to job seekers. So an applicant tracking system is a kind of software that recruiters and employers use during the hiring process. It collects sort scans and ranks, job applications for their positions. And today approximately 98% of fortune 500 companies rely on applicant tracking software to help streamline the recruiting process because of how much time it takes. Applicant tracking systems, break the content of the resume down into categories, and then they scan it for specific keywords to decide if it should go on to the hiring manager.

Okay. And hopefully, if this works properly, it means a ho a much higher than normal qualified candidate would be, would be sent over to the camp or over to the recruiter and those that are not are weeded out if their resumes are not written and formatted with the applicant tracking system in mind. So how do we write this? Number one, how do you write a resume that’s eight ATS friendly? Let’s use the word ATS now for the African tracking system you need to select the right file type for your resume first. Contrary to what a lot of people would think with the top OKC Medical Staffing, PDF really isn’t a very good applicant tracking system friendly file mainly because a lot of it’s a picture. So if you’re asked to upload your resume into an ATS and PDF is listed amongst the files that you can, well then I think you could probably use a PDF cause they’ve got a PDF reader and we have that here at the office. It’s like a $500 program. But it was hard to swallow when we bought that. But if the system does not specifically say what files are compatible, you need to play it safe and put it in a word doc

or a dot doc it. What’s interesting is plain text files are also very [inaudible], ATS friendly, but they limit your formatting options and you want to, if it ever does get sent to the, to the hiring manager, you want it to impress them. You’ve got to get it to impress a human,

so you’re probably better off to stick with word document formats. The next thing is optimize your resume with keywords. One of the best ways to get your resume safely on through the ATS system is to use job-related keywords. These keywords highlight your skills and experiences over the years that make you into the perfect candidate for that position. One of the things that Russ recommended to me that I thought was actually genius because he knew something about this. I’m glad he did. He said you know, one thing that I’ve recommended to people is you shrink the tech size down to almost nothing like a one.

Okay. You know, normally we’re reading 12 font, shrink it down to a one and then type every keyword that you can think of with a comma in between it and make it look like it’s aligned. You know how you have the objective and then maybe align and use that space to shrink the text and hit every keyword that you could ever imagine for that particular field or that position. Read the job description and put keywords as the line and most people won’t see it. I thought that was really creative way. Another creative idea that his buddy shared with him is to take a text box and put a bunch of text in there, but make the text white so that it’s hidden in there. I thought that was creative because the computer system, the bot is only going to read. It’s not going to care if it’s white. However, a lot of those keywords are not going to get transferred over if your resume gets sent over to the hiring manager, but if you wanted to just blast keywords, that’s a way you can do it. If you’re not sure what keywords to use, start collecting three to five job postings for roles that interest you and paste each job description into a word cloud generator with great OKC Medical Staffing.

Um, the one that was recommended is Wordle, w, O, R, D, L, E, and this helps spot words and phrases that appear most frequently. And these are going to be likely the keywords that recruiters are going to be looking for. Some applicant tracking systems determine the strength of your skills against the number of times that word shows up on your resume, which isn’t just another puzzle. And, and so it assigns points against where the, uh, the keyword should show up. You know, it’s just weird. But to make sure a resume is truly ATS compatible, you’ll want to optimize your resume for both approaches. So where to include the first, create a section within your professional summary that lists your strongest and heart, your strongest skills and your soft skills. And if there’s a common abbreviation for your proficiencies such as search engine optimization, use the full name of the abbreviation rather than SEO. Search engine optimization, optimization, or ATS. Use the word applicant tracking system. This will show the applicant tracking system when you acquired and used that skill and so you’ll want to use it inside your resume. Use a simple clean resume design. When it comes to resume design, less is more complex designs like that box that I was talking about with the white that might be a problem for them. Um, complex designs or unusual formats confuse most applicant tracking systems and they also annoy recruiters who can’t do their usual quick scan.

Formatting is really important though. Not all applicant tracking systems are able to read and parse information stored in the header and footer sections of a word document. For that reason, it’s best to put your contact details such as your name, phone number, and email address in the body of your resume rather than a header or fitter.

Okay? Keep that in mind though too, if they’re blocking out headers and footers, be specific at what you put in there. Bullet points are great for highlighting your accomplishments and qualifications. However, if you use an elaborate symbol or graphic for your bullets, your key selling points could get scrambled. So stick to very simple bullet options such as a circle, solid circle, open circle, and lastly you can test your for ATS compliance. There’s a quick and easy way to determine if your resume is compatible with an applicant tracking system. Just copy the content of your resume, paste it in a plain text document and review the results. If the plain text version is missing details from your original resume or it has characters saved incorrectly or it looks scrambled,

then your resume is probably gonna be needing to have some editing for the bots. But these are some tips for you to think about when trying to get your resume ready for the big, dark black cold that what we called it. But now we call it the bots. I hope that this helps you. A lot of that gives you something to think about when you’re writing a resume. If there’s anything that Trinity can do to help you. We are a staffing firm located here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We also staff in Oklahoma City. We staff in Arkansas and we are a staffing agency in Texas as well and in Missouri. We would love to be able to help you. Please give us a call at Trinity employment specialists. Our number is (918) 622-2588 or you can visit us online at trinityemployment.com.

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