Employment Agency Tulsa | How Can You Understand the Difference Between Players and Pretenders?

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Here’s where we’re always trying to find different ways to add value to job seekers and employers. This particular podcast is for both in the title of it is pretenders versus the real players. You’ve gotta, you’ve gotta be able to learn the difference between these two different people. So the reason that it’s for both, let me, let me explain to you how this, um, benefits the employer. Well, you need to be able to notice when you’ve got a real Employment Agency Tulsa player and not a pretender another group at, at teaching, uh, the group, uh, the book top grading, the authors there coined the phrase A players, B players and C players. It’s just a different way of categorizing and defining your best people on your team. But it’s really important for employers to know the difference and to be able to define it. Because I know growing up as a manager when people had a really great personality and I just liked them, it was very easy for me to believe that they were getting things done, especially before I learned how to manage using numbers because I was managing using my gut feel and emotion on whether they were doing well or not and I held onto so many employees way too long because they had such a great personality. I liked them so much and they were not performers.

I heard a lot of excuses. We’ll go through that here in a second. The next thing though is for employees to recognize, listen, if I want to be an Employment Agency Tulsa ‘A’ player, these are the things that I need to be doing. So this is beneficial for both parties and I think that it is just a great concept to be thinking about. In fact, this is my second time going through this particular thought is the difference between players and pretenders because I think it’s that big of a deal. I want to go through it again and if any, if for any other reason just to remind myself of this content, uh, someone I really look up to are actually got to interview him a couple of weeks ago. His name is John Maxwell.

The most unbelievable Employment Agency Tulsa interview I’ve ever done. When it comes to you ask him a question and the guy just knocked it out of the park. I couldn’t believe how wise some of his answers were. And so for obvious reasons, I’m just really interested in the guy’s content. So this is, this is coming from an article that he had written a long time ago and it’s just so full of wisdom. So I want to go over this with you today and I hope you enjoy it. As much as I think that it’s going to help people, the first thing is, is that, um, you know, if you’ve ever led Employment Agency Tulsa people, you’ve likely come across followers who would rather act the part than do the part. These people are your pretenders. We just wanted to find it. And while they can sometimes masquerade as the real deal, there are ways to tell the two apart and it’s important to find all the PR figure out who the pretenders are and who the players are in every organization.

Because if you don’t, they will begin to Rob you of momentum. While you don’t even realize that that’s where the lack of momentum is going and it’ll damage relationships and PS, your eight players or your, your real players, they may leave. So here are some specific differences between players and pretenders. Players have a servant’s mindset and pretenders have a selfish mindset. So how do you tell these things? Your players are going to be doing things that you can see benefit others around in the organization in a selfless way. However, your pretenders, on the other hand, they’re going to be trying to do things that benefit themselves in a pretender is they’re narrowly focusing on themselves and on the outcomes that actually help their best interests. They’re going to be looking at a very narrow viewpoint in the company. They’re not going to be looking broadly at how this helps the whole. They’re going to be looking at how does this help me? Only number two players are mission conscious and your pretenders are position conscious. Let me, let me help you with this. Players are going to give up a position every day in order. If that means that they’re going to win the mission, they don’t need that position thing. They’re confident on their own. Generally in pretenders will give up a mission. They’ll throw everything under the Employment Agency Tulsa bus to make sure that they get that position and for players, the progress of a mission is much more important than their own place within it, but at the same time, like the pretender, they’re going to value their position higher than anything else on the planet earth almost. You’ve got to watch these things because it will Rob your entire culture.

Yes, everyone knows what this person’s doing. I’ve had this happen before with me where everyone on the team knew that this was happening and somehow I was just oblivious. I hate it, but I was, it’s embarrassing to admit. Number three players can deliver the goods. They’re all they, they don’t just talk about it. They get it done. Pretenders promise the goods over and over and over again and there’s always this excuse like I’ve never heard such good reasons why it’s not getting done. I’ve had this happen way too much. So a player, they’re going to be a team member. Like if they say that they’re going to do it, they it is going to be done. You don’t even know. You almost don’t even have to ask. You have to ask as a manager, but you know you really don’t because the answer consistently is, Oh, I’ve already got that done. The Employment Agency Tulsa pretender, they’re going to claim that they can do it, but in the end they, their answer is always, well, I had this thing come in the way and I couldn’t though. This and that and it, it was always something else or someone else that kept them from being able to deliver this. Now I want to caution you. These things sound realistic and they seem,