Employment Agency Tulsa | How Affordable Are We?

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When you are in need of an employment agency Tulsa, then give Trinity employment specialist a call. Or you can visit them at their office and Tulsa Oklahoma. They are the highest-rated and reviewed the recruitment firm and for good reason. They put their heart into their business and they offer a more personalized approach to recruitment and staffing. You can find us with another company because they have worked with those companies and for those companies and they know that what they offer is above and beyond what you can find in others.

If you are an employer and you are in need of staffing services, then we can offer to help in taking the headache out of the process. We can do the prescreening for you and us through the application to make sure that the only interviews you have are with those candidates who are well qualified. We also do the tests, background checks, and more. We get to know what it is you have in the way of work culture and we then added to make sure the candidate is well-qualified.

If you are an employee and you need employment agency Tulsa help, then we can assist you with the logistics of preparing for a job search, such as cover letters to Senate with the applications, thank you letters to send for post-interview acknowledgment, and interview tips. We also help you to either build or solidify your resume. We give attention to what you are qualified technically and academically end, but we want to know what it is it makes you and we want to place somewhere where you will passionately be an asset to the company and those around you.

We also partner with the Oklahoma Baptist homes for children. For every employee that we place in an employment position, we will donate to their organization. We believe that every child should have a chance to succeed in a prosperous and safe future, and we know that the Baptist homes for children feel the same way. So we went to assist in every way that we can and donate to their cause when we can. You can help by allowing us to help you when you’re on an employment journey. We also have a referral program, so if you have an employee that needs placement then send them to us and once we have in place and they are retained for 90 days or more, then we will send you bonus compensation for your help in finding quality candidates.

Never look any further than Trinity employment specialist, when you need employment agency Tulsa. We are top-notch and we put our pride and heart into assisting all of our clients. You can find us our social media platforms that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. You can also reach us by phone at 918-622-2588 whereof our representatives will assist you. You can visit us an office in Tulsa, Oklahoma at 61st and Yale. Or you can simply visit our website at www.trinityemployment.com and view more of our information.

Employment Agency Tulsa | How Affordable Are We?

Can you really put a price on finding quality employees and job opportunities? When you need an employment agency Tulsa, then Trinity employment is the right place for you. We have the highest-rated and reviewed company and we pride ourselves on putting our heart and passion into helping our clients. Our pricing varies depending on the situation. So the messages give us a call and do what is it you need to do and we can tell you how the payment works.

As an employee, if you’re looking to listen and you drop a community, then visit us and we can set up the curtain. They can help you to solidify or revamp your resume. They can also help you with making cover letters to send in with applications as well as thank you letters to send and after your interviews. We also get to know you on a personal level so that whatever you are looking to do and passionately want to do with your life, also matches up with what you are skilled in or have a degree in. We do not want our clients to feel like they are part of the mass percentage of people who go to work every day and wish they weren’t there, so we will help you find a place where you feel like not only are you valued for what you can do but that your skills and happy and what you bring to the company.

If an employer and you need an employment agency Tulsa, then we can offer you to take the stress out of the hiring process and make your life a little bit easier. We can interview the candidates beforehand and weed out the ones you would not mesh with the position or your company. We will offer a drug test and background checks. We can then send them to you for a final interview where you ultimately have the decision and whether or not you hire them. This is for a thriving business to have an employee and work culture that is cohesive. So we want to assist in making that part of the process easier for you as well.

We like to get back and we have a heart for helping others. So we have assisted in partnering with the Oklahoma Baptist homes for children. For every employee that we place and employment opportunity, we will donate to the patient. We want every child to have a chance to have a happy and successful life and so we want to assist in any way that we can in doing so. We also have a referral program so you send way to us he needs placement, then what’s your place happened in that same position the company for 90 days or more, then we will send you a bonus competition for referring them to us.

You can never put a price on finding quality and passionate employment in Tulsa. That’s exactly what you get when you work with Trinity employment. They go above and beyond for their clients to make sure that what they are doing for all parties is equally rewarding. You can give them a call at 918-822-2588 or visit their website at www.trinityemployment.com for more information. They also have social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

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