OKC Medical Staffing | Can You Teach Fish to Climb Trees part 2

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You are listening to Trinity employment’s, a player matchmaker podcast starring your host and the cofounder of Trinity employment specialists, Cory Minter. Hello and welcome back to the ape player matchmakers where we’re always trying to add

you too, both job seekers and employers. And the title of this podcast is the second, second part of can you teach fish to climb trees? And it’s based on Albert Einstein’s quote. Everybody’s a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its entire life. Believing that it is stupid. And the reason that we’re talking about this today is because Forbes put out a new report that shows that 53% of the workforce is very unhappy and unengaged in the workplace. And we’re talking about why the in the way that we teed it up, I’m just kind of giving you an overview real quick is we, um, we compared both Elon Musk and Tom Brady thinking and with the idea, what if Tom Brady decided that he wanted to be the next tech giant? If he spent all of his time and effort, how good do you think he could get at that with our OKC Medical Staffing?

And our assessment is probably average, maybe a little bit better than the average. And the same thing with Elon Musk. Fie decided to become the next NFL quarterback and spent all of his time and effort. You know, that he would probably put a lot more effort than the average person, but he’s probably going to become average maybe a little bit better, but there’s no way he’s likely getting into the NFL. Both of these guys are six super successful. And we talked about having a clear vision of who you are and what you want to become. Because the idea is is that there is one degree in which your natural abilities really Excel and it accelerates when you’re operating in that one degree. So there are 360 degrees around us. We can spend our time in all sorts of things, but if we can focus in spend 80 to 90% of our time in your one degree, you can be, I mean it’ll just shoot you to the moon and that’s what the ultra-successful have figured out that an OKC Medical Staffing is here to assist you.

Listen, one thing that I am, I’m not the smartest guy in the room, especially when I get around, you know, some of my good friends, I’m definitely not the smartest one when it comes to an IQ. I think I’m very smart and I definitely add value and I have a lot of wisdom that I’ve learned over the years. But from an IQ standpoint, I’m just, I just never have been extraordinarily high. However, I am way higher than average at studying successful people and emulating what it is that they do. And one of the things that they do is become very intrinsic. Learn exactly who they are, learn what their one degree is, not that they call it that. A good friend of mine, Dave Jewitt coined it that, but they operate 80, 90% in that really great sweet spot called your one degree and that is their superpower and they really take off of it.

So we got to the point, um, of how do you figure out what your one degree is. Um, and so I, I have, when I go and do this presentation, I have an Excel spreadsheet but I want to try to define this for you and help you at least try to figure it out. Number one, um, you, you put things into three different categories, greens, yellows and reds. So I just said number one just a second ago. Here’s the real number one. Greens. Greens are abilities that you love to use. They naturally energize you. They give you a deep sense of satisfaction, you feel great when you get done doing these things. You enjoy the results that they produce and you enjoy the roles that you fulfill whenever you’re using these greens are one big, huge up arrow for you. And if you see these are things that you would likely do anyway without needing to get paid for it and still enjoy it. Okay, so these are things that energize you a lot. Let’s look at the next one. Yellows, yellows are abilities that you’re very capable of doing, but they do not energize you. They’re neutral. Whenever you get done doing these things, you don’t feel one thing or another. It’s just, okay, I did it. You’re very capable of it with our OKC Medical Staffing.

and it’s not that you hate it. We used to do it. I think a lot of us have these things that we do, and then you’ve got reds. Reds are abilities that you can use, but they drain you. These are things that you tend to want to procrastinate. When you’re using your red abilities, you’re not going to want to do it. The idea is is that if you are too imbalanced with yellows and reds, you’re going to be really in trouble. But you’ve got to be very intentional to begin to learn about who you are. And although there’s no way that I could walk you through appropriately into this podcast real quick, I can get you going in the right direction. And here’s another thing that you can do. Take a look at your calendar over the last two months. Write down each event and rate it. Is that a get a red, green, or yellow.

Once you get done doing this, and I’m talking about everything on your calendar, and if you don’t keep a calendar it one you really need to start. But if you don’t, just write down all of the things that you do, the commonality things that you do. But once you go through this and assign it green, yellow, and red, this should give you a general idea of your design. You can begin to intentionally think about how you feel after each activity, and you can begin to develop a definition of what you want to say yes to and what you want to say. No to remember the quote Bucher go show. You better learn to say no or you’re not going to grow. So you’ve got to, you’ve got to understand these things. Once you understand a definition of what you say yes and what you say no to, it’s going to help you to learn how to choose the right job, develop helpful information that you can share with your manager about what energizes you, what things you enjoy and what things you should be trying to delegate. When you go through your calendar, you want to take a look at the reds and even some of the yellows and ask yourself, is this something that I’m going that I can delegate? Yes or no? If yes, who should I delegate it to? And if you have a name there, write down a date that you’re going to take action on it

and begin to craft your calendar to where you are. Eliminate eliminating reds and low yellows and highlighting and ensuring that you’re operating in more greens and yellows because when you have too many yellows and too many reds, you’re going to be drained at the end of the day. What I don’t want to have happened is people to wake up one day, completely drained in a good job, but not liking life at all because they spend most of their time doing things in reds and yellows. And these are things that do not, they don’t work for anyone, but 53% of Americans are unhappy. According to Forbes. Half the workforce is on is just unhappy. But as you begin to try to change what you do and what you don’t do with a good OKC Medical Staffing.

you’re going to find that it might be difficult a little bit because change is never good and you’re going to be tempted to talk yourself into things. And so I just want to tell you my process, cause I did. I struggled with this and I was like, there’s no way this would work. I had very successful people telling me, no, you got to keep doing these things. It’s counterintuitive. It’s not what you think it is. But this is the point. You’re going to find what you look for. Henry Ford said this, whether you think you can do a thing or you can’t, you’re right. And so can you find something good in something or someone, of course, you can. Can you find something bad in something or someone, yeah, of course, you can do that too with a OKC Medical Staffing?

You’re going to get what you look for. It’s a decision. If you decide that you cannot find something you won’t and if you decide that you can find something, you will. I decided not to find something in my journey on doing this for a good year and then when I finally got to that pain point of pain or pleasure that I was telling you earlier about, I finally decided to give this a shot and commit it. Yes, it was counterintuitive, but man, did it make a big difference, but you’ve got to become a master of managing your perspective or your perspective is going to manage you. It’s true and you’ve got to become a master at your time in your schedule and be able to tell yourself what you’re going to do rather than letting gotta minute meetings tell you what to do. I did this, the whole first part of my career got him in at meetings was somebody would walk past my desk and go, Hey, you got a minute. And I’d take my focus. It took me 15 minutes to get there before, before anyway, but I’d take my focus off that, put it on this red fire that most of the time didn’t even matter. And then I would deal with that. And then by the time I tried to get back to what I was doing, I was good grief. I was 20 minutes out. It took 20 minutes to get back refocused.

And when you’re not intentional with your time and your calendar and operating in your one degree, or at least in a five-degree, you’re gonna feel like the fish that’s trying to climb a tree, you’re going to feel you’re going to live your whole life and wonder why was I frustrated all the time? Cause it doesn’t make sense. I’m smart. There’s nothing wrong with me. I’m in a good job. What’s wrong with an OKC Medical Staffing?

and you’re spending most of your time operating or having to operate in areas of your life. It doesn’t satisfy you, it doesn’t energize you. It drains you and it’s hard to realize this unless somebody points it out. And I hope that I did that today. If Trinity can help you in any way, shape, or form. We are a staffing firm that is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. However, we are opening up another staffing firm in Oklahoma City where we’ve got some really large accounts there, and we also staff in Arkansas. We staff in Kansas and we are a staffing firm for Texas as well, this entire region. Oh, and Missouri. We can, we have some people working. We would love to be a staffing resource for you. Please give us a call. Our number is (918) 622-2588 or you can visit us online at trinityemployment.com.

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