OKC Medical Staffing | Can You Teach Fish to Climb Trees Part 1

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You are listening to Trinity employment’s, a player matchmaker podcast starring your host and the cofounder of Trinity employment specialists, Cory Minter.

Hello. Welcome back to the “A” player matchmakers where we’re always trying to find different ways to add value to job seekers and employers. And this particular podcast is going to be for both. The title of this is can you teach fish to climb trees and why in the world would I have this podcast out? It’s um, that’s a pretty weird title I think. And the reason that I’m wanting to go through this is I’ve, I’ve, I get asked to speak at quite a few different places throughout the year and this is a new idea that I’m wanting to present to, um, professionals in the workforce as well as some of the thought leaders in the workforce or some of the managers. And the idea of it is this many, uh, well let me start with this. Forbes magazine the other day put out an article and it said that 53% of the workforce is unhappy without a good OKC Medical Staffing.

And that is striking for me as an employer and an offer. And it makes me wonder, uh, is this happening in my business? What is, what does that mean for me? What does that mean for our company? Is our company in that 53%? Are we 80%? Are we 20%? What, what, what is it? Are we, I’d like to think that we’re way above 53%, but across America, this is an epidemic. So why is this? I think I know why and I want to share it with you. I’m going to start with a quote by Albert Einstein and he said this, everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its entire life believing that it’s stupid. That’s interesting

that someone smart would say something like that and that perfectly sets up what it is that I’m wanting to talk about. I have a very good friend, his name is Dave Jewitt, and he wrote a curriculum that is used that has been used all over the world for professionals. I know that, uh, the governor of Oklahoma has used him as a mentor. Um, he mentors a, you know, the guy that the animation artists that created the beauty and the beast and all of these great Disney classics he wrote, he, he has mentored him with this one idea in the title of his curriculum is called your one degree. The ideology behind it is that there is, there are 360 degrees at which we can put our efforts and energy. We can go do anything, especially here in America. If you want to go be a maker, we’ll go be a mapmaker maker. If you want to go be a frame maker for pictures, go be a frame maker. If you want to be a photographer, go be a photographer. If you want to be a chair maker, go be a chair maker. You can do it all. You can put energy into any of those things that I just mentioned. but going back to that statement, everybody’s a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its entire life. Frustrating and filling. It’s stupid.

and so picking the right thing that compliments your design the way that God’s designed you, that the gifts that you’ve been given, and you know what I’m talking about? Like there are certain things that you are just naturally good at. It’s easier for you. For me, doing a podcast or talking to people. Yeah, that’s easy for me. You’ll be the S the decision-maker on whether I’m any good at it or not. But that’s easy for me and I enjoy doing it. However you go, put me in an accounting type function and I’m going to be miserable wondering why I’m not any good. And I’ll try hard. Here’s, here’s a great example. Let’s take two high-level individuals that everyone in America knows. First one, Tom Brady, um, Tom Brady. What if Tom Brady with all of his Superbowl rings, decided to start spending all of his time trying to be the next tech giant inventor? What do you think would happen, Tom? Brazen, impressive guy. He’s got 14 pro bowls, three Tom pro, uh, uh, football player, six Superbowl championship rings. Um, he’s six, four, 225 pounds. His net worth is about $580 million. And I know he takes pay cuts all the time to make sure and get the best team. Very impressive guy. But what do you think would happen to him if he were to try to be the next tech giant with a top-notch OKC Medical Staffing.

Now what I think would happen to him is he would work just as hard if not then he did being a football player. You know, he had to work hard to get at that level cause they said his athletic ability is just marginal. However, he’s great, you know, with the mind game of football. But I think that he would get just a little bit better than average and he would try hard. Let’s flip this a little bit. What if Elon Musk, who’s the founding member of PayPal, a founding member of the solar city? I just went to NASA and saw space X everywhere. He’s the, he’s the CEO space ex CEO of Tesla. He’s six foot 286 pounds. Net worth is 20.2 billion with a B. What if he decided to be the next Superbowl guy, the next biggest quarterback? What if he spent his time trying to be that NFL star? Yeah.

What do you think would happen to Elon Musk? I think the same as Tom Brady. I think that he is going to be a little better than average because I think individuals like this, they are just going to be willing to work harder than you know, a lot of other people. So these two guys are going to work equally as hard, if not harder and become a little bit better than average with our OKC Medical Staffing. However, when they spent the same amount of time working in their gifting, they’re some of the best in the world.

and I think that’s what Albert Einstein was trying to say to that. But I am telling you when you study the very, very successful, one of the things that I’ve noticed is that this is what they do. They focus all of their time and energy on this small little area. And you could call it your one degree. So these are very successful people, but completely di different designs. So, um, if, if I go back to when I started Trinity, I started Trinity at our kitchen table. Worked crazy hard. I was having to do a recruiting, uh, job and a sales job. I have no choice sales first then try to do the recruiting and it was extremely difficult. Um, but I, I thrived at it. Uh, you know, getting something off the ground is a, it’s a little superpower of mine. Uh, I put a lot of effort and energy into it. Um, but over time a lot of the processes and what was required to be successful in this company because we had plateaued, was to become very well. I thought that I was that guy that should organize the company and that I would be the best one at it. And I honestly thought that was what I was good at until I started doing it. And the results came in and the results were not good.

And it was very, very difficult for me to accept the idea that that’s not who I was. I’m not the most organized person. I’m not like an administrator that hurt my pride. I didn’t want, I didn’t want to even admit that, but it was the truth. And when I begin to start admitting it and putting people into those areas, our company began to grow again because John Maxwell says it like this. It’s the law of the lid. I’m, your company’s never going to get better than what the leader is. And if the Lea, you know, it’s very easy, some great leaders hold up their company thinking that they are the end-all and be all in a certain area and everyone else in the company knows that that’s not the case. And coming up to the realization of understanding who you are and who you aren’t is very, very important. So that leads me to my, my number one point in that is, or my first point, have a clear vision of who you are and you, what you want to become with our OKC Medical Staffing.

And the reason that you have to do this is that quickly and easily in most people run in different directions. You know, I remember when I started getting a little bit of success, people started giving me opportunities to do things. And man, I was so excited that I would have all these opportunities. Holy cow, I would get to go, go speak at an event. I can’t even imagine myself at that point being asked for that. Um, that was, that was something that I enjoyed and that I was good at. But, um, people would ask me to help organize an event here, jump on our team and help us to organize this. And I’d be like, Oh, okay. And I, I just wanted to be around that person cause I valued that. I thought that was the most important thing was to be, you know, accepted by these people that I wasn’t accepted by before I had some success. But what happened was, is I began to get crazy overwhelmed cause I said yes to everything, a bunch of good things that were the wrong things for me. And the reason is that I had no idea what my design was. And so what happened is, is I began working very hard on things that did not increase our company and they depleted me of energy and I was miserable without a solid OKC Medical Staffing.

Thank you. And I had no idea why. A quote that Craig Rochelle had a long time ago was you must say no to grow. And then if you study very successful people, they will all begin to tell you the incredible power of knowing what to say no to and what to say yes to. But in my case, I got so miserable that I didn’t even know what to do. And I’m a quote that my mentor David Edens, um, said to me was very, very true. He said, listen, people make decisions based on two things, pain or pleasure. And I was in so much pain that I was willing to decide to change. I was forced to begin to say no because of all the good opportunities that were coming my way that I said yes to begin to drain me of all my energy because I was not operating within my one degree. So the way that you do this is you’ve got to break down the things that equal good and equal bad. And I’m going to jump into that into our next podcast. I’m going to bake this a two-part series. I’m running out of time here. I’ll try to keep it under 10 minutes here. Um, so I’m going to hit up another, another section here and make this apart too, and I’ll start in on how to begin to assess yourself. So, um, if Trinity can help you out in any way, shape, or form with your job search, or if you’re an employer looking for a fantastic staffing company with our OKC Medical Staffing.

Okay. We’re a staffing company in Tulsa. We staff for, um, Kansas City, Arkansas. Um, we’re a staffing company in Texas and this entire region and we would love to become a preferred staffing partner for you. If we can help you at all, please give us a call. Our number is 918-622-2588 or you can visit us online at trinityemployment.com.

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