Employment Agency Tulsa | Can I Learn to Take Initiative?

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And this is very true of every great leader that I’ve ever met. They are really focused on what they want. I learned this when I sat on a board, um, of some of the more successful, the successful people that I’ve ever even been around. And I was proposing this idea that maybe would take us in a different direction and it was a great idea and actually the head of the entire group agreed with me. He wanted to go in that direction. But the board who were made up of like super, super successful businessmen were like, that’s going to get us off our focus. We are really good in this area and we’re going to stay the course because we know how good we are Employment Agency Tulsa in this area and they, in hindsight, they helped us stay focused on the most important thing. Number two, push yourself to add act leaders who take initiative. Understand that their responsibility to be self-motivated is, is required. And I love the quote from theater president, our ex-president Theodore Roosevelt, where he said there is nothing brilliant or outstanding in my record except perhaps this one thing I do things that I believe ought to be done. Okay? And when I make up my mind to do a thing I act and that that is something that is just, it’s common with every successful person. They don’t just talk about it, they act on it. I’ve almost gotten frustrated listening to people that I know don’t act on it. They just talk about it. Why talk about it? Why are we even talking? Cause I know you’re not going to do anything and it’s frustrating for me.

Number three, you’ve got to take risks. Employment Agency Tulsa leaders are willing to take risks when they recognize that there is a price for not initiative initiating. And President Clinton, uh, ex-president John F. Kennedy said this, there are risks and costs to a program of action, but they are far less than the long-range risks and costs of comp of comfortable inaction. Taking risks is necessary for sustained growth and longterm success. And the problem that I think comes in here is TD Jakes. You shared an example of when a baby Eagle learns to fly every baby Eagle, it has to deal. Every bird really has to deal with this one thing at someone day they got to jump out of that nest and try to fly everyday. I mean everyone has to, every bird has to jump out and try to fly. Well, one thing for sure, that first 15 feet is probably pretty scary and that is like every great leader when they go to do something great, there’s this, there’s this action that everyone has to do. You’ve got to jump and then you start flapping your wings like crazy and then it gets slower. Then your Employment Agency Tulsa wings get slower and then you start to fly just like a burden. But it’s, it’s a required thing. You’ve got to jump. You’ve got to take the risks. Number four, you got to make mistakes to make things happen. You have to make mistakes. And um, the quote that I have here is from the founder of IBM, Thomas J. Watson. He says the way to succeed is to double your failure rate. I tell everyone of our staff to fail faster but fail forward in order to experience great success. Mr. Watson says you must be willing to put yourself in on the line even at the risk of failure. It’s not about failing less, it’s about failing and about learning faster. I say failing faster so you can learn. It’s really, really important for any great leader to understand these Employment Agency Tulsa things.

And the greatest managers are willing to do these things now, not haphazardly, but in a calculated way. They’re willing to do these things. And other employees are watching and they’re paying attention to how risks are taken, how collect calculated action steps are taken, and how action forces the greatest things ever to happen. John Maxwell says this, everyone has a pill. Hopes. The problem is, is that almost everyone has their uphill hopes, but they have downhill habits. So when you can create uphill hopes and match it with uphill habits, meaning you gotta take risks, you have a really good shot of doing something great. So take initiative out there, it’ll make a really big difference. Trinity would love to help you. We’re a staffing agency here in Tulsa, Oklahoma and we work with some of the finest companies around. We staff in the health care field. We in finance, accounting and banking and um, just general ad administrative and also in our newest, um, department in, um, in the industrial light industrial staffing. Please give us a call if we can help you. Our number is (918) 622-2588 or you can visit us online@trinityemployment.com.

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