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Hi, my name is Cory Minter and I am with Trinity employment specialists. We are a travel nursing agency and we staff for nurses all over the nation. We’re located centrally here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but we Steph everywhere around here right now. And right now is interesting. What’s happening in our industry. We, uh, we’re in July now. So we had COVID shoot up. Then we had a week where COVID was not an issue and we had riots. And then after the riots, we had all of a sudden COVID is this huge issue again? And I’m just trying to figure out what in the world to believe or what not to believe. And I think a lot of nurses are trying to figure that out too, because so when, when, when nursing shot up at first with COVID, all of a sudden we have crisis rates, hospitals are going to be slammed when it comes into the top Contract Nursing Oklahoma option.

Um, and it was reported that they were slammed, but they weren’t. There was no one in hospital. And so now, um, now they brought the hospitals back, brought back elective surgery. We started to creep out of it and now we’ve got, um, now we’ve got a new surge of COVID is going crazy. And now we’ve got some hospitals offering COVID pricing again and then canceling their contracts. Again, we’re doing the exact same thing that we did before. So if you’re a travel nurse right now, you’re probably wondering what in the world is going on. Um, you’ve probably been in a situation where you’ve never experienced this before. Um, a great example of it is, is normally in one of our MSPs, we’re used to at least a thousand job orders happening at any given time. And we are down to less than 99 right now with our great Contract Nursing Oklahoma services.

So the opportunities, there’s a lot of travel nurses that is always dependent on this industry and the salary that you get from travel nursing. And the reality of it is there are very few people that are able to take advantage of travel nursing right now. And they are likely going to be in a very specialized industry where there may or may not be, uh, uh, an emergency rate. We keep hearing emergency rates, then they’re yanked. Then we keep hearing emergency rates. It’s really odd because you would think that the hospitals were the ones that really truly knew what their census was, but the reacting to the, to the media, because the media is saying it’s, it’s jumping, but hospitalizations, aren’t jumping. And I, I think that, I think that everyone is trying to figure out what does this really mean? And we’re waiting for all the RNs out with a good Contract Nursing Oklahoma option.

Um, and here at Trinity, we’re, we’re in this trying our best to be a leader in what’s happening. And a lot of times, uh, we’re trying to figure it out as well. I think everyone’s trying to figure it out. Even the hospital administrators, um, you know, I’m friends with a lot of them. And I think they’re trying to make sense out of what they’re hearing from their executive, uh, managers. So this is a weird time I get it. I understand. Um, and so w w for this particular, uh, podcasts, we want to talk about six travel nursing problems you might face and how to avoid them. Of course, we know that this is this, the number one problem you’re facing is there aren’t as many opportunities that are out there. So I’m going to start with the number one thing that is going to help our travel nurses during this time.

It is paperwork. Let me tell you why this was, this is an interesting thing. I was, uh, we’re trying to figure out why our nursing, uh, where what can we do to help? What can we do to make sure that we get our nurses, the opportunities, and this is a true story. We get, um, we get emails from our, from the hospital saying, Hey, we needed a new RN for this particular position. And because all of the staffing agencies, the travel nursing agencies have because they have, um, um, just depleted in opportunities. They’ve got a ton of nurses begging them for work. So when we get an email saying, Hey, listen, we’ve got a nurse in Texas. And, uh, we’re looking for, um, a, an ICU nurse. Okay. All right. When we sent that over to Darcell that we got that before she was able to open it up three to four minutes, after that there had been 30 submissions. So, so in a time span of probably five minutes

That yeah, Nursing agency had already 30 submissions. And after you get past 10 submissions, like they don’t want to have to sift through more than that. So I’m guessing that we lost the opportunity somewhere in two to three minutes, because all of them had already been submitted. So one of the number one things that I want to encourage you with is getting your in and being completely in a hundred percent ready to be submitted because no longer does your nursing recruiter have the luxury of calling you and saying, Hey, listen, I got an opportunity coming up. Can you go ahead and get your paperwork sent in? And then you’ve got maybe a day or so to do it. This doesn’t, this doesn’t exist any longer. And, you know, I’m trying to even work with Marcel to learn new sales techniques, to get nurses convinced that they are not going to be able to gain work when it comes to our Contract Nursing Oklahoma services.

And unless they have all of their documents submitted in, it’s really important. So if you’re a nurse, it doesn’t matter what clinic you’re working with. I’m sorry. It doesn’t matter what agency you’re working with, whether you’re working with Trinity or whether you’re working with 20 others, it’s really important that you have your paperwork submitted in and working with your nursing recruiter to be ready to be submitted. And I think that is the number one thing that you can do to gain employment. There are not a lot of opportunities available, but at least be ready for what is available. Because if you do that, you are going to be in the top one percentile of people being able to be submitted, because a lot of nurses got spoiled that they were in such demand. They could take their time and that’s no longer an option. Uh, the second problem is car problems.

When you’re traveling before you head out on the road, one of the number one things that you cannot do is be late or be unreliable. And if you’re going into a new area, well, good grief. If you have car problems, you’re going to want to know how you’re going to fix those problems. Now, luckily you’ve got Uber and for a relatively cheap rate, at least for a couple of days, until you can get your car fixed, you can always rely on Uber to get you there. And that is great. But having that on your phone, having it, where you can click the button and get somebody there in three or four minutes, and then have them travel you wherever you need to go. It’s really, really important. And, you know, I was blown away. I was in the middle of Fortaleza Brazil, and I think it was, it’s gotta be the roughest city I’ve ever been when it comes to our Contract Nursing Oklahoma solutions.

Of course, I think, I think that once I realized where I was at, I probably shouldn’t have ever been there, but, um, it’s the same, the second most dangerous city in the world. And it was nuts and we got kind of stranded and we had to have had a target on our heads for being robbed. In fact, it was really interesting that we, the, the small group that I was, we actually had a good Samaritan come up to us and say, Hey, listen, um, these ones, people over here looking at Robyn, you, you need to watch your backs. Um, and so we were in a really rough city, but it’s really interesting that quickly with Uber, we got somebody to get, get us in no time at all. We’re in the middle of Brazil, you know, in a city. And, and it actually works. So I know that if it can work in Fort Elisa, now they’re picking us up on a skanky vehicle that you have to breathe exhaust the entire time when it comes to the best Contract Nursing Oklahoma by far.

Um, if you’re an American love that you’re an American, do not forget how great it is to live in this country. Um, but, uh, making sure that you have a plan, if your car breaks down is really important, that is very reliable, but also, yeah, gaining access to a carp place that you can, um, that you can trust and you know where to send it and doing some of that preparatory planning ahead of time before you get in that city, that new city that you’re unfamiliar with, I think would be really helpful. Um, if Trinity can help you in any way, I’ve got four other things here. Brad just ran at a time. Um, give us a call at (918) 622-2588, or you can visit us

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