Contract Nursing Oklahoma | When Do You Want A Nurse To Arrive?

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Hi, my name is Cory Minter and I am the president of Trinity employment specialists. And we are a staffing agency located here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and we staff for travel nurses all over the nation. And this particular videocast is going to be traveled. Nursing trends. Looking ahead, what to expect from travel nursing. What, what has changed over the last little bit is, you know, COVID is really flipped, travel nursing upon its head and tried, and has probably discouraged a lot of travel nursing nurses to maybe even have to go back and gain traditional, um, employment. Whereas they were used to travel nursing use to a completely different working lifestyle and probably a different, a completely different salary. But I want to take a look at this and add some perspective on what to expect in the coming days, because I think some of these things are just inevitable and, um, whereas a lot of discouragement may be in the marketplace of travel nursing right now with our great Contract Nursing Oklahoma services.

I think having a perspective on what’s to come might be a little bit of help. And so I want to start out at first with giving you some data on some salaries of travel nursing. This is from the Bureau of labor statistics and it lists the average pay of a regular licensed nurse, um, at $43,170 annually. And in contrast, the salary of a travel nurse can go as high as $103,893 annually, according to So these are completely different salary ranges. My thoughts are is that there are a lot of nurses that are either going to stay out of the ball game right now because there are very few travel nursing opportunities out there. Uh, you know, we’ve had in every videocast, we had a huge surge that, Oh my gosh, we’re going to need a lot of nurses. Then we had a huge dive, Oh my gosh, we have no one in the hospitals.

Doesn’t matter that we’ve been told that our hospitals are crammed packed. Then now we’ve got this. We had the riots COVID was no longer a big deal during the riots. Now we’ve got after the riots are no longer an issue. We have a huge surge and now we had to travel. Nursing, emergency rates are coming back, but then they dove again after another week like this is true. This is what’s happening to at least us. So we know as a travel nurse, we know that you’re experiencing some confusion in the marketplace trying to figure out what’s going on here. Um, we’re trying to do the same thing or we’re having the same thing happen to us, but I want to try to give you some perspective on this with a good level of Contract Nursing Oklahoma today. I understand that a lot of nurses are likely going to need to go back to traditional, um, employment for a little bit.

And that’s probably not a bad idea while this Ahrens itself out, but most likely nurses are going to begin to see the inevitable happen. Um, and that is that nursing is going to have no choice, but to continue to grow, to be one of the highest demanded professions in the coming years, mainly because we are having so many people beginning to retire and needing healthcare with older age, come self-care, listen, I’m a four I’m 46 years old. I don’t know why, but I used to make fun of all of the 40-year-old men that, you know, if we were playing baseball or something like that, they would try to bend down and they’d be like, oh, I can’t do this anymore. I just remember being young. And I’m like, Oh my gosh, man, you’re a wuss. Well, this week alone, I was sitting in my car and

I didn’t even twist, but my back goes out. So last Thursday I have to go home and S basically lay down on a recliner because I can’t hardly move. My hips have gone out simultaneously. And I can hardly, I haven’t slept since last Thursday. And it’s Monday now, because if I sleep on this side, my ribs out, and if I sleep on this side, my backs out, and then if I get up and walk, my hips are out what the world, okay. This happens to people. And the older you get, the more healthcare that you need, I would have never thought that I was going to be seeing a physical therapist. I’ve always been in great shape, but this is just what happens. I’m just one case of this happening to a lot of different people. So you’re going to have all of these people retiring, sitting at home, healthcare is going to be needed, and receive the best Contract Nursing Oklahoma by far.

And simultaneously there was a huge surge of RNs and nursing that came from, uh, an earlier generation and they are going to be retiring. And we don’t, we don’t currently have enough nurses that are needed to replace what is all, what, all of those that are going to be retiring. So we’re adding more people into the market, reducing the number of nurses that are, that are available. And, um, we’re going to, uh, uh, we’re trying to get some of these newer nurses into place. And so hospitals are going to have no choice, but to begin to use travel nursing as a way to financially incentivizing nurses, to come work for them to cover for their shortages, it’s just inevitable. It’s gonna happen with us here as the best Contract Nursing Oklahoma by far. So I want to give you some statistics to help you with this. According to the Bureau of labor statistics through 2022, there is expected to be 1 million job vacancies for registered nurses.

This mostly has to do with the workforce that is reaching retirement age and not enough younger nurses to take their place. So we’ve got this COVID thing happening. That’s confusing everyone including me, but we still have this same certainty of what I just read to you. By 2022, they’re going to be a ton of people entering the needing healthcare. We have a ton of Ahrens that are gonna be retiring, and we don’t have enough younger nurses to replace the need. This is going to happen. And by the way, this is happening with physicians as well. That’s why you’re seeing everything turned to tell them to telemedicine. And that’s because it is a certainty. We do not have enough physicians to take care of the people that are coming into our work or not coming to our workplace coming into needing healthcare. So looking at looking ahead, the aging population has more senior citizens than ever before. We are ready to offer premium Contract Nursing Oklahoma for you and your loved ones.

Many of whom will develop one or more chronic health conditions as per the us census data projections by 2050 says that there will be 88.5 million people over the age of 65. And because of that simple truth, that I’m 46 years old and I can barely walk around anymore. And I’ve always been in great health like this doesn’t get any, it’s just going to keep happening. And it happens to a lot of people. So looking ahead, as a result of the continuing nursing shortage, it could very well end up that medical centers begin to rely more and more on travel nurses. Like what I was saying, and other contracted workers to meet this demand. In many cases, it’s going to be more cost-effective for them to bring in nurses as needed, as opposed to hiring full-time staffers. So we’ve heard of the gig economy.

The economy is that’s travel nursing. That’s all it is. It’s just that you get paid almost double and you have a lot of flexibility in what it is that you can do. Although travel nursing is getting a big, huge hiccup right now. We can’t all figure it out what it’s going to do. I just want you to know for certain based on labor statistics, this gay economy is going to grow and it’s going to get larger. We’ve got a lot of hiccups going on. Administrators are trying to figure out how to, how to deal with the shortage of people in the hospitals. COVID is keeping people out of the hospitals. We don’t understand it because there’s a 99.8, 9% chance that you’re not going to have a severe case of it, or you’re going to die with our care from a vetted Contract Nursing Oklahoma.

So I don’t understand this, and I’m sure a lot of people don’t understand it, but I want you to know that the truth is, is that travel nursing is still going to be needed. Um, and the demand for nurses is still going to be needed. So don’t worry. Just, we got to wait this out, let it, Arne, itself out. If Trinity can help you. In the meantime, we would love to be able to do it. You gotta get your paperwork in so we could submit you quickly because there’s a thousand, there’s thousands of nurses waiting to be submitted, but we would love to be a resource for you. Please give us a call at (918) 622-2588, or you can visit us online at Trinity employment.

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