Contract Nursing Oklahoma | When Do You Get A Nurse When You Need Them?

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Hi, my name is Cory Minter. I’m here with Darcel and we’re with Trinity employment specialists. We’re a staffing agency that specializes in travel nursing staffing for travel nursing all over the nation. Um, I don’t know how many opportunities are available out there, but it’s finally growing. We have been in a drought in travel nursing. If you do travel nursing, or if you were experienced in travel nursing and you rely on this as your livelihood, you know exactly what we’re talking about. The news did not tell us exactly at least at first, but now it’s growing. Um, we had lost, basically. We took, let me tell you how drastic it was really quick. And then we can get on to our point. We were used to roughly in, in all of our management service providers, we have contracts with generally we have a two to 3000 job opportunities in each one of these with our Contract Nursing Oklahoma service.

All of a sudden we went down to like 95 opportunities from like, uh, you know, 9,000. Um, so all of a sudden, you know, and the reason is that the specialty clinics couldn’t do, uh, surgery. So elective surgery got canceled. So that’s a big chunk of the business in the hospital. And, um, basically if you weren’t dealing with COVID, nothing else was happening. And so hospitals were empty for a long, long time. It really hurt them financially, but it looks like finally, we’re starting to see a resurgence, and still is this happening? It is happening. I’m super excited. Yeah. So now flood Gates are opening up. Um, so what we want to talk about now is what is the application process? If you are new to travel nursing in, you’re really wanting to get into the trap into travel nursing, or if you’ve even done travel nursing, but you might be coming back into it with our Contract Nursing Oklahoma. We want to go over the application process. What are some of the things, and we want to try to do more of an outline style of these are the things that you need. One of the things you were mentioned just a little bit ago, as we teed this up in another video, is that just having your BLS will work, talk about what are some of the top things that we need to focus on for our, for our potential.

Okay. As a travel nurse, you have a resume prepared. Okay. And what I’ve run across, a lot of nurses have a resume, but you have gaps. So I want to just let a nurse know if you have a gap where maybe you traveled and you took a year off, or you took six months off, but that bullet point on your resume saying I was a travel nurse. Okay. From March to June, I took a break, put that in there because the facility wants to know where to explain every gap. So it’s imperative that you explain every gap, Do you know? Good and well, they have to be looking for some kind of sanction that happened on their license.

Well, it, well, the thing is, they’re looking to see are your traveler, first of all, because they know Traveler’s going to have gaps, but they want them explained. Okay. Okay. Because travelers work two contracts. They might take two, three weeks off because they made the money. They can do that, but just explain it. Okay. And then once we do that, we interview do an interview with your recruiter, which are hopeless mean, and we go over all your work history, you explain everything, what you’ve done. So we highlight those. And then I send you an application. You complete the application. Once I received the application, then I’m gonna send you out what we call a skills checklist. You have to do that. I don’t care what discipline you’re in from med surge, ICU, even to scrub tech. And we’re talking about allied, um, everyone has to fill out a skills checklist with us as our top Contract Nursing Oklahoma.

This is where you rate your experience. And what I tell everybody, be honest. I mean, if you think you afford and everything put a four, if you are one, do not put a zero, just put in a, if you’ve never had that experience, because that it’s going to rate you, it’s going to give you a grade at the end of it. So never put a zero in an absolutely. Yeah. You know, very limited experience. So what have you, and then once I received those that I will ask you for all your certifications, you’ll BLS, your HCLs, your TNCC your pals, your stroke certification. All of those. If you have them, keep them handy. What happens is a lot of nurses don’t know where their certifications are, right? It’s imperative. And you mentioned this before in one of the other videos have a file where you have all of your pertinent information handy.

Even your shot records, we have to have a list. Each facility is different. You might work in a facility at your home hospital. They didn’t require some of the shots, MMR, varicella. We would need those. So make sure you have those. Then I need again, references before I could even submit you. I need all the things that I just mentioned as well as references. I need a manager and a supervisor with the reference. They have to be a manager and supervisor. And if you need a third one, we can do a coworker. Cause um, some of our hospitals require that. So once I get those items, then I can start the submission process when it comes to our Contract Nursing Oklahoma services.

You know, you know, what’s funny is that, um, in this is so different from traditional employment. And here’s why, um, in traditional employment, I remember going to a seminar just last year and they told us, they said, listen, if your employment application, it takes longer than three to eight minutes. Like that pod that’s a large gap. But then they said, okay. So if it takes longer, this then eight minutes, the likelihood of you losing candidates is almost a guarantee, okay? That is the culture that we live in. So I get it. You guys are listening to this and you’re like, I hate paperwork. Alright, join America. We all hate it. Um, but this, so what we did in this seminar, when they told us, listen if your application process is longer than eight minutes, which we got into ours, ours took 15. We knew that we had to change our entire online application process because we better make it quick or people are going to leave.

We changed it. Our application process or applications went up by 30%, which was awesome. And, but this, and I get it. You can be a little bit picky. If you’re an employee right now, we have to comply with hospital’s strict demand. Allow like the thought of just submitting your application. Like everyone else in the entire country right now is not a deal we have to, it’s not even possible to do travel nursing. The bad news is you’re going to have to keep a file cabinet. Absolutely. And keep it ready to go and keep it updated. The good news is if you’re willing to go through some pain, I don’t know, maybe a day, maybe it takes about a day. If you’re willing to go through it, you’ll double your salary. Yes, Absolutely. So it’s worth it. But most of the traveling nurses know this process with us for the most solid Contract Nursing Oklahoma services,

Right? But a lot of people in here that I think is on this, on this videocast are people who are really investigate, right? So it’s, it’s different, it’s a different animal. And when you, when you go into something different, most people just do not like change. However, knowledge gives a little bit of comfort. It gets power and it gives power. Once you complete that process, then if you upload you, if you get an interview and you get accepted, guess what? You’re doing more paperwork. It’s not over How much more let’s talk about it. They at least need to know. We got two more minutes left with our best Contract Nursing Oklahoma options.

I have to do the testing. Okay. And I have to send out a test from prophecy and you have to pass the test by 80%. If you don’t pass that test with 80%, then I send out tests B, not just like, test a, you pass that. Then we, you know, then we go on with all the shot records, the facility might have a test. So then you have that. But that’s the whole process. It’s a long process to be sure to Traveler. Yeah. It’s not easy. Now once they get this done, the first time, is it done or are they going to have to redo it with our solid Contract Nursing Oklahoma options?

No. Now, now, and I get where he’s coming. Well, I hate paperwork. I’m trying to get out of it. That a hospital, you got a contract. Okay. And your contracts over there sell can find me something else. I find you something else at a different hospital. The paperwork for us as the agency, you’re good there. As long as your certs are up, your licensures are good. You’re good. But the next hospital might have tested too, is not the same test that you did at the other hospital. Each hospital has a different protocol, different paperwork for the nurse to comply with. Right. So that’s the process of changing facilities, right?

Right. Well, we know that this isn’t something that’s actually for everyone because we got some paperwork here. Right. But we’re talking about maybe a one, one and a half days of paperwork at the most to double your salary too. And so this is something that’s interesting. If you have any questions about travel nursing, we would love to be a resource for you. I think that we could be a great travel nursing agency for you. Go check out Trinity’s reviews. I think that’s important. Absolutely. Um, give us a call at (918) 622-2588. Aspart, our cell, or you can visit us online at