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Hi, my name is Cory Minter. I’m here with Marcel was Trinity employment specialists. We are a staffing organization located here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and we staff specifically for travel nurses all throughout the entire United States. One of the things that we want to do is we want to add value to job seekers that might be a traditional nurse, um, and might be looking into travel nursing. No, we’ve got a lot of people that are, so that worked with us, um, that, uh, that are travel nurses. They’ve done it for a long time. Really? We’ve got a lot of people also there. They’ve heard about travel nursing. They know a little bit about it, but they just don’t know some of the details about Contract Nursing Oklahoma services. So what we want to do throughout this videocast, and we’ve got several, you should check them out if you haven’t seen anything other than this, but finding the hot topics of travel nurses that are probably just unknowns.

And we want to try to help people to understand, um, the differences, because knowledge gives you power and it gives you a lot of, uh, freedom. And, uh, just, uh, what, what am I trying to say? Peace when, when you’re trying to go into this, so this topic is canceled contracts. Uh, they can happen on both the nurse and the hospital side. And I want to talk to you today, or actually I’m going to ask ourselves some questions, cause be honest with you. She knows it better than me. Um, you know what happens if a contract is canceled because as a travelers, what you’re doing is you’re signing a contract saying, listen, I’m going to complete this. It’s very similar. As when you sign a contract saying you bought a car about the top Contract Nursing Oklahoma company, right? You actually got paid for that car. Correct. Um, and then if you sign a contract as a, as a travel nurse, you have to complete that contract. Now the good thing is it’s only 90 days roughly or three months. However, um, what happens in the case that some kind of an emergency happens and either the hospital’s unable to complete that contract or the nurses. So we’re going to dive into that. At first thing is hospitals. They can cancel contracts. What does this look like?

Well, this happens very rarely where a hospital hassle contract, because only reasoning a canceled is really two reasons. The first one, they will happen. It would happen at census drop. They could because they bring in trouble nursing because there’s Levinson’s is really high. You have a higher volume, they’re short nurses. So they bring contractors in and this is happening all across the US so if the census drop, they will first look to their nurses, their nurse staff, to make sure because they contracted with agencies. The hospital have a contract with that agency that says, okay, we can cancel one shift here. And there there’s a minimum of the shifts that could cancel, but if they go and counsel the whole remaining of the contract, it’s due to census dropped very low. And that’s very rare that that happens.

This just happened in, I think it was April. Um, so, and this is completely due to COVID. Darcell comes in, comes in. She says, listens, we have, no, we have all of a sudden, all of these contracts are being canceled. Everything is happening. I’ve never seen this happen before. This is something that everyone has seen a complete surprise due to COVID, but Darcy I’m a little bit confused by something. Cause literally just a few minutes ago, um, I go into Darcella office and I look and I’m reading saying that there is actually an increase in, um, in, especially pay in demand for COVID nurses with us and our great Contract Nursing Oklahoma services. But yet when we go into our travel nursing websites, there are so few job opportunities. The census obviously is still way down, but there’s an increase. I don’t understand. Oh, help us understand us because we’re in the middle right now. We’re at the end of June, we’re moving into July just so you can kind of get an understanding of where we’re at.

Right. And typically going into that, um, this is the high time for travel nursing. So just like Corey mentioned doing to gold. It is like we just off the map off the rails, it’s unusual, but the paper crisis rates went astronomically high with our solid Contract Nursing Oklahoma services.
Where is it they were saying is like, normally it’s 1500 a week and we’re not 3000 a week? Absolutely. Some nurses make 5,000 again it’s regions where the needs are, where the highest volume of COVID is. Okay. Um, and what they’re doing is, and the reason we’re not seeing that is because all the other specialties in the hospitals, they don’t have them. They don’t, they can’t use a med search nurse. So they in there just to get a scope of why we’re not getting those needs, they’re using their own nurses and paying them a little bit more okay. To take on those contracts. So they’re training them. So the ones that we do get, uh, we do have those crisis rates, but again, it’s only in a couple of specialties as you read, it’s only an ICU or ER,

So, so basically what you’re saying is like in the ICU departments, we’ve got a huge demand. However, because of that, we don’t have any demand in the rest of the hospital. Correct? Correct. So hopefully this helps you to understand some of the give and take that’s happening. I got to be honest with you. Just so you know, I’m in the staffing industry, I’ve been in it for 12 years. I’m still trying to figure out some of the nuances of the travel nursing, um, as well. So please don’t feel weird if you’re a little bit confused. The second thing is, is that nurses can cancel contracts.

Exactly. Okay. First of all, if you cancel a contract now, like Corey mentioned earlier, there are emergencies that happen. So what I suggest to a nurse, if you have a family emergency and it’s something you could take care of within a week or so, okay. We can add that to the end of your contract. Now, if it’s something that something really major happened and you know, you cannot do the contract, we work with the one way or another to try to fit that in on the end because it’s not good to walk off a contract. And we have nurses that do that very rare again, but it does happen. It happens for instances. They can’t work with coworkers. Okay. It’s friction. Right? So we go in and we try to talk to the nurse manager to try to iron things out. We’re their advocate. So we’re trying to make sure everything works out well. So this nurse doesn’t have to pencil because if she canceled them and literally walk off of that, and you could be blackballed to the point where you’re not able to go on another contract, because just like you stated, in one of the other videos we work with a lot of says, and your name is in there. Once we put your profile in there, they see that, and that’s hindering you from getting contracts, with our Contract Nursing Oklahoma services.

Um, and really break this down here. Um, uh, VMs has a vendor management contract staff, a staffing company has to go to a BMS or vendor management, uh, service provider to get a contract with that vendor management service provider so that we can provide resources of the hospital, the vendor management service provider. They keep track of every staffing firm and every candidate that goes through there. Okay. If they, if the vendor management service provider deems that the staffing agency is not producing, right, listen, don’t black Mark don’t black hole up. Absolutely. However, if you cancel contracts and the VMs, um, begins to track all of this, they can blackball employees just as much as they can a staffing agency. So a great example is, is when we very first started many years ago into a staffing for hospitals under a BMS, um, Trinity, we didn’t understand all of the nuances, like the way that the VMs wanted us to submit documents.

And for a short while we were blackballed because they didn’t like the way that we were submitting documents. No, they didn’t tell us this. They just blackballed us. And we, we had to go through a process of letting them know what happened and then shifting recourse. Alright, the VMs. Yes. We’ll share information with other BMS. Then I am telling you, they have the power to blackball people and they have enough candidates where they can do it. We need to wrap this one up, but I wonder if we ought to go through the second version of this, but for time, for time purposes, we’re going to do a second part on this particular videocast. So take two, stay tuned for that. If Trinity can help you in any way, give us a call at (918) 622-2588. We would love to talk with you about travel nursing options for you. Trust that you’ll love speaking with Darcel. So give us a call or check us out online at