Contract Nursing Oklahoma | When Are You Getting A Proper Solution For Nursing?

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Hello. My name is Darcel wood, Trinity employment. I am the travel nurse recruiter. I run the division here, travel nursing, and we at Trinity, um, just wanted to talk to you about traveling. Um, our travel contracts are something new for Trinity, but they brought me in and to educate because it’s very important for a traveler to be educated. Um, there’s a lot of nurses out there looking for travel contracts. I tell everyone, you know, never rush into it. Talk to a recruiter who has understanding, who want to build a rapport with you. You want to be comfortable when you get ready to do your first travel contract. And we’re gearing this video, I guess, more to new travelers because a lot of times, you know, we have a lot of travelers out there who’s very educated. They could educate me on some things, which they do, which I really appreciate because there are always new things coming down the pike with our best Contract Nursing Oklahoma person.

But as a new traveler venturing out in your first contract, I tell every new traveler to stay in your own state before you venture out, uh, make sure you have your licensures up to date. Make sure you have all your certifications up to date. What we’re going to go through to on this third part of a video is 20 questions on what you need to know about travel nursing. Okay. And I’m going to try to explain to them the best of my knowledge. I’ve been doing this for almost 20 years. So I love doing it. It’s very taxing. I love building a rapport with the nurses. Um, and you need an advocate out there. I mean, as you guys know in the hospitals, um, it’s my daughter’s on nurses, so I get it. I hear your story. I hear her stories and they’re similar. So there’s no one for you guys to talk to you.

Can’t go to your manager, can’t go to your supervisor because it’s business. Uh, just like my job. It’s like, you got to get it done no matter what. So you need that advocate and I’m here for that, uh, 20 things. The first thing am I under obligation after submitting the application, answer to that question and I’m going to be candidate open. No, you’re not. Okay. That is not an obligation. The only time you see an obligation is when you sign the dotted line, say I accept this contract. Um, that’s why I might tell a Contract Nursing Oklahoma. You know, um, there are so many agencies out there. You fill out an application with us. I want you to fill that application out, uh, go through the details, go through the interview process. And guess what an agency maybe that you worked with, or someone else has a contract, that’s more money you’re going to run across that.

Um, but at the same time, I would tell any nurse, this might pay you more money. Will that recruiter stays with you during that contract? Or was she just drop you and never communicate? I believe in calling my nurses once a week, when you first start, then I start calling you every other week. You want someone to be able to say how are things going just, I mean, that’s just the old adage. I think you should be very, uh, engaged in a traveler. Not just leave them out there because you make money out there and um, you represent a company. So I want to represent you and say, I’m here for you. If you ever go through any issues or anything, you want to talk to me. So no, you’re not obligated for an application. And then are there fees associated with nurses are X service?

No matter of fact, I’ve never even run across nurse RX, unless you are out there trying to pay them. And you never pay anyone to work with you, uh, to get your tribal contract. So don’t fall into that. It might be out there. I’ve never heard of it. Um, but it’s a possibility, but no, you should never pay any fees to anyone, uh, for getting you a travel contract. And then this one I, um, nurses always ask me, can I travel with my family or pets? Okay. Uh, I had a nurse last week saying I want the contract, but I have a cat. Okay. What I would tell her to do because you get a housing allowance, okay. With your housing allowance, you could pay more money or less money in a hotel. You’ve got to pay more money. Okay. So you look, I always tell my nurses, look at the fact of Airbnb.

That would be your cheapest way to go because you could get her in the house, Airbnb weekly for maybe one to $200 a week. And that’s when you ask can my pet com okay. A lot of them will say no, but then you have some that will long as they’re in a crate or what have you, they will allow it. So that is a possibility I do have, I have kept that happened before as well. And number four, do I have to commit to a longterm contract? Now? It depends on what you mean by a longterm contract. Most contracts, run from eight weeks, 13 weeks. We do have 26 weeks. So I would say a far as the longterm contract. No, because the majority of the contracts, I don’t care where you go with any agencies. They’re the longest I’ve seen is 26 majority 26 might happen every now and then, but the majority of them are 13 weeks with the best Contract Nursing Oklahoma services.

So that’s a field. That question for you. How much will I earn again? It depends on your specialty. Okay. Say like right now, when COVID okay. When Nicola crises. So right now some nurses are making 4,500 to 5,000 a week. Not here proper in Oklahoma, but say like, if you’ve been watching the news, you know, Houston is, is over the top with COVID. So they’re paying their nurses anywhere for 4,500 a week. Okay. So when what that is called is crisis rates. We do have those, I’ve seen them. We had them even without cobot, some States are doing strikes, so they need to strike nurses. So they pay him money in that. Um, they had an upsurge of labor and delivery. They might pay crisis rates because they need nurses. So wherever that short shortage is, and if it’s a large shortage, that’s when those rates come to play.

So you could, again, looking at crisis rates, you can make more, but in general, uh, depending on your specialty, that’s how they send the pay package packages out there based on your specialty, anywhere from med surge, med surge, I would say anywhere from 1700 to 1900, and then ICU, maybe 19 to 2100, it goes up per your specialty. So it depends on what your specialty is. Okay. I hope that answered that question for you as well. When and how, how will I get paid? Well, when you get paid weekly, so say if you work this week, you work 36 hours. You should get your first paycheck next Friday, you get paid every week. Um, and again, that’s just the way it is one. I just had a nurse, matter of fact, text me today and say, okay, I’m picking up some shifts. When will I have to wait? Do I get paid biweekly a week is always weekly with every agency? If an agency tells you they got to pay you every two weeks, um, I would investigate because it’s weekly. That’s just the norm when it comes to our best Contract Nursing Oklahoma options.

If you have a bank account, we, when we do your onboarding is what we call all your paperwork to make sure we have your direct deposit. Uh, and we ask for avoided check that way we could ensure that you do not want to come Friday and look in your account and there’s no money. So we need a check to verify your routing and account number and that your money is deposited in there every Friday. Um, can I earn a bonus if I refer another nurse? Now this says nurse are X. Again, we not talking about nurse R X, but if you refer a nurse to us and they get a contract, absolutely you will get a bonus. We will pay you a referral fee. Okay. What benefits only benefits that we have the top services around.

First-day insurance. So once you sign the contract and you start work, we send you our paperwork for it, the insurance. And I tell nurses a lot of nurses, and I’m just going to be candid here as well. Um, a lot of nurses look to want to bring their whole families. Okay. You’re going to do, uh, insurance, your son and your husband. Guess what? You know, insurance is really ridiculous right now. So that means you’re just working to pay for insurance. So what I tell a nurse, because your, your minimal hourly rate is only 20 an hour. If you have a child or a spouse, I would say, you get your insurance for you. And because you’re making $20 an hour, you can apply for the affordable care act for your family. And that way you’re not paying off because that’s your hourly rate right now. So that is the best route to take. And I hope that’s helpful when it comes to our new Contract Nursing Oklahoma service.

Um, and I think we could do one more. And I would say, what happens if I have a clinical issue on my job if you have. For a clinical issue, we have a person on board here at Trinity. Um, what we call her is our clinical. She’s an NP. Um, and what we do is we refer her to you. She calls you, find out what is going on. And she determined at that time, what we need to do. So with that being said, I just really appreciate you taking the time to listen to this short video. And I hope if we can help you, please give me a call. My number is nine one eight six two two two five-eight. I’m also giving you my cell, which is (918) 639-9671. My name is Marcel. I am the travel nurse recruiter for Trinity employment. Thank you so much.

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