Contract Nursing Oklahoma | Having Trouble Finding A Nurse When When You Need Them Most?

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Hello, I’m Cory Metro with Trinity employment specialists. We are a staffing organization located here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but we’re also staffing for travel nursing, travel nurses all over the nation. And this particular, um, this particular piece of content is 15 things that frustrate travel nurses. The benefits of travel nursing are really well known. You get paid double, um, you, you get a lot more flexibility in your schedule. You get to kind of pick when you want to work. And when you don’t, um, you can pick your hours. You beat, you know, when, when opportunities are flowing, uh, you know, the world is your orchestra or oyster orchestra world is your oyster. And so I want to talk about some of the things though, that Mike frustrates, travel nurses, um, you know, with, with us, especially with a staffing firm, always talking about, uh, travel nurses and Contract Nursing Oklahoma.

It’s really easy for us all to get into talking about the benefits of them because we obviously want to work with travel nurses. We want to encourage people to work with us. Um, but we need, we also need to be pretty candid about some of the frustrations that travel nurses experience. And so I’m just going to go through some of these most likely, if you’re a veteran travel nurse, you already know all of these things. I’m not going to tell you anything that is not pretty captain obvious. However, if you have not done travel nursing a lot, you’re really interested in it. And you want to know what are some, uh, you know, every, everything has a good side and a bad side to it. Um, it doesn’t matter what it is. Um, you know, this might be able to help you out a little bit.

Um, but again, every job it’s got, its benefits, even being an owner of Trinity, listen, it’s got some great, great benefits to it, but it’s got some things I wish were different, for sure. Sometimes I want to quit, but I can’t or, you know, um, and then sometimes I can’t, I can’t believe how fortunate I am that, that I get to do this. So there, it doesn’t matter where you’re at. You’ve got those things going, but let’s look at some of the things that you might want to watch out for knowledge gives you power. Even though these are some negative things, we’re not wanting to talk you out of it. We just want you to be acknowledgeable of it. The number one thing is, is pay rates can take too long to calculate and discuss. Listen, when you get a pay package, especially upfront, it’s going to take you a little bit of time to understand it because you’re going to have housing expenses in there with a good Contract Nursing Oklahoma service.

All of this stuff is in there. And then when you calculate it out, it’s probably not going to seem what it really is because it’s going to be hard for you to see the tax benefits that you get from this like nontaxable income. And if you don’t that yet, it’s really important for you to get what the techs get with either a tax attorney or a tax specialist. So they can help to explain to you what this means for you. So you can understand really what your salary is. Um, sometimes the second thing is sometimes recruiters don’t have the bill rate, so they can’t, they can’t even provide the pay rate. This doesn’t happen to us very often, to be honest with you at Trinity, um, there might be some instances where this happens, but a lot of times, if you’re staffing agencies working with them with an MSP, everything is lined out in that, uh, in the PR the proposed contract, you’re going to be able to see all of that.

The nursing agencies should have all of that out there. I can’t even imagine a scenario where they wouldn’t have data like that. It’s pretty important. In fact, if they didn’t have that, I would suggest that you just wait for a contract where you do. Um, number three, even smaller agencies can work with over a thousand hospitals. How can a recruiter know something about every single one? Um, you’re gonna need to rely on the relationship that the recruiter has. Yes, it is very true that you have access to thousands of hospitals. No question you do with the top Contract Nursing Oklahoma services. But a lot of times a recruiter is going to develop a relationship with one or two, or, you know, probably about 10 hospitals that are in that facility. And they’re going to know the people, everyone knows one another at this point. And so it’s not a, it’s not a situation where, uh, where they’re not going to know.

Now, if you are trying to get a position way out into a different area, most likely, I think that’s probably going to be a true statement. They’re not going to know the direct recruiter, however, instantaneously, they will have a relationship there. Um, and that, that recruiter can still go to bat for you. They still have a lot of access to that nursing manager. So it, uh, that’s a true statement, but most likely it’s not going to be unless you’re traveling out of the agent out of the area. Um, the last thing is on this particular topic, as a recruiter, I have to make a certain number of calls per day, and I don’t have time for lengthy conversations. So how will the recruiter really know that that is very true, but keep in mind, they’re doing a repetitive number of placements at these hospitals? And so there’s a kernel of truth to each one of these, each one of these areas.

But, um, they’re, they’re really not going to be that big of a deal. The next, the next particular main topic is receiving too many calls. Um, too many calls. If, if you’re, you’ve got, I don’t know, probably a thousand travel nursing agencies nationwide, probably less than that, but it seems like a thousand. And if you make yourself available, it could be very possible that you’re going to get phone calls from a ton of different people. This is my suggestion to you go out and do research on this travel nursing agency with us the for the top Contract Nursing Oklahoma, go and check out their Google review, Google reviews, find out what people are saying about them and how they treat and work with their staff and make sure that it’s a good agency. There are, there are good agencies where the agencies only focus on the employer that they’re working with. That’s their only primary focus.

And then you have some agencies that are primarily employee focused. I don’t know how they make money because they’re not taking care of the people that are paying them. But, uh, and then you have some agencies that genuinely just want to do the right thing, whether it’s with the employee or with the employer. I think you should read reviews and find agencies that have an incentive or have a desire for making sure that the right thing happens. Um, Lou Holtz, I was reading a book by him the other day. He’s a, he’s a really great legendary football coach. And he, and he had something on his teams called the do-right rule. It’s like, no matter what we’re going to do, right? So when you’re on the football field, he programmed it into his employees, the do right role do right wrong.

We’re always going to do right. Well, if you go around here on our staff, I believe that I’ve done a very good job at instituting the do right role, no matter what we’re going to do, right. If we have to cost, if it costs us money to do right, we’re going to do right. And we’re never going to stop doing right. Whether it’s for the employer or the employee, do your research and find companies that have a do-right rule. I think that it will help you a whole lot, and you’ll be able to see it in the reactions of the employees on Google reviews when it comes to your Contract Nursing Oklahoma. So, um, next thing is, is being called by random travel nursing, uh, companies. Um, I just kind of address that. You, you know, I don’t want to go over that too much again, but calling and emailing and, and getting over recruited, listen, you’ll be able to, you’ll be able to determine the people that are going to respect you.

You might want to consider going after the people that respect you when you ask them to stop calling so much, um, that might be an indication of good character. And oftentimes the best character doesn’t always come from the people that pursue you the hardest. Um, oftentimes the people that pursue you the hardest are wanting to make money only be really weary of that. Make sure that you take a little bit of notice in how they treat people around them and I’ve run out of time. I’ve uh, my 10 minutes is up. I’ve got a lot of other things here to talk about. Um, we’re going to have to do it on another episode. If Trinity can help you in any way with your travel nursing, we would love to be a resource for you. We would love to show you what the do right role looks like and feels like. I think that you’re going to like it. It’ll definitely be a difference from that staffing agency that aggressively sought after you at no bars. Hold it back. Um, give us a call at (918) 622-2588. Or you can visit us at

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