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Hi, my name is Cory Minter. I’m with Trinity employment specialists. I’m joined by Darcil and here at Trinity, we want to be an educational source for travel nurses, and we want to give the best information out there about what’s happening in travel nursing. All right. We had such a big slump that happened due to the COVID. Now we’ve got this big, huge surge in crude, including some crisis rates that are, that are coming. And we’re right now, we’re at July 27th of 2020, and we’re going to be moving into the summer and then winter season. So you’re going to see an acceleration of job needs. Uh, that’s going to happen in the winter months. So what we want to do is give you all of the education that we can. And so now we’re going to be talking about travel nursing pay. What should you be looking at Contract Nursing Oklahoma?

What are some good questions that you should ask? Um, but before I start with that, I want to get into a little bit some, some statistics and these stats are going to be coming from travel nursing, It says we investigated the reasons, travel nurses travel and found out that making more money and seeing new places were the main reasons. Now not everyone can go do this because of your, uh, you know, your home style. You know, I was talking to a physical therapist, literally last night at a pool party, and she does want to do travel nursing, but she can’t, she can’t go do it because she’s got to take care of her kids. However, you know, I was telling her about the options where you can just travel 50 miles and if you can find new options there. So we’re, we were talking about that, but here were the stats from traveling travel nursing, 25% of travel nurses do this profession because they make more money 8% because they want to learn new skills and make themselves more valuable in the hospitals, 31%, because they want to go visit new places and they can get paid more to go do it 17% because they just want to go meet new people Contract Nursing Oklahoma.

They got stuck where they’re at. They just want a new environment. 14% is to explore places to move someday. They want to stay there for three or four months before they commit. And 3% were other, um, what are some average rates for travelers nowadays? Um, and so 15 to 20%, uh, see travelers out there. How many, how much money are you making on your current assignments per hour? Not including what you make in housing reimbursement. 0% said zero, um, S 10% said 21 to 26%, 22 people said a 31% said 27 to 32%. And so these are some things that are really interesting, uh, statistics, but let’s jump into, you know, travel nursing pay. Um, what are some of the things that people need to look at? And the number one thing is, is duplicate, duplicate expenses. Um, what are some of the duplicate expenses that people might be running into Darcy?

Well, the only duplicate expenses that they will have, is there a housing? Okay. Cause they’ll have that on a weekly basis or a month. But I would say to any nurse who want to travel right now during the COVID I have, cause I have a traveler who’s traveling right now. And because I told her when she find housing, if you don’t do Airbnb talk to the hotel, let them know that you’re a traveler during the COVID and they gave her an excellent rate. So they’re saving money on that housing due to that. So hotels are, uh, letting nurses stay there for half of what they would normally charge. So that is the only duplicate of expense. They would have. Everything else is your pocket money, even though you might pay 60, 70, $80 on your hotel weekly, think of that, all the rest of your, that weekly pay, which might be 2,400 a week, you’re putting it in your pocket with our Contract Nursing Oklahoma.

Yeah, I was, uh, in, in this particular article that I was reading, they were talking about some of the, uh, some of the people that do travel nursing. When they go out of state, they do an Airbnb for their home while they’re gone for the three months and, and they’re staying somewhere else. So not only are they getting a duplicate salary or I’m sorry, uh, a tax-free stipend from, but they’re also getting paid for using their house. And so it’s a dual, it’s a dual

Business, they making money and here’s the thing. And Darcell be able to talk about it a little bit more because she understands it better, but you have to keep your home. Absolutely. Oh yes. And it’s for tax purposes, right? That is correct. That is so a lot of travel nurses. They’re going to go out and spend, there are, uh, there, they were wanting to go out and just use the travel nursing agency to pay for their home. Um, but you, for tax purposes, you’ve got to keep that home. So some nurses have figured out a way to make it a duplicate income, maintain a permanent address at your techs home, um, using one bank account, be sure your one bank account was opened at your branch in your tax home. What is the purpose of this? Have you heard of this Contract Nursing Oklahoma?

Yes, because of their, when they filed the taxes, um, when you file your taxes, your wi they look at your check and you have to be able to say most of that, and they have a contract. As long as you hold onto your contract that you had from the agency, take it with your tax person, have your bank, the same bank that we deposit your tribal money into it’s all for tax. Oh, okay.

And so that would bring me to my next point is to file your taxes as a non-resident in assignment States do not fall as a risk. That is correct because it’s tax free because you’re a traveler. So even though you’re in another state, we still have to deduct your money from your home state because the government says you’re a traveler. So you just pay where you live. That’s why your home state, These are some things you really need to talk to your tax accountant about. And a lot of times I would imagine they wouldn’t even understand this because it’s going to be rare if you think about it, the most

Ex accountants guess because nurses traveled this business been so lucrative for the past 20 years. So they are aware, Sure that your tax accountant is aware of absolutely of this profession. Keep your driver’s license, registered at your texts home, do not get a new driver’s license. What are, what are some reasons behind that? Isn’t is when, okay. Say a hospital, we have st. Francis, you have to be a hundred miles away. So what they do is look at your driver’s license. What is your address on that driver’s license? Right? So your radius has to be exactly 100 miles for Contract Nursing Oklahoma job.

Okay. That makes sense. Registered to vote in your text home, no matter what the circumstances are, do not register to vote anywhere other than your tax home, because you’d be in trouble. I remember you own the contract. You want to vote, you go try to register somewhere else, but you’re registered in your home state. Right? Um, I don’t know how much Tom, we have left here. We’re looking okay. We got some more time, make sure that all financial services that you utilize have your tax home address, like your 401k and other types of financial services that you utilize, correct. Um, number eight, maintain a primary doctor and dentist in your tax home. Why would that matter? I just for your insurance, because you, you know, you have insurance with that. Yes. And you want first day insurance with us. So it’s going according to your schedule.

Well, and if you’re using an eight, if you’re using an HMO, I know it’s going to be way, way more expensive. If you’re, if you jump outside and my at work, volunteer and civic activities, if you currently participate in such activities, continue to do so or maintain some kind of connection. If you don’t participate in these activities, it may be a good time to look into it, just to keep things the same. Um, the, the last thing is, and we’ll wrap it up is register all your vehicles in your tech state, despite the fact that you’re traveling, you should register all your vehicles in your tech state and keep them registered. Why would that be the, Because if you ever be audited, they look at that, okay. The taxes, you’re not paying any taxes. And some nurses could do a contract for 12 months because you could extend up to submit every three months. So that means if the IRS come back and say, I want to see where your address is, all your bills, everything is registered at. They will ask for those documents. That’s so crazy how much you’ve learned in having to walk nurses. You have to, because if you don’t, cause they asked me, well, what’s going to happen when I go claim my taxes. And I tell them all the options that they have, the things that they should do, the things that shouldn’t do Contract Nursing Oklahoma. Right, right. Because then they come back. I have had agencies who get in trouble. Got it. Because they don’t educate well,

Call Darcil if you’re concerned or just wondering or wanting to learn, give her a call. She would love to help you out and, and just teach you about this industry. Because think about it. You can make double, if you just understand some of these things, um, Trinity, you can call us at (918) 622-2588. Or if you want to just check us out online, it’s Trinity