Contract Nursing Oklahoma | Canceling A Contract

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Hi, my name is Corey mentor, and I’m here with Darcell we’re with Trinity employment specialists, and we are a staffing organization. We focus on, we have an entire division that focuses on staffing for travel nursing. And so one of our main goals is we want to add value to a job seekers that are looking to move into travel nursing, to give them education and help make people be more knowledgeable about this industry, because it’s an industry that if you figure it out, you can make double the amount of money that you can in a traditional job, according to the us labor statistics. So we want to get started with a topic that I think is interesting. We’ve done it before, but every, I think that we’re going to get even some different information because there’s so much that you can talk about with this topic. So I want to do it again and see what new information we might get out of it. Canceled contracts can happen. In fact, we just went through COVID where probably a lot of contracts were canceled, correct Contract Nursing Oklahoma job. The reason that they can cancel it is because if their census goes down or something, that’s of a crisis type of a manner happens at the hospital, um, they can cancel your contracts and so can the nurse, but the way that you go about doing it is really, really important.

The nurse can not cancel a contract, just FYI. They can’t, they cannot explain them once they sign that contract, they have to work those 13 weeks. Well, let’s just say that there is a crisis in that. I mean, let’s just say they have a family debt, um, or a family crisis that they have to handle. How does that work Work? Okay. Okay. They would talk to the manager, they would talk to their recruiter. And what we would do is sit down. So, cause you don’t, that hospital is expecting that for 13 weeks. So yes, there’s times when things happen. So we’re going to take seven days, give you seven days. Okay. We are ready to put in seven days for you to be a week out when you have a contract. So what we’re going to do is take those seven days that you was going to take off for whatever reason and take care of your emergency. Okay? Okay. And if they can’t do that, then we would attach an additional seven weeks on your contract because they can’t just go and scramble to find a nurse to finish that contract out. It’s very important to that facility with the best Contract Nursing Oklahoma. That’s why they do contracts. They need that nurse. And I know it’s unfortunate that sometimes the hospitals would cancel, but in this says, okay, what if they canceled nurse don’t panic? No, don’t panic. If a hospital cancel you, call me what we will do is reroute her or him to a different, okay.

So really it’s just more of how you handle your business. And it sounds like this can be negotiated and worked out. Um, no one’s going to be a Nazi with someone and at least at Trinity, I can promise you this. We’re going to do everything we can to do the right thing, right. With the nurse. Um, that might not be the case with all staffing firms. I don’t want to, but it may be the case with all staffing firms. But, um, we want to be a little bit different in the way that we handle it. And uh, and I’m a case in point I have seen it where a nurse or facility or nurse had to cancel, stood up the agency, working it out with the nurse to keep the nurse. They just, because some agencies is all about numbers, as you mentioned. And it’s like, okay, next. Yeah. You know, no, we want to be different. We don’t want to sit down and talk to you and talk with the, uh, manager of the hospital and see what we could do to work it out. Okay. And they appreciate that.

Other reasons why hospitals might cancel a contract other than just the census is now, Unless there’s some discrepancy on the floor with nurses. And that happens from time to time. That’s what you mean by the script. Okay. When a nurse goes in you’re, you’ve never worked at this hospital, you’re you don’t even live in this state. You go in there constantly telling people what you’re making. Oh, okay. That’s a no-no because you’re really gonna rub these nurses. Who’s working their tails off making half of what you’re making that could cause friction with the best Contract Nursing Oklahoma.

Right? Well, we, we have to be careful as a staffing agency to, to, because it’s illegal for us to tell nurses that you can’t go and say what you’re making. So we have to be really careful with that with, and that’s under FSA. We have to, we have to make sure and give that freedom. But could it, I mean, but I understand what you’re talking about. If they’re creating a really big problem. Yeah. We would have to go to bat for the, for the, uh, you know, for the nurse actually in that, in that case. But any other thing, I understand what you’re talking about. Because it does. And the nurses know they don’t go purposely out and do it. You know? Uh, this law just came down where we can’t say, don’t tell about your pay, but you’re making double, double what they’re making. How would you feel if, I mean put yourself in their place?

Yeah. I mean, and a lot of times with the nurse, really, if you want to create some enemies, let me give you a really great idea. When you do go and brag to other people that your life is better than yours and they can make it, make it a top priority of yourself. You go do this and I’m telling you human beings. For some reason, they don’t respond very well to this. We got to move on to our side and they could be late and don’t, Be late for work. Don’t show up for lunch. They’ll cancel you. They will cancel you. They’ll give you a chance one time, but you keep doing it. Then they will cancel your Contract Nursing Oklahoma. Right.

Consequences of canceling a contract. This is really important. Yeah. So Tell, I can tell them, or you can tell them, you can tell them, uh, an MSP that we have contracts with. When we have a contract with the hospital, we have a contract with hundreds of hospitals. Okay. These are huge companies. If they don’t like you, they will, can’t see you in that system. From that point forward, Trinity can no longer place that nurse and you are canceled at hundreds of hospitals, all because you didn’t handle your business. Right. And once you get flagged in that system, um, you’re done. And there’s not one single thing that we can do to advocate for you.

Not only Trinity, any other agency you’re in there because we all use the same VMs is right. So your name, your flag, Uh, VMs is, is, is, uh, stands for a vendor management system. That’s one of these big companies. Also, we can, we can refer to them as MSPs, which are management service providers. So those are the acronyms that we’re using them. So when, if you are going to take a contract, be very careful. If you get upset, how you handle your business could impact you ever doing travel nursing. If, if these, if one of these groups gets upset with you, um, are there any guarantees in a contract? There’s no guarantees. There’s guarantees that says, because on our side of the contract, it says, okay, we’re going to sign this nurse up for 13 weeks. We can cancel two shifts. And that’s the only thing. What is about a guarantee they could cancel two shifts on that 13 week contract for any nurse that is the minimum. Do they have to make it up? No. Okay. That is something that they would put in the contract. Okay. They can do that automatically with our Contract Nursing Oklahoma. Got it. Yeah. Okay.

What if you get canceled? What if you give, cancel, you call me and you, they said we should already know that you’re canceled. What I’m going to do is find you something else I’m already looking for you. Something else after you’ve been on the contract for six weeks, that’s automatic because I want to be able to transition that nurse from that contract to another. So I’m already looking for them something else. Okay. So we will find you something, you just give me a date that you’re ready to start because a lot of times when a nurse get canceled, they need to take a couple days off. How often does this happen with the best Contract Nursing Oklahoma? It’s very rare. Very, very rare. How many times do you think you’ve I maybe three times within, yeah. It’s very rare. Very rare.

Yeah. Well, listen, I hope that this helps you understand just the different things that are, um, that go on with travel nursing, especially behind the scenes. One of the things that we try to do at Trinity is make certain that we, I put quality in front of quantity and, and that means the way that we treat nurses, it’s really important to us in this organization to make sure that we have, um, something I learned from Lou Holtz in a book is just the do rock roll, no matter what we want to make sure that we’re doing right. Even when it costs us money, I’m fine with doing right. Yeah. If it’s doing right and it costs us more money, we need to go do that. Um, you know, God’s our provider and we’ll always be able to, uh, rely on that if we can just always do right. If Trinity can help you right. In any way, we would love to help you. Um, give us a call. Call (918) 622-2588. You can speak with Darcel. She can tell you anything you need to know about travel nursing, or you can just go online. Check us out