Contract Nursing Oklahoma | 6 Steps To Start Travel Nursing

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Hi, my name is Cory Minter. I’m with Trinity employment specialists. I’m joined here with Darcel. We are going and doing everything we can to educate new nurses about travel nursing. Trinity is a travel nursing agency. We’re located here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but we staff for travel nurses, literally all over the nation and ourselves. It’s finally, it’s picking up, it’s picking up. All right. So we are in, um, July, the end of July, July 27th is today. And we’ve gone through this big, crazy slump of, um, you know, when COVID hit, uh, no one was doing any surgeries or anything like that with our Contract Nursing Oklahoma. It was only the COVID units that were being activated in the hospitals. So most people were furloughed or, um, there just were no needs. And so now we’re starting to build back up out of that. Darcel, are we close to where we were before? COVID or where’s it at?

Okay. I think the surge is in Oklahoma and other States is due to COVID. Our area has been hit. Okay. So the hospitals are being really, they need nurses. Sure. So are they opening up these, uh, emergency rooms? Yeah, we have crisis rates. Yes. It’s the COVID that is hitting yeah. Big time. All right. So what kind of nurses are, are we needing? I’m looking for ICU nurses, ER, nurses and med surge nurses. And they need To have two years of experience with at least One year experience within the same spectrum. This specialty. Let me get that out. So they have to have that 12 month experience in that specialty, ICU nurses and E R med search. You could definitely have one year. Okay. I could take a new nurse that has one year. She might not never traveled before, but a med-surg nurse can do a travel contract at the one year.

Okay. So we’re going to be going over, like, let’s say that we’ve got that one nurse that’s been working in the hospital for one year. Let’s say they’ve got an opening to be able to do travel nursing. Um, these are six steps to begin your career in travel nursing. And so travel nursing just to give you some data from the, uh, department of labor and statistics, they, they are saying the average salary for a travel nurse is roughly going to be about 46 to $55,000 a year. However, when you start doing travel nursing, you’re jumping up into six figures. And so if you have an ability to travel with your, um, uh, lifestyle, um, you know, and you have the ability to move around, this is a really great way to make a lot of money. So how do you started, number one, you got to find a travel company that you want to work with. You know Contract Nursing Oklahoma is awesome, of course we want you to come and work with Trinity. This is one of the reasons that we’re doing this video, but like, let’s just say somebody wants to explore it. Darcell. What would you advise someone to say? What are some of the things that you really need to look for?

I’ll look at your Google reviews or an agency and see what the other nurses are saying about this company that you want to work with. Um, because I’ve been a travel recruiter for so many years, almost 20 years, actually I will say you want to partner with a recruiter that have like-mindedness meaning she want to help you. That’s what you do as a nurse. You want to help someone at a hospital. You want to give them the care. So we want as a recruiter, you want the recruiter to be attentive to you, to listen to you, not look at you as just a number to get, to bring you in for a contract. You want to build that character with them and integrity. To know that this is somebody I could trust. You need a recruiter. Who’s going to care about you.

One of the main things that I started way before we even started the travel nursing, uh, was I used to use staffing firms all the time and even as a client. So I, I was the HR manager. I asked you staffing firms. And one of the things that I noticed was like, I could not get anyone to really pay attention to our needs with th etop Contract Nursing Oklahoma. It was just this numbers game that was driven by a really high demanding management company or not a company, but it’s just their management philosophy. And so one of the things that I can say for sure about Darcell is that one of her passions is really to walk people through this process. And so finding someone that can really be attentive to the small questions that you might have, and the uncertainty that the strongest fear that any of us can ever experience is the fear of the unknown.

And if you’re going to jump into travel nursing, the fear of the unknown is just going to happen. And so getting with the nurse recruiter that really can attend to those needs, answer those questions for you, and really, for lack of a better way of saying it, just mother you through this, that’s really what the spirit of what I see Darcel wanting to do. So we’re really proud of that. Number two, you’ve got to begin to work with a staffing agent or recruiter, which we talked about, but picking a company like, is there something that they should be thinking about? Of course, they’re going to want to look at a Google review for the top Contract Nursing Oklahoma around. Should they look at the job orders? I mean, are all recruiters going to have all the same job orders? Like what are some things that they should think about in that aspect? Most of them

Kurt wasn’t going to have the same, cause we deal would be a messes. So you got other agencies who work with the same, uh, companies that we do. Okay. But at the same time, like you mentioned, are, are they listening to you or are they just texting you saying, okay, here’s my app. And I’ve had so many nurses within the last week say, Darcell, you do take time with us. You don’t just automatically say, here’s this money, take this contract. We want to make sure you’re happy. And what your first, my question to a nurses, what are you looking for? Not me telling you what I have, let me know what you’re looking for. So that’s question number one. And that’s very important because again, it’s to the need of the nurse. Yes. We want you to be with us here at Trinity, but at the same time, we want to make sure you’re happy wherever you go with whatever agency you’re with. So that’s just a plus,

We’ve got about four minutes here, so we need to wrap this up. But, um, what w you know, when you look at their options as a new travel nurse, your job options can, might be limited because of your lack of nursing experience. You know, if you’ve always wanted to travel to Florida or wherever, you know, you can, you can, can you just focus on jobs in that area? Um, what are the limitations to a new nurse that they need to be aware?

A new nurse, Florida would be good because Florida do take nurses, but you have to have a licensure in that state. Okay. We have so many web 34 to 35 compact States. So what I would say is focused on those States, being that Oklahoma is a compact state. So if you have a compact license, I will focus on the States that you have licensure for and take the first contract with Contract Nursing Oklahoma. If you want to go to Florida, I say, do a first contract here and other, all the 34 States then apply for a Florida license because the winter is coming. And that is the surge for every traveler to focus in Florida at the end of the year, they want to get out. Yes, Florida. Oh, of course. Yes, that’s exactly right. Every nurse want to go to Florida.

So, uh, that brings me up to my new point. You’re always hitting into my, I ask you one question, you go to my new point and you’re, you’re stealing my thunder. coming out. It’s just there. So, um, so having the proper license, explain what a compact license is. Do they need to go out and get a compact lessons? How does this work? Some nurses, majority of nurses have compact license, save you license in Oklahoma. I would call the board of nursing, let them know, have them send you an application to apply for a compact license. It costs $30. And that opens you up to 34 States to be able to work in with th eberst Contract Nursing Oklahoma. Okay. Um, you got to pick an assignment, so it’s really important. You pick the right assignment that fits your skill set. You’ve already kind of jumped into that a little bit. How do you coach new nurses to make sure and pick the right assignment? What are some things that they should know?

Question, ask them what license they have. If they have compact, then what are you looking for? And most nurses want a warmer state or someone colder States. So you out, what, what they’re looking for now, if I don’t have those, then I tell them what I do have. And they say, okay, I can do that. So it’s, it’s questioning what your desires are for. Cause I want you to be happy to walk through that 13 week contract and fulfill it because if you push a nurse into something they don’t like they will leave. Right. So it’s very important for communication.

Okay. Um, next thing, you’re going to land the job. And then, um, in one minute or less, like, how do you communicate with, uh, your, your nursing recruiter once you land the job? Is there anything you should expect or make sure you communicate? Yes. Because at that point, once you get the contract, then we transition you from working with me as your recruiter, to working with Melissa, who’s our credential person. So that’s when she picks up the ball. Got it. If Trinity can help you in any way with your nursing recruiting, please give us a call. You can contact us at (918) 622-2588 and just asked our so questions. You’re not committing to anything, or you can just go online, check us out