Contract Nursing Oklahoma | 10 Ways To Prepare For a Travel Nursing Career

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Hi, my name is Cory Minter and I’m the president of Trinity employment specialists. And we are a travel nursing agency located here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and we provide travel nurses all over the entire United States. And so one of the things that we always try to do, normally I have Darcell here with me, but she is ill today, not with COVID. Um, but she is ill today. And, uh, so she’ll be taking the day off, but today’s videocast. We’re going to do 10 ways to prepare for a career in travel nursing. Number one is you want to explore travel nursing. This entire videocast is for nurses who really don’t understand travel nursing. I think that it’s really important. I think what we have is we’ve got, most nurses have heard about travel nursing. They work in a, in a hospital and they’ve heard about a Contract Nursing Oklahoma.

Most likely what they’ve heard the murmurings, you know, how people talk and I’m telling you, I’ve been working in the, in the nursing industry for 12 years. Now, trust me, they talk. But the talk is like, did you hear that? They’re making double what we makeover here. Did you hear about this? Have you asked them how much they’re making? You know, and this is something that’s just murmured, you know, you don’t really, it’s not talked about really audibly, but people kinda know it with the best Contract Nursing Oklahoma around. And so what we want to do here in this videocast is just try to damper some of the things that, uh, might be assumed because a lot of times your mind kind of goes crazy when you go into assumptions, you know? Um, and so facts give you a lot of peace. I think this is what I really want to do.

Here are some, I want to give you first, um, ways to explore travel nursing outside of just this videocast. And I think we do a pretty good job of it, but there’s a lot of data that you can go onto right now. So I just wanna, I just want to send you over to some of these sites. Number one is the gypsy nurse. It shares tips about how to travel as a, as a gypsy nurse, basically, if you’re going to do traveling. And then it also gives you tips on how you can become a travel nurse and still stay in your same home, um, just travel 50 miles or more away. And you can get the travel nursing rates, which is, uh, way, way harder than what a lot of people make. Their travel nursing blogs have articles, tools of interest. Go check these things out when it comes to the best Contract Nursing Oklahoma.

Um, highway hopper Dominic’s, um, it believes that travel nurses make a difference in one hospital at a time. It gives a lot of different information about travel nursing that’s highway hopper Dominic’s go travel nursing, um, offers practical advice on how to get started. Um, and one of the things that you really want to pay attention to are the taxes. That’s one of the best benefits of travel nursing, but you really need to get a tax specialist or a tax advisor, and you need to get them to be able to work with your CPA so that you can put together a plan for how you can write off certain things. You can write off a whole lot of stuff and not have to pay taxes. Um, and then there’s the last one is C R Z E G R L. It’s a flight nurse that goes all over the world and them, uh, it’s a, it’s just a travel nurse that blogs and gives a lot of practical advice on how to go about doing this.

I just think exploring travel nursing is a really important way to just begin to get started. I mean, this videocast is a good way, but oftentimes we’re giving a lot of generalities and some things to look into. We try to get into some of the details, but even when we get into the details, it would really help for you to have a checklist and, and some written material to go to. Those are some great resources, and I think it will help you. Number two network with current travel nurses, as I said earlier, you likely have met other travel nurses that are working in your station. Most likely you have you’ve come across some, at least at one point in time network with them, ask them, Hey, do you mind telling me a little bit about this travel nursing? Who should I contact? Who’s your, who’s your nurse recruiter?

What are some of the questions that I should ask are videocasts going to have some of the questions that you should ask? You know, what do I need to have set up? What were some of your struggles when you went into travel nursing? What are some of the things that you really benefited from? Is the pay exactly what they’re saying it is? Is it actually double what, what we said? Um, you know, you can get kind of the inside scoop on what travel nursing is, what it isn’t, you can confirm some of the things that you’re concerned about, or you can, uh, confirm that your information was wrong, but, uh, you can get some good insight on that. Number three research, travel nursing companies, I would check their Google reviews, uh, or, you know, you’ve got different reviews that are on Yelp glass door. You know, there are all sorts of different ways to get reviews.

Um, I would check out all of those and see what people say. Um, but I most likely Google reviews is going to be your most reliable source, but check out and find out what they specialize in. Is there an area of specialty that they specialize in? What is it that that nursing agency does? Well? Um, how well do they advocate for their nurses? I think these are some things that you should consider. Um, what are some of the things, what are some of the benefits that they offer? You can check out all of these things. And if you went to the sites that I’d mentioned earlier, they’re going to have a checklist of items for you to, uh, check off and then, uh, and then make sure that you have information on number four, don’t burn your bridges. Let me give you an example on how that can be a big problem for you if you need the best Contract Nursing Oklahoma.

Um, it’s the same in every area, but it just matters how you handle your business. This let’s say you have some big following out with a manager or something like that. Um, no calls, no showing the next day. All right. That right there will not only irritate the manager. Yeah, congratulations. You got them, but you have certain areas. Certain things that we, uh, staffing agencies have contracts with called MSPs that are managed service providers or VMs vendor management, servicer, servicers. And let me tell you, if you irritate one of them, you will get flagged in their system. They will. Can you from ever working within any of their hospitals and a lot of these MSPs, they have over a thousand hospitals in their book of business. I’m telling you, you do not want to tick them off and they can stop you from working within at least a thousand hospitals, just because you got irritated at a manager.

The good thing is, is if you get a bad manager or you get a bad team, you’re working in, you’re only going to have to tolerate it for about three months, and then you never have to go there again. But it’s rare that that happens. It really is a lot of, a lot of times because of shift work, a lot of those things get worked out and, uh, but the way that you handle your business, trust me, it matters in this case, don’t burn a bridge. The one bridge you burn might burn a thousand bridges for you, and you don’t want that to happen. Number five, consider becoming a float nurse at your current job. You might consider that. So you can start to see how travel nursing can work and, and getting experience in all of these different areas, experience in different areas. It gives you the ability to get paid big, more, any certification that you can get.

It gives you the ability to be paid more. And it, and for us as the travel nursing agency, we can present these things on your behalf and try to, and try to up the pay package that you get. Yeah. And so definitely taking in more experience and documenting and keeping documentation of it is a really great benefit to you because you can really increase your salary when it comes to the best Contract Nursing Oklahoma. Number six, have a savings account. Um, the reason is that some of the things that you might have to pay for out of your pocket and get reimbursed for. Um, and sometimes it might take a little of time for you to be able to get reimbursed, give, uh, give your travel nursing agency, a call to find out what types of things might need to be paid for upfront. And I think that’ll help you out a whole lot in getting started.

At least knowledge gives you power, you know, kind of what to expect. Number seven, gain specialty experience in needed areas, check with your travel nursing agency recruiter. They’ll be able to tell you what kinds of experience is going to bring you the most money. And if you have interest in these areas, why not go get that experience so that you can make more money, uh, on all of your, uh, different assignments that you take. But the thing is, is like, I mean, you can make a lot more money with a specialty, um, especially when they have, um, needs for them when it comes to finding a solid Contract Nursing Oklahoma job. And they have emergency rates. Sometimes your wage will double and sometimes triple, um, give Trinity a call. If we can help you. We would love to, you can call Darcell. She’s not here today, but, but, uh, but she’s normally going to be here. She would love to answer any questions that you have. Give us a call at (918) 622-2588, or you can visit us

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