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Trinity Thinking outside the box while job hunting

You are listening to Trinity Employment’s, a player matchmaker podcast, storing your host and the cofounder of Trinity Employment Specialists. Cory Minter. Welcome back. My name is Cory Minter. I’m here with Ethan May, the second statistical

miracle and Ben White. So, and we are trying our best to add value to job seekers and employers and the title of this particular podcast is inside and outside of the box thinking when looking for job. There’s two parts to this and we will post up our second piece because I know we’re going to go a little bit long and we’re gonna need a little bit of extra time. So if you’re struggling with trying to find the right job, especially if you’re like been in, you’re trying to find a specific type of job, CNC Machinist, that is what we’re going to be going over here today. Different, uh, techniques to be able to use to make sure that you are covering all of the space in the area that you’re looking for a job. We’re going to be moving to itunes shortly, so please go and take a be paying attention to that because we’re going to be doing that.

Um, the topic that we’re, that we’re doing today, we believe is important because we are noticing that not everyone is a professional at going and finding a job and we hope that that’s the case because most people are who are great and who are a players. They’re not going to be looking for a job over and over and over again and become a professional at it. So we want to help you to become as efficient and as effective as possible. Uh, we want to ask that you invite people. If you find this content content helpful, please invite friends that you know they’re looking for a job. We want to make sure and help as many people as we can. And so this next episode you’re going to want to watch out for part two of that. So we’re, we’re thinking about how to look for a job lead thinking inside and outside of the box.

But before we do anything, we always want to know some statistics about job hunting and I think that Ethan’s got some interesting stuff for us as. Sorry, I mean, I got, I’ve got a few stats here. They’ll kinda roll in together. You know, for the, for the most part, you kind of have to think outside the box when you’re, when you’re looking for a job. I mean, on average, uh, the average number of people who apply for any one given job is average about 118 people. And with that being said, only about two percent of those people will actually land in interview. And so really you’ve got to, sometimes you really do have to think outside the box, think creatively when, when you’re on the job hunt, because it’s, it’s kind of cutthroat and it’s kind of tough to get in there. Um, but, uh, you know, thinking outside the box, this leads me into another stat I’m really excited about it made me laugh.

I’m thinking outside the box doesn’t mean that you got to be, um, untruthful or make things up. You know, a 58 percent of hiring managers say that they have caught applicants in a lie on their resume and I know I have, I had a candidate apply for a job and I just found her resume on another site and they were two completely different resumes, different companies, different. Everything was, it was, it was pretty staggering. It’s interesting because you’re always wanting to push things in sound more impactful and in doing that, you know, I’ve been doing this for 20 years now and it’s, it’s, I’ve gotten almost to the point where you can’t believe anyone and I know that sounds so, so mean, but it, it, I don’t want to say it that way. I’d rather say trust, but verify, I think. I think that’s the best way of looking at it.

But, um, what, what we want to do today is just go over some things that we believe can be impactful in helping you to find a job. You know, a long, long time ago I was writing my book. It was how to get a job in today’s recession. Well, back then we were in a recession and so I was trying to help people do this and I realized that not many people really knew how to go out improperly searched for a job. CNC Machinist, you know, those people who were a players, they didn’t spend very much time searching for a job. In fact, some of them didn’t even really know how to write a resume. And so, um, I would just want it to put together some action items for people to start thinking about because there are a lot of things happening whenever you’re, whenever you’re job searching, you’ve got social networking, you’ve got your resume going on, you’ve got all of the different job platforms that you need to be attending to and there’s just so much more. And so the, the very first thing that I want to bring up, and I want to talk to Ben about this because I believe that he’s really worked really hard on this, been how have you used social networking to, in your job search.

So a lot of what I’ve done is I’ll reach out to a or I’ll find a job lead on a job board or through linkedin jobs. Um, there’ll be, you know, obviously daily new posts of new jobs, um, but I’ll use those instead of applying online directly, I’ll use those to go troll or hunt down someone in that organization that I have a connection with. Um, if I already have a connection, um, I will reach out to those folks and say, Hey, you know, I saw that you guys have this job posted. Um, who would you recommend that I talk to in that department? I’d like to make sure I’m a good fit for this position before I even throw my name in the ring and things like that. To be honest, I think it’s much more effective. In fact, I just last week I had a conversation with a CEO of a company here in Tulsa based off of that kind of engagement to just, it started out by asking one of their, um, their account, hey,

what’s it like to be an account manager over there? I want to make sure that I’m, I’m a good fit. And so that kind of conversation led to other conversations in which, you know, ended up sitting down and having lunch with the CEO. So a very interesting method of, of using social social media to, uh, to bring about an opportunity. We’ll see when, when you very first start this, one of the things that I think is really important been for us to do is you need to have a clear vision of where it is that you’re going. And I know that you, because you’re such a Unicorn, um, your experiences is so unique. CNC Machinist, and, but the thing is, is when, when it’s, when it is inaction, it’s very, very effective for companies. Yeah. You know, I’ve got a broad set of skills that would, would play well in just about any industry in any, any organization.

So I’m fortunate that I can be very specific about what I want. I’m, I’m getting very targeted on, you know, I want to work in the oil and gas industry or I want to work in a energy or, or you know, these specific environments that, that I think are going to be the best for me. Um, but yeah, it’s uh, you know, being very specific and targeted about what you’re looking for is a, is an important factor and you can find a lot of that out by asking folks on social media, Hey, I saw you posted this. What is it like to work there? What’s the culture like? And you’ll find a lot of information that will tell you before you even start the process, do I even want to apply here? Or if you’re even going for an interview, that would be another way of researching that company.

But you need. This is something that most people I noticed in being a recruiter that most people don’t put as much attention to. They need to, they need to become an expert explaining what it is and what it is that they do well and they need to be able to explain that very confidently. Some people call it a 32nd commercial. I don’t know that I would say that because you can go into a different top of an elevator pitch, you know when, when people ask what you do, but you need to be. You have a clear vision and be able to explain to people what it is that you do well now, once, once you begin your job search, you’re going to be looking at social media and how how to utilize that and this is something that I really want to encourage people only because I guarantee you ethan’s got a couple of stories on this, but you are going to be an idiot if you don’t think that a recruiter or a potential employer is not going to go on social media and just see who is this person. Yeah, and multiple and multiple opportunities. Previously I was interviewing folks and was digging through their. Linkedin was digging through their, their facebook anywhere I could find their name. I’m looking for him. You know,

what, what is this person all about? It’s not really a, you know, a targeting thing or a, you know, I’m, I’m looking for Gotchas, I’m really just trying to find out what drives this individual, but if you have your beer pong, a championship on there, it’s not really going to be a, you know, an exciting or an enticing environment for a future employer. And that was a back to back champ, man. Hey, you know,

no, it’s true. What you’re saying is true. What you’re saying. I mean 68 percent of employers look at a potential candidates facebook, um, you know, before they even call someone in for an interview and same thing. It’s not really a gotcha moment. It’s just, you know, when culture is so important to companies, it’s important for them to try and get a taste of that before they waste their time and resources. Bringing you in for an interview. I know that, um, I, I know that culture is, I mean, that’s one of the highest turnover reasons in any company. It’s just because they don’t feel. People don’t feel appreciated and I don’t feel there’s enough teamwork. And so it’s important to people that you kind of get a taste for what someone’s like. So I just want to make sure that everyone really buttoned up your social media, just know that it’s out there.

And so if you’ve got four letter bombs all over your social media or if you have some stuff that’s posted up that might not appear professional, you might want to go and clean that up before you really get to marketing yourself out there. But one of the things I want to remind you of been, and all of the job seekers out there is that this can go both ways. Oh yeah. You should be looking at your potential managers facebook page and kind of get an idea of who is this person? Is this someone that I can tolerate? Do they have four letter bombs every other week on, on their social media? So it can really go both ways

really beyond that, um, you know, you’re looking for those elements that make you think, ah, this may not be a great fit, but you’re also looking for opportunities to ask questions that are really, really driving questions that, hey man, I saw that you posted, uh, you know, I saw this post, I saw this article you wrote. Um, let me ask you about that. That says, you know, I’m interested, I’m engaged in this, I’m digging deeper. CNC Machinist, and it, it adds a ton of value to your job hunt. It gives you an opportunity to really show your, you’re passionate about the organization, your new potential manager.

Sure. Yeah. And sprucing up your social media. It’s not necessarily just checking to make sure, you know, do I have anything here that I shouldn’t have? A lot of times it’s things like that and do I have things here that showcase who I am? Is this good enough? If someone’s looking at it, it will, they be impressed. One thing that I know I did, and it’s really easy to do on Linkedin is I go to some of my linkedin contacts, people that I know well and I go down to some of their, uh, their skills they have listed and you can endorse people. You can click on and say, yeah, this person does this really well. And I did that with a bunch of my previous friends. People I knew because they get that notification and you did it and then they go to your page and they do it right back to you and all of a sudden you’ve got lots of endorsements and it looks good.

And it’s a really, really simple thing that I did. Yeah. That kind of speaks to what corey had talked about in a previous podcast of, of building others up in your moment of need, you know, giving, giving back to somebody else. If you can make a recommendation or write a post about how, man, I remember when, when this happened, when, when we were in this situation and how awesome you were at this, um, you know, just throw that out there and be honest, be real, be yourself on your social media. Remember, you know, the most frustrating thing for me personally about social media is a lot of times it feels like the highlight reel. So be different from that. Absolutely. The next thing is, and we have two things, so I need to wrap up here in about three or four minutes, but, um, the next thing is, is you want to get as many systems working for you as possible.

And so, um, you know, you have all sorts of different jobs searching platforms and there, there are, there are many to choose from. And I’m going to go over each one of them here in a second. Um, and then, uh, get, get some thoughts from both Ben and Ethan on it. But the first thing that I learned, I had to go to this big conference a long time ago, and all of these companies, career builder, Monster, indeed, Ziprecruiter, fate, not facebook, but glassdoor, linkedin, they were all there and I met with all of the developers of these websites and just to find out how best to utilize them for our company. And one of the things that they told me I thought was really interesting for job seekers is that if you fill out your profile completely, you’re going to become three fourths or 75 percent more searchable.

How crazy is that? And so the reason that they want that is they want the content, they want everyone’s content. That’s their big thing that they’re looking for. But so the, the big systems that I have here, and Ben, you may know of some that we’re not even utilizing, but these are the main ones that you need to try to do this. So, CNC Machinist, career builder, monster, indeed. Ziprecruiter, glassdoor, and linkedin are the big ones that we view here in our company. But there are many more. But the main thing is, is don’t just upload your resume and call it good, fill out your profile completely because it’s going to make you a whole lot more searchable. I would recommend finding one or two of those to be honest. Um, and just me personally, I have found that my email has been inundated. It’s been hard to keep track of where I’ve submitted resumes to, uh, you know, who I’m, who I’m looking, you know, who I’m looking through. And so I’ve targeted, I’ve, I’ve paired mine down from, you know, I used to have the monster and all of those were, were going at once. Um, and I, to be honest with you, I’ve got phil over at Ziprecruiter.

CNC Machinist, I think he’s a robot because Phil has never listened to me. Uh, I keep telling them this is not my type of job. Um, I’m not, I don’t do this type of work. I think Phil found a key word on my resume that I need to clean up because, uh, it’s leading, filled out a direction that doesn’t work for me. So I would say if you’re going to use them all, definitely have your, your resume really pared down and specific to exactly what you do. I only use a couple only because, um, I was getting a ton of emails now. What’s your experience?

Oh Man, no, I think that perspective is so interesting to me because Ben, seriously that we are, we are on the other side of it and I honestly wouldn’t have known that had you not been here. I want to encourage anyone listening to this, to this is, this is a, this is a real thing. And so it’s something that recruiters are completely oblivious to. I can almost guarantee you

when, when I got told that, you know, less than two percent of people find their job on a, on a job board. Uh, my next thought was, well then why am I, why am I working so hard? You know, somebody told me it’s really more about the interaction that you’re having with people, the engagement that you’re having at a personal level with your recruiter, with a hiring manager, with an employee at the, at the company you’re looking for. Um, so I’ve gotten less on, less on the job board hunting and more on the interaction that I can get a, can I, can I be positive and speak positively into someone else’s, a linkedin post, etc. That’s kind of where I’ve gone.

Well, The last thing that I had written down here in, I don’t know if these things really, really compounded on one another as much as they were just, there are good things to, uh, uh, to take into consideration. But this, this, I think is the most important of all. And it, I love this quote by steve martin. He wrote it in his book standing up and it says I’m persistent. It’s a really good thing that persistence is a great substitute for actual talent. And I feel like in building this company, been that that was a big piece of it to be honest with you. But this is the last thing I want to leave you with. And then I’m going to wrap up. Take initiative. Listen, When you take initiative and do it with everything that you can, you know, the last, last podcast I brought up is commit to being the very best that you can be, but when you take initiative over and over and over again, and you have persistence, that persistence can create things that is unbelievable.

You know, over and over and over again, you see some of the smartest people, um, that graduate from harvard and they, they really struggle in me becoming multimillionaires. Whereas you have thIs guy who barely finished high school, but he’s, he’s become this multimillionaire. Most billionaires are probably not that smart, but they have this persistence. And so I want to encourage you, I want you to know, take initiative, never, ever, ever give up on when you keep yourself accountable. Somehow use your friends. Use people around, use a checklist. Make sure you put some structure to your day. Do time management with your day. And when you throw a initiative, hardcore initiative overtime, when you have a focused Intensity over time, and this is my perspective. When you multiply that by god, it gives you an unstoppable momentum. And, um, I hope that encourages you today. If trinity can help you in any way we would love to, you can give us a call at nine one eight, six, two, two, two, five, eight, eight. Or you can visit us