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Trinity Questions to ask in an interview

Hi, my name is Cory Minter and I’m here with Ethan May. We are working to try to help as many employers be a player matchmakers and help employers find great employees and help employees find great employers and we have all sorts of different avenues that we go about this, but our goal is we want to be able to help people. We want to be able to help people who are looking for the right opportunity to be able to have skills to be able to do that. And then on the other front we’re trying to help employers be able to find the right people because recruiting is always changing. It’s changing so rapidly right now. And so today we’re going to be talking about preparations for employees to ask during an interview. And so if you know the, the, the person that should be listening to this as somebody who is struggling to find the right position, you know, they’re trying, they’re feeling a little bit unprepared.

Maybe their interviews that they have hadn’t gone very well and they’re just trying to figure out what are some things that we can do to improve. Well, one of the things that you can do to improve is I’m learning how to ask questions in a job interview. So this is our third series on a worksheet that we put out on our website and it’s located on our website at Trinity Employment Dot Com. But, CNC Machining , we, we want to learn a little bit about, CNC Machining , the hiring process and so our statistical mirror miracle Ethan May. What are some of the statistics so far, CNC Machining , that, that you looked up about the hiring process, ethan, you know, the hiring process is something that I think is, it’s kind of weird because every manager, every hiring manager is looking for something different, but at the same time, almost all of them are looking for the exact same thing.

So 93 percent of employers consider soft skills essential when it comes to hiring a new employee. Soft skills, meaning being able just to talk casually with someone having people skills, person skill, uh, you know, a personable personality as he talked to someone. I mean, people find that just 93 percent of employers find that essential. Well, you just, you just told me that like yesterday you had somebody asking you, they had no idea what soft skills were. Yes. I start. Where do they, what, how did that come about? Well, the irony of it was there interviewing for a customer service position and I said, you know, this is a position that really needs really good soft skills and it says hospital. I said, yeah, like you need to be able to talk to people and you’d be able to work out differences with people you need to have good rapport with.

You know, everyone you meet and they’re like, oh, I’ve never, never heard that phrase before. And I don’t know, maybe it’s because you don’t have good soft skills, you know, where they. Were they pretty new to the job search or were they like, were they, they were new to the professional realm of job search thing probably. Obviously that was a dumb question. Sorry about that. That’s good. Yeah. So, but I mean, when it comes to the job description that is almost never listed on it, but that’s something that it says 93 percent of employers are looking for a well, why would you want to ask job questions in a job interview? And I want to kind of go over this a little bit. I think it’s really important. I think everybody kind of knows, oh yeah, I should probably be prepared, but I don’t know if they know exactly why it.

And so I want to go over those things. I’ve got four or five things that I want to go over. The first thing is, is you can show that you’re interested by the type of question that you asked. CNC Machining , and so you can, you can go on and say, you know what? I am so very interested in this and I’m so excited about it. What are some of the things that you are looking for in a person? So you can, you can inflict some of those things in a and show some of your excitement and show your interest in the job. The second thing is, is you can show that you’ve researched the company and the way that you can do this, it sounds a little bit like this, you know, I was doing some research about your company. I was actually checking your, your stock the other day just to see how your company was doing and here are some things that were going on that seemed exciting.

Are you excited about that? CNC Machining , you can, you can show your interest in your knowledge level and I really think that, uh, that it helps a lot to show the intellect of that person as well. Do you have people do this to you? Yeah, I mean people that come in and ask questions are immediately people I remember. CNC Machining , another really good stat is, I mean the average job opening attracts 250 resumes. And of those 250, only two percent of applicants will be called in for an interview. So already out of 258, a small, small percentage of people are actually getting in the door to interview. But when people start to ask about the company, about the job, they have questions afterwards, it shows that they’re invested and interested in. It shows that they genuinely care, which immediately puts them above people that just come in and say, do you have any questions?

I know you’re done. Okay, well that I wasted your time. That’s what I feel is, you know, at, at, at our company, if you don’t ask some questions and show some of your interest in the position, I don’t see a point in moving forward with it. CNC Machining , and so to, to me it, it stops everything because, because it’s, it’s a true differentiator between people. I don’t know if you. Well, I mean you just said that just now is that you can tell the people that you get excited about based on how they ask questions, the level of their preparation that they put into it. And so this is a level of preparation that you want to put in a, into your interview process. CNC Machining , or preparing for it. You know, the, I, I mentioned that you show your intelligence with the top of questions that you ask.

I think if you go and research company and really put some time and thought into it, it’s really going to show. You’re going to be able to inform your decision to make an offer. You know, the better the questions that you ask. You got to keep in mind you’re not the only one being interviewed there or they’re interviewing you, but you’re also interviewing that company and you know you should have a vested interest in being able to find the right opportunity for yourself. And so asking questions is really important for you as well. But those are some of the reasons on why you should ask questions. Um, what, what else you got for us here about this ethan? Well, even when you think not necessarily about questions, showing that you are intelligent are showing your invested, but you gotta realize this, that the person who’s interviewing you is taking time out of their day to talk to you.

And so if someone were to take time out of their day to talk to you, and they were to say things and ask questions and yours to reply with one word or a couple of words and I didn’t talk to him about anything, even if it wasn’t a job interview, that would be a really boring conversation for the person talking, you know, that’s time out of their lives that they feel, well I didn’t get anything from that. And so as they’re trying to figure out if they feel you’re a good fit, what better way than to show them that you are by being able to build a little bit of a relationship with them right there and very quickly you’ll be able to see if there’s someone that you want to build a relationship with and want to continue to work with. And you know, I think that people need to really keep this in mind.

The level of preparation that you’re going to put into this process is likely going to be a direct reflection of how much money you make. And so I think there, there might be some people out there, they’re like, man, I really don’t want to do this. If people liked me, fine, if they don’t like me, that’s fine, but I just, you know, I’m just going to go in there and be me. I’m going to go in there and be myself. I think you’re going to hear this a lot from some of the younger people, especially people who have a bachelor’s degree who are trying to work, get, get a job opportunity in, uh, in the corporate world. But at the, you know, the people that make the most money, they are going to look better. They’re gonna sound better, they’re going to prepare more. And CNC Machining , you need to keep that in mind.

CNC Machining , there’s a, there’s a top half and the bottom half and your level of preparation is probably going to be a, is pregnant, puts you in one of those categories and I hope you put yourself in the top category. But in our perspective, we meet with a lot of people that put themselves in the other category. Unfortunately, I’ve, uh, I have a quote here for you and then we’re going to jump into the action items real quick just for time sake. This is from business insider author that I was reading the other day. Her name was Rachel Goulet and uh, she said, remember every interview is a two way street. You should be interviewing the inner, the employer just as much as they’re interviewing you. You both need to walk away, convinced that the job would be great. So when the tables are turned in, the interviewer asked, do you have any questions for me?

Take advantage of this opportunity. Is the best way to determine if you’d be happy working for this employer and whether your goals are aligned with theirs. You know, I’ve, I’ve, most employers are going to be looking for culture and you need to be looking for culture because if you get in the wrong culture, I, I promise you you’ll be miserable. And so will they. But let’s take a look at some of these questions. We’re going to go through them real quick, ethan, and feel free to uh, you know, jump in there if you have anything that comes up to your mind. But the first question, and these are only seven to consider asking, the only reason that we’re wanting to bring this up is so that we get people thinking about options to ask. Like when I think most people that don’t think about it like, well, what would I ask?

I don’t really know. Well here, here’s some things to start thinking about. The very first question is, is what skills and experience would make an ideal candidate for this, for this job? So you’re asking this question egg ethan, what are they learning there? I mean, what they’re learning there is, is what they need to find tune in themselves if they want to be successful there. And not only that but you are showing again you are learning in, you’re also showing you, we’re showing that you care about being the best worker. So many workers just show up, clock in, do some work or the right one. Yeah. Yeah. So that’s an important question. The second one is how would you describe the duties of the position? So how do you do that, Ethan? I mean when you know that the duties of the position, you know, what’s expected of you and so you know, how you’re going to thrive there and, but also, I mean, just think about it this way.

Imagine me coming up to you and saying, court, I got a job for Ya. CNC Machining , do you want it, you know, you know nothing about it, you know, so you need to know a little bit about what job you’re going to do. So that’s important, but how much you pay. Pay. Exactly. Yeah. So, but you don’t want it to necessarily ask that question if it’s really been talked a lot about in the interview because then it’ll just seem a little redundant, but you got to know those by the end of the interview. So I’m going to rush through these other six or seven. CNC Machining , so the, the third one is what are the biggest challenges that someone might face in this position? How would you describe the work culture here? This is a really big one. I think, I think you need to really pay attention here and then look around and see if other people’s actions match what you’re seeing.

Every company has good and bad things. I mean, we, we had our company, we have good and bad things happened to our culture. Pay attention to that thing because you don’t want to get into a bad culture. Um, five, can you tell me about the team that I’m going to be working with? Pay attention to this. Uh, I always like to look into eyes to see how much they believe, what they’re saying. CNC Machining , I think it’s really, really important that you do that. Number six, what are the prospects of advancement or professional development in the company? I think that you, uh, this is a great question to ask. What are the next moves in this company? I think you need to make sure that you’re clear that you’re not expecting to move right away. Um, there, there are a lot of, a recent, CNC Machining , it’s, uh, I don’t know.

Sometimes people would say it’s a millennial thing that they expect to be promoted too quickly and so you have some managers that are gunshot with that, so be careful with the way that you ask that question, but I think it’s really good to know your future and that’s a really great question to ask. Then the last one is, is when can I expect to hear from you and this one is really important so you’re not stewing and you know when you can communicate next. I think that that’s really. Do you have anything else to add, Ethan, for we get out of here? Yeah. The only other one that I would add to this list would be I love this question when they ask is, is someone says, what’s your favorite part about working here? Or what’s your favorite part of that company? Yeah. When you’re interviewing with staffing company, that’s a little more difficult, but when you’re interviewing in the actual interview with the company saying, what’s your favorite part about this company?

Yeah, and you learn so much that company what it’s like to work there. I love that question. Yeah. Well listen, if trinity can help you in any way, we would really love to. You can go and see all of our job postings online at Trinity Employment Dot Com. If you are an employer, we have a lot of information. I’m not only about our company but different hiring techniques that you can utilize that we’d love to share with you, CNC Machining , or you can give us a call at nine one eight, six, two, two, two, five, eight, eight. And our website is Trinity Employment Dot Com.