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This is Trinity Employment Episode One.

Hi, my name is Cory Minter and I am here with Ethan may were with Trinity Employment Specialists. Trinity. We’re a staffing firm. We’re located here in Tulsa, Oklahoma and today we’re talking about. I’m interviewing one on one. This is, this is primarily going to be hints for the interviewee, someone if you’re, if you’re frustrated trying, trying to find the right position for you, if you’re feeling a little bit unprepared for your interviews or if you’re just looking for some kind of plan to try to up your game in interviewing. it’s not, it’s not like interviewing is just a fun thing and we all prepare for it all the time, but what we wanna do is we want to try to add value to your interviewing game today. And so I’m. Ethan is a, he is one of the recruiters at trinity and so he’s good. He’s got to see it all with CNC Machining.

he’s, he’s gotten to see it. I see everything in the business in Ethan is a statistic machine. I’m telling you who he is in a really weird fact about Ethan is he is a world renowned, a Harry Potter. What, what is this, Nathan? What is it that you are? Yeah, so I was in a competition in 2014 with one point 3 million people around the world for Harry Potter literature, Trivia and I came in first place. Yeah. So He’s, he’s a Weirdo in statistics. So he’s going to help us out with our statistics today. Um, but I just want, I just want to start in on this. So these are the things that we’re going to go through in the end of this is five things to do before an interview in five things that you can do during your interview on. But before we get started, like our statistics, Mongo jumbo, unbelievable mind to tell us a little bit about what, what do we know about interviewing with CNC Machining?

Oh, what we know about interviewing. Well, first and foremost, like you said, we’re not always prepared for an interview. It’s not always a fun thing. CNC Machining , but just, just taking the very simple steps to prepare for an interview makes all the difference because an interview is looking for all sorts of different things depending on the job, the company and the interviewer and interviewee, I mean 36 percent of employees say that their looking for multitasking skills and 31 percent say they’re looking for initiative in 21 thing that they’re looking for creative thinking and in these things all seem different and yet all employers want them and it’s kind of difficult for you to come into an interview preparing for all those things when a lot of them are really intangible skills. CNC Machining , and so coming into an interview and showing knowledge and interest in the business really, really helps you succeed during your interview in it.

Make sure is. Well, there’s one thing that we always, always encouraged our candidates is that you want to research the business a little bit before you go into an interview because about 47 percent of interviewers say that they wouldn’t offer the job, do candidate if they didn’t know anything about the company that they were interviewing with. That’s just huge and I can speak from personal experience when people come in and they tell me that they’re confused because we’re a staffing company, but they thought that they were interviewing with the actual company and they’re telling me I didn’t really even want to come in when I found out you’re a staffing company and I’m thinking, well, you know, if you had researched this a little bit more, if you look this up online, you’d see that we’ve got, you know, excellent success. Right. And that we represent other clients.

That was really easy thing for you to find out. It seems like they didn’t even really care about the interview. Come in man. I’ll tell you. That’s one of the first things that I look for when we’re hiring somebody for trinity. You know? And, and when, when we were looking at you, I asked you the same question. It’s like, what do you know about our company? And I’ll tell you it over over the years of doing this, it seems to me like, like those are the people, the people that really research it. It kind of tells you a difference between some of your a players versus your b, c, and d players. It’s just because it shows that they care and they’re putting some initiative into it. Oh, definitely. Yeah. I mean it shows the difference between someone who thought, oh, I guess I’ll go to an interview tomorrow and someone who thought this is a great opportunity.

They are taking their time out of their day to interview me, to consider me for a job. I’m going to research them and learn a little bit more and prepare better. Which of those two people would would you say would be a better fit for a job? Obviously the one who prepares more. Yeah. A long time ago when I used to spend time coaching people for interviewing, I mean way before trinity I’d started this organization I’ve wrote up and got a grant from the Department of Labor for like one and a half million dollars, but it was to try to try to help the help to decide why, why are some people unemployable, you know, and what are, what are some things that you need to do? And so I used to teach, he’s interviewing classes all the time and I’m in, some of them were fun, but one of the things that were, it was always important to me is to teach people one how to research the company and what to do, but how important it is that you do that.

And even if they don’t ask you, make sure that you throw in there in the interview at least at some point in time. Hey listen, I was researching your company, let me show you what I saw a and CNC Machining and just try to find a segment in there. You can always throw it in there because it always makes you look a little bit better because you’ve got to look uniquely better somehow, someway. Oh definitely. Yeah. I mean you got to find ways to stand out from other candidates, you know. And, and that’s definitely a big, a big leg up telling them that you, yeah, you care and you researched steven if you a yell at him a little bit like that. Hey, uh, let me tell you a real quick. But uh, it definitely makes you stand out. Yeah, tell us about some stats about body language and appearance.

Sure. This is one that I, I, I love. This is probably one of the biggest things that jump out to me when I’m interviewing people. CNC Machining , I mean interviews last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour to an hour and a half. I mean kind of depending on the position and where you’re interviewing at. CNC Machining , but like their results from a survey of 2000 hiring managers and they said that 33 percent of those people, they knew whether they would hire someone within the first 90 seconds. Even in an hour long interview, they knew 33 percent of those people said they, they knew within the first 90 seconds if they’re going to interview someone. And I can say that that’s incredibly true. When you go into an interview and you’re not smiling, you don’t look someone in the eye, you don’t sit straight. You don’t speak with confidence. It’s very easy for an interviewer to say, this person doesn’t seem to care about the job.

They don’t seem to care about being here and this person doesn’t seem competent enough to talk to me, let alone do the job and it. And so real quickly you can find that you’re being counted out of a job simply by the way that you’re presenting herself. CNC Machining , confidence wise. Yeah man. When, uh, you know, this was, this was many years ago, but it was the job I swear, that helped me learn that I wanted to start a staffing firm and this was why type of a type of moment. But CNC Machining , I used to have to use staffing firms all the time. This is like our big sales thing that I always say, but it was because I used to have to use these staffing firms and they would just send us people and I would give them the golden road. I was like, I tell them, listen, this is how to make a half million dollars with our company this year.

And I would tell them, this is what the manager wants. This is what they need. This manager is different than this manager. You need to make sure that somebody is quiet or something like that. And, and I had this glass is like this glass door that was right outside of our office and you know, they had a, they had a little reception downstairs and they would send them up and I would walk out to see the glass door and I swear to you, Ethan, like you could tell within seconds I didn’t even get them to the door and you can. And that’s what frustrated me so much about all the staffing firms that we, that I was using at the time. I was like, I told you, yeah, like this is what you need and you needed somebody quiet and then all of a sudden you know, somebody in everyone in the office is looking, man, this guy’s loud, stirring the people in the department CNC Machining.

See through the door that everyone’s talking to him or listened to a word. I said, you know, and so, uh, so I, I had that happen all the time. Yeah. I didn’t mean to interrupt you. Go ahead and finish with your, with your, with your stats. No, I mean that, I mean that’s Kinda, that’s what these are all about. I mean it’s, these stats are all about the impression. CNC Machining , I mean 40 percent of interviewers thought that a lack of a smile is good enough reason to not consider a candidate. I mean, can you, I mean, can you imagine that? I mean you can interview incredibly well and because you’re, you’re nervous, you might not smile the whole time and almost half of the interviewers in that study said that that would’ve been good enough reason for you. Now you interview people. I mean, how many people this week?

We’re at Thursday. Yeah. How many people this week? I guarantee you got some ridiculous story where the person came in and like, they were horrible and you knew it. You know, I have you to blame for some of these people. So in our lobby, not in our lobby, it trinity. We’ve got these little bowls set up with mince, these little white lifesaver mints and come in, you know, exactly. You know where I’m going with this. And so people walk in, they’re filling out paperwork, they’re waiting for the interview. And so they’ve got all these mints that my boss Corey decided to put out and they pop on in their mouth and about eight seconds later I’m ready to interview them and so then I come into the interview and I try and talk to this person and they’re sitting there and just suck it on these mints.

Well, I’m trying to talk to them and, and it’s potentially the most frustrating thing. And then maybe half of them sometime throughout the interview will say, I’m sorry, hold on. One second. A little grab a tissue and they’ll spit the mint into their mouth because it’s annoying them and they’re like, stick it in their pocket or something. And I have you to thank for that. Why we put those mints on the table in that. Great. What’s funny? Do you remember that lady that came in and like we have that bowl of mints and Brittany Kotter’s pouring all of those interpersonal bowl up and poured them into her purse. Well that, that leads us to our number one thing of five things to do during an interview in the number one thing is to get rid of any gum or candy in your mouth. Listen, it is for CNC Machining.

It is just going to give you an annoying thing. Of course. Poor Ethan here has to deal with my thing. You know, we’re trying to be nice to people. Heaven forbid I’m the bad guy. This one. Yeah. The second thing is give. Give people a warm smile and a firm handshake whenever you meet them, it really does set a precedence on how things are going to go and people’s perception. Remember, other people’s perception is reality to them and you can. You can give them a certain perception in the first two or three seconds just by affirm, smile and handshake and look welcoming. Oh sure. I mean just changing someone’s perception of you in that way is easy. All of them are just little tiny fiscal adjustments. Things like deciding, making the conscious effort. I’m going to go in there. I’m going to smile at them when I greet them.

I’m going to shake their hand and greet them. It doesn’t matter how nervous you are. You can still be nervous in smile at someone. Those are simple adjustments that you can make to your confidence and have good eye contact and staying engaged. I’m just looking at someone get in our American culture. It just shows confidence and you can, you know, you and I both know that you get a little bit nervous with someone who can’t keep eye contact with you. [inaudible]. You’re like, man, there’s gonna be some issues there with other people in the office. I’m the fourth thing is make sure and ask three to five questions about the company or the position. CNC Machining , and you can go onto google or anything like that and just say three to five questions that you can ask in interviews. It’s really important to be prepared with questions.

It shows initiative. It shows you can show your intellect also in the questions that you asked. And then the number five thing, and we’re running out of time here, is to thank the person for their time at the end of the interview and ask what’s the next steps so that you don’t have to sit there and wonder for the next two or three days. I wonder what’s going on with that job. If you get a decent timeline that gives you a little bit of a peace of mind. These are the first five things to do during an interview. If you’ll fall, if you’ll follow the next session that we do, we’re going to do the next five things to do before an interview, but if we can help you in any way we would love to at Trinity. CNC Machining , please give us a call. Our phone number is nine one eight six two, two, two, five, eight, eight. Or if you want to read up on us and learn a little bit more about us, go to our website at Trinity Employment Dot Com.