CNC Machining | Interview Tips Part 2

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2 – Trinity Interview Tips Part 2

Hi, my name is Cory Minter and I’m with Ethan May. We’re with Trinity Employment Specialists. Trinity. We’re a staffing firm and we specialize in staffing. We started 10, 11 years ago, staffing in the medical field, staffing for every kind of position that you can imagine in this, in the medical field. And now I’m about six or seven years ago we started staffing in administrative accounting and finance and now just most recently we started staffing in the industrial arena and today are going to be talking about five things to do before you get into an interview. So this is for someone who is looking to go out and start interviewing in, CNC Machining, you know, especially some of the best candidates. They’re generally people, Ethan, who have, who have worked in a position for a long time and they don’t spend a lot of time interviewing. I mean if you asked 100 people who likes interviewing, I’ll bet you if you got one hand that came up, I mean, no one likes doing this.

It’s a little, it’s a, it’s a, it’s a time period of a little bit of a stress, but it’s, it’s really, really important to be able to perform well there and so when you’re needing to perform will really, if you go with an old statement that I used to say all the time, knowledge gives you power, that means preparation is gonna Change know your level of preparation is going to change your circumstances. And so what we want to do in this is try to give people information that will hopefully change their circumstances. This for somebody who’s struggling, trying to find the right position, who is interviewed and interviewed, what they felt like unsuccessfully, but they’re really not sure exactly what to do and just try to give people some things to really consider when trying to interview. These are things that you can do both for an interview, but we, we always have our statistics master here.

Ethan may tell us, tell us a little bit about some of the things with competence, CNC Machining, that, uh, that is directly related to interviewing. Yeah, I mean, confidence. Confidence is huge and it’s something that I could, I could spend all day talking about. Um, but when it comes to how you present yourself to the employer that you sometimes think like, okay, I’m going to do these things in the interview, I’m going to do a, b, c in the interview. I’m going to talk about, you know, ABC in the interview. But really what it boils down to, what would it starts with,

with his, your confidence. If you come in there and you’re not confident, then it doesn’t matter if you talked about a, b, and seed and matter if you do a, b, and c, but your confidence is really, really what sets you apart.

Twenty percent of interviewers say that candidates who sat with their arms crossed during their meaning during their weren’t considered for the role. A 65 percent of interviewers said that candidates who failed to make eye contact, they didn’t get the role that they were applying for. And 40 percent of interviewers said that the quality of candidates voice and their overall confidence was the reason for not taking that candidate any further in the interview process. And so, I mean, all, all those numbers really speak volumes to the fact if you don’t come in, they’re confident. I mean, you’re, I mean, you’re fighting an uphill battle at that point from the getgo regardless of your work history. I think it’s so, it’s so unfortunate. But also, you know, when, when you’re on the other side of it, it sometimes we kind of laugh at it, but it’s just those nonverbal, CNC Machining, maybe it’s a tick or it’s a nervousness.

Things that people do. And I know you’ve got a plethora of private look on your face right now. You are, you already know, but you know, some people who say a lot or have you ever had somebody that just is tapping? Yeah. Oh, definitely tapping on the table, on the table or doodling their leg. A bunch in their legs under the table. So at box on the table and then my papers are shaking because they’re jiggling the whole table. Right, right, right, right. So like knowing that those things exist, knowing that they happen and, and knowing that you’re probably not going to realize it, but someone else might. His is a little bit of knowledge, but you got to kind of get ready for this. Like how can you, how can you get ready for this, Ethan? I mean it’s all a mindset to me is if you try and prepare it for your, for your confidence, as I’ve said before, and I’ll say it again, confidence, it is a mind over matter thing, but a lot of the things that helped change how you appear are our physical adjustments.

You can make regard regardless of how nervous you are. And so, you know, before an interview, it’s a simple as saying, all right, I’m going to stand in front of the mirror. I’m going to talk about myself for five minutes and I’m gonna. Look myself right in the eye, in the mirror. And you’re getting used to talking in projecting and having a voice that sounds confident and it feel really awkward because it is really awkward. You’re talking to yourself in the mirror. CNC Machining, but I mean after that, sitting in front of someone, a real person is a lot easier. And, and it’s the little fiscal adjustments of saying, you know, okay, I’m going to sit up straight and my interview. I’m going to do it regardless of how nervous I am, I’m not going to slouch in the back, I’m not going to fold my arms, I’m going to sit up, I’m going to talk to them, I’m going to look them in the eye.

You can be, you can be the most nervous you’ve ever been your entire life. And those are all still physical traits or physical actions that you can change while still being nervous. But it makes you appear like you’re not nervous. Yeah. Do you, have you ever just told someone, hey, listen, I don’t think that you’re aware of this moment. I don’t. I’m not sure if you are, but you have been smacking on that one. Your gum or you’ve been hitting the table and like, I really want to try to send you to an interview. But like if you do these things, I’m concerned it might hurt you. Have you ever. You ever told people this truck?

Oh yeah. And, and it’s. And it’s not because we’re never trying to be mean because we want to help them, you know, I’m trying to help them get a job and so when I say, Hey, I’m going to give you a little bit of constructive feedback here on, on how you interview, it’s always the help. But yeah, I mean some of the more ridiculous ones have been, yeah, smacking gum or even I had a woman who pulled out a nail file and she was filing her nails while we’re doing an interview. I had, I’ve had multiple people have their say too that I, I asked. I honestly, I asked, I said, is everything okay? I just, I didn’t know what to say. It was okay if everything’s okay. It was so thrilled to order to say, well, I like, I want them to realize that what she was doing was making me question what was going on in the interview. And so she pulled out and she starts filing. I said, it never know, like a kid. I asked her if he could borrow it. Oh, that would’ve been great. That have been going on, man. I’ll do that next time. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You should. You should. But yeah. I said, are you okay? She said, yeah, what’s wrong? What do you mean? I said, well, it’s just usually if people filing their nails in an interview and she laughed,

put it away. CNC Machining, but yeah, that was pretty weird, man. That was pretty weird. Yeah. I mean, I, I’ve, I’ve done this a lot and you know, that filing your nails, that’s a different level, that level of I don’t understand, but, you know, a lot of my great candidates had something that they were doing and I was excited about sending them someplace, but I would always tell them, hey, listen, you’ve got this without the other. I know that like, I’m a pretty good communicator. Yeah. There are things that I’ve had to learn how to overcome. And so one thing I want people to know is, is that if you’ve got some weird nervous tick, even though it’s, it’s weird. I mean that gum. Have you ever seen people with a fidget? You know? Yeah, yeah, my wife does that. But CNC Machining, but it’s okay because most really good people, uh, and really smart people and they’re, you know, being in front of people’s not being in front of people and talking is not something that’s normal and so it’s very normal to have to have that happen.

Sure. We can get into the things to do so we can, so we can talk about it. So we don’t go over our time too much here. But the very first thing to do before an interview is research the company, Ethan, like what can you do to research the company? I mean we live, we live in the age of information, you know, and it’s as simple as you know, you know, who you’re interviewing with. Even if it is a staffing company like us, you don’t know, you may not know right off the bat what they’re staffing for, but it’s as simple as just going to google and typing in their name and finding their website. I mean, you can learn so much. Almost every website has an about us page. You can read about the company, you know, where they are, which always helps, you know, because, you know, I can’t tell you how many people have shown up to an interview 30 minutes late because they got lost, you know, and it’s as simple as just you just look up their website, read about him and going into that, you know, infinitely more about that company than if you had just said, okay, I’ll just show up to the interview.

To me, yeah. You know, one of the things that always suggested to people especially are really only if you are interviewing with someone who is, CNC Machining, or some company that’s a large conglomerate, probably a publicly traded company. You can always go onto the stock exchange or you know, and go, you can go to yahoo finance that’s always free and look up their stock ticker. There’s always going to be some information. And that is generally the most recent information. And, you know, when I, when I was interviewing a long time ago, I used to be able to bring up stuff that, you know, one time I brought up something that the hiring manager didn’t even know about the company, but it was a way for me to say, Hey, listen, I’ve been researching your company and I noticed that this was something new coming up, you know, are you excited about that?

And giving them an opportunity to brag about their company is, CNC Machining, you know, it’s, it’s something that really helps them to feel good about you is giving them an opportunity to brag. Sure. Oh yeah. And like what you said about how you phrased it with talking to them and then saying, are you excited about that? That, that means, I mean, you’re not preaching at them about their own company. You’re asking them about their company in a way that shows that you already know about their company. You know, so yeah, they get to brag about it and you get to come across like, you know, something. Yeah. Number two is this should be a given, but honestly it’s not, CNC Machining, is dressed, professional and conservative. You know, one of the things I used to tell people a long time ago, Ethan, is that, uh, you know, like, well, how should I dress for this?

Do you think? I would get that all the time when I recruited and I would tell them, listen, I think that you should dress a little bit above what you think the manager is going to be wearing when I’ve met this manager, I’ve seen them wearing this. I think you should dress a little bit above that. Do you have any suggestions you give to candidates? Oh, of course. Yeah, I mean, dress, dress to impress. I’m is just. I mean, we’ve said it however many times. Everyone says it, but it’s so important. CNC Machining, I’ve had everyone, I’ve had people coming in, you know, dressed in full suits. I’ve had people coming in and shorts and tank tops. I’ve had a woman who came in wearing a full suit and then also a rainbow beanie on her head. That’s a good one. It was, it was interesting.

It was a weird Combo. Colorful. Exactly. But yeah, that idea of you, you go in there and you show them that you’re, you’re dressed seriously and again, you don’t have to wear a full Tuxedo or you anything super fancy, but just showing them that you’re, you’re taking it seriously is it sets you apart. For sure. Absolutely. The third thing we got to hurry up here, Ethan, is a arrive early and plan for traffic or other delays I listened to and I was at. I was doing a, a sales meeting today and I went out with CNC Machining, our, our salesperson who had scheduled the meeting and our gps tracker took us to the wrong location. And CNC Machining, and it wasn’t our fault. We put in the exact right address. It just took us the wrong place. And so we researched it in another way and we, it took us three minutes away from where we needed to be listening.

You never know what you can do. So here, here’s some things that you can do. One, you can arrive early and give yourself 15 or 20 minutes to try to figure that kind of stuff out a to you can, you can go early and just know where it’s at and those, if you can do those things, I think you’re going to be able to eliminate, make sure you take the phone number of the person if you have that with you, that way if you do get lost, you’re calling before, before. Remember this before the time has lapsed. CNC Machining but make sure that you arrive early in a and expect expect traffic delays. Okay? The next thing is keep your fragrance to a minimum. Remember, most facilities are smokefree. You know, we had this happen a lot of times in the medical field because,CNC Machining, you know, if you have a fragrance, especially in ear, nose and throat specialists, CNC Machining, it can be a real big thing, but have you ever been trapped in a room with someone who had a strong fragrance?

It’s a nightmare. Yeah. And if it’s a quote unquote good fragrance, you know, like a perfume, it’s still a nightmare.

Yeah. CNC Machining, we have a lot of people who smoke my overdue, that not really realize it. The last thing is, is review questions the interviewer, my ask and have answers prepared.CNC Machining, and this is one thing that I think that you should do. You can do this very simply by going onto google, typing in sample interviewing questions for whatever specific specialty that you’re in and have answers, read through there and know how you’re gonna. Answer those questions and be prepared for them. Do you have any other advice on, on that?

No, I mean, yeah, that, that is so important. I can’t tell how many times I’ve interviewed someone and I asked even the most basic question of like, what, what’s one of your strengths? What are you good at? And they sit there for about 30 seconds thinking they say, uh, I don’t know. I haven’t thought about that. That’s tough if you can’t even talk about yourself. So yeah, as simple as that, be prepared to answer some questions.

Okay. In this, uh, in our, in our next segment, we’re going to go over seven questions to ask during your interview and why you should do it. You can get this form with all of these answers on our website at Trinity Employment Dot Com, but if you’re interested in trinity, we would love to help any company with their staffing. CNC Machining, but we also love helping people find the right fit for them. You can give us a call at nine, one, eight, six, two, two, two, five, eight, eight.