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Hi, my name is Cory Minter and I’m with Ethan May and we have one goal here in that is to be an a player match maker for, for employees who are a players who are trying to find the right fit for them. And for employers who are trying to find a players, the, a players make a huge difference. They stay longer, they do one and a half times the work a lot of time, and then eventually they will recruit other, a players to, to work on your team. And having a culture of a players is one of the hardest, trickiest, um, and then things to do and if you ever get it, it’s a blessing. It is the biggest blessing as a manager. And so today we’re talking to the managers that we work with. We’re talking to the managers who are in the industrial world and they’re trying to figure out how in the world do we keep up with the demand that has happened.

Um, most, many people who have paid attention to the news, Ethan, uh, president trump, uh, changed our Nafta agreement for the United States. And that really put a huge, huge surge in the industrial world and it was already beginning to see. And so we’re probably gonna see more of a sky rocket almost, um, in the next a to 2019. It looks like it’s going, you know, when you look at people, it looks like the industrial world, we’re really gonna see another huge surge throughout 2019. They say it’s going to drop off towards the end of 2019 and then begin to surge again in 2020 are some of the, some of the best experts that I’ve seen. But one position that I’ve noticed at least in the Tulsa area for sure that has seen a huge increase in our CNC machinist. And I know that you know this because I know that you look, look and work for, for trying to find people every single day.

Yeah. Tell me a little bit about that man. Yeah, I mean for whatever reason, I mean, I think part of it is what you’re saying that that change in Nafta, but there is a huge increase in the industrial world, which means everyone, everyone right now is looking for CNC machinists. It feels like at least. Um, and so one thing that I have found really interesting in that and, and usually I’ve got real sets stats or statistics that I’ve got. Well I got to be honest with you in even looking for statistics on CNC machinist, they’re, they’re, they’re weird statistics you get. It’s not normal now. It’s not very helpful. What did you find? Tell us what you found anything. Oh, I found, I can tell you they’re mean annual wage if you want, which is pretty boring, but I can tell you that, you know, the, the, you know, the average hourly wage of CNC machine.

This is about 26, 81 an hour roughly around $55,770 a year. But I’ll tell you this with this huge spike, this is a statistic that I’m kind of making up, but I’m basing it on my own experience so it’s not, you know, you know, foolproof and is not a national average, but you’re seeing it. But I’m seeing it. Oh yeah. And we’ve been staffing for CNC machinist for months. I’ve been interviewing a ton of them on average. Every machine is that I’ve interviewed on average as at least four or five other interviews lined up with other companies and that’s not including mine. And so we’re saying every machinists that I’ve brought in for the most part has had around five or six interviews with different companies. And in the trend that we’re seeing right now is machinists. I mean they are the Belle of the ball.

They are the prettiest girl at the dance. And they know it and they know it. Every person wants to talk to them. I mean, yeah. So I literally did have quite literally I had a machine has come in for an interview and I was telling him when he sat down, he literally said to me, he said no. Which company is this again? I’ve interviewed with like eight people. The best it is. You don’t even know where he was at when he sat down in the interview. Usually. Yeah. That’s a huge turnoff for, you know, for some of that you’re looking for. But with those machinists it’s simply because everybody wants them. Yeah. Well, I, I think some of our listeners who are employers looking for this, what are they going for? Like what, what are the big things that really means something. Are there any common denominators there that you’ve paid attention to?

Yes. What is it? Almost every single machinists that I’ve talked to you, why did you leave this job? Well, you know, some of them were layoffs, you know, back when a few years and there was a huge layoff. I mean probably a little bit skittish because of it. True. But what they’re, what they’re doing right now, when I ask, why’d you leave this last drought, you’re looking for a new job, one of two answers is almost always given to me. And it’s either money or its culture. Both of them. I mean you get into some machine shops. We staff for machine shop. When I met with them I knew that we would be successful staffing for them right away because they were telling me everybody in here really loves everybody. I mean we’ve got a PSA, city softball league. Some of the guys are all on together.

We’ve got an Xbox, a couple xboxes in the break room. People play games during breaks and the manager was telling me it’s important to me that people enjoy being here and it’s, it’s a, it’s uncanny how few places are doing it. And so people leave because why would they know that the managers are terrible to them and expect, you know, unreasonable things. And so when they start putting their resume out there and just because they’re looking for something else in seven different companies want to get them [inaudible] yeah. Well, you’ve been very, very successful with this. I’ve actually been really excited about what I’ve seen you be able to do for our CNC machinists and not only that, talking to the managers that I have, they really complimented you. And so, CNC Machining, you know, really we kind of have this, a little bit of an expert here at, at doing this.

You know, I have a quote that I, that I’d dug up, I actually liked, I actually liked this because as I was preparing for this, you know, I didn’t, I didn’t know, you know, you want to make sure and keep it entertaining. But I, I, I didn’t know exactly how we’re going to form the entire segment on CNC machines. I don’t think we’re having problems now, but, uh, the, the quote is opportunity is missed when, mo by most people because it is dressed in overalls and it looks like work. And So said that this was Thomas Edison. Thomas Edison. Yeah. Yeah. I thought it was really great. But, CNC Machining, it, it kind of segments into some of the things that we’ve, we’ve began to see, CNC Machining, you know, one of the things that happened this last week, it was someone that we were actually really disappointed with our member of the story.

I think it was you in a, you and one of our other, our salesperson was talking about it and we add somebody hard. He was ready to go and something about like, it was cold outside so he didn’t go in this. He’s a guy. I fought for him for a couple of weeks. He had, he had the most interviews at anyone I’ve interviewed yet, like with other companies and he wanted a good amount of money because he had really great management experience. He was a player and we finally got them, you know, on one of our companies and we’re really excited. He’d been there about three days. He called in one morning saying he wasn’t coming in because it was too cold outside. I’m sitting here thinking like, what on earth are you talking about? You know, I mean, aren’t these guys supposed to be there? Kind of. Tufts supposed to be tough. Yeah. And what got me is I thought, okay, well I understand if it’s really cold, you’re not in a climate controlled shop. Wait a second.

I don’t know. I still don’t know what happened. They didn’t know that part yet. So I’m like, I dunno, I dunno what happened there, but there’s just something different. It does, yeah. CNC Machining, I don’t really know how to segue out of that into anything important, but I’ll, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll help you out. So if you’re, if you’re an employer, you’ve got to try to figure out really, you got to be creative. Not, I’m not, I’m not kidding you. You’ve got to be very creative. You got to be very proactive to be able to get people for your shops. And CNC Machining, one thing that Tulsa tolsons need to know is there are many more job orders coming or there are many more jobs opening up for CNC machinists. The big deal that that’s going on with a spirit aerospace, a majority of those I found out the other day are all going to be CNC machinists.

That’s going to be, that’s going to be throwing up another roughly 200 demands for, for jobs in the Tulsa area. And CNC Machining, and, and so the demand is getting ready to be skyrocketing. And so, CNC Machining, all of us recruiters, it’s not just trinity, it’s going to be every recruiter that’s out there, we’re really going to be having to work to get a, the CNC machinists. Oh yeah. I’m in, in the doors and hired. So what we wanted to do is we wanted to go over some of the tips that we’re seeing. CNC Machining, you know, and I know that on my, on my front, you know, I’m always trying to make sure that we look good. We have a good presence online that when people google us and what we’re interested in, that we come up top and it is a nonstop flight and so on.

I want to, I want to say that that’s probably one of the very first things is making sure your search engine optimization and your social media sites are up up to a face in. What was that as you. Yeah. You start to bring them mentioning it earlier. Just earlier today, I was reading the stat that it said 97, 97 percent of people looking for a job before they accept an offer. We’ll visit the employer’s social media page, like the company’s social media and not their website, their social media pages. There’s facebook, twitter, instagram, all those things. Ninety seven percent of people will look at that before they go, so if you’ve got one where you’re not posting much or you’re behind the times or you don’t have like a really professional looking one, I mean sometimes people will be deterred by that. You know, that was, that was a wild stat that I read people.

Well, just just for time space. We need to. We need to try to wrap up here. I want to go over the tips for hiring CNC machine is of course, listen, I think what Ethan was talking about, I think that’s probably the most important thing of all of it, is making sure that your social media is up, up to speed to where it looks good. It looks promising. Um, this, the second thing is you want to consider all means of advertising. You’re going to have to look at. I mean, you’ve got, I don’t know that I would recommend the newspaper at all, but you’ve got all the job boards. I would start looking at different job boards may be switching it up. Each job board has algorithms. If you start using the same job board over and over and over and over again, um, which it’s easy to do.

Flipping it and moving it around a little bit sometimes helps your results. And then the next thing is go searching to the nearest technical schools. I think that’s what’s going to happen. Where are you going to say though? While I was going to, real quick before we moved on, I was going to say that is something that took me a little bit to get used to, but all means of advertising includes things like you go to facebook and you search for Tulsa area jobs and there are facebook groups where people check every day or their new jobs are the new jobs and companies go in and they post, hey, we’re looking for CNC machine as I got. I got multiple hires from doing that. Things that almost seemed like that, that doesn’t seem like something we do like for a professional job posting somebody. You’ve got to do it sometimes in those ways.

CNC Machining, yeah. And craigslist as well. I mean I post on craigslist. I personally have never been, like I never bought anything. Craigslist never sold anything on Craig’s list. Like I had never even visited this site before, but we started posting jobs on there. I got CNC machinist for responding and getting hires out of it, man, brother. That when I started this company, Craig’s list with the thing, I’m not kidding you man. And it was free. It was great. Yeah. The next thing is go searching in your nearest technical schools. We’ve had developed relationships with all the technical schools and this is what it’s coming. We’re not going. They’re not going to be enough qualified people to service the demand that’s coming into our city. And so if you’re in, in the state of Oklahoma, this is coming. It’s not a, it’s not an if it’s when and so going after the schools is going to be a piece of the pie because here shortly it’s going to be a huge bonus that people have experienced, but they’re going to have to train.

Yeah. There was one thing that, that personally when I, when I started recruiting for CNC machinists that really spoke out to me. I really remember vividly, and I’ll try and keep this quick, but CNC Machining, one of my applicants came in for an interview and he was wearing jeans and a tee shirt and it had like oil stains on the t shirt and I’ll run down and, and I was telling that to another recruiter, actually a different company. We’re just chatting about it and they said to me, they said, you know you, you got to kind of lower your expectations a little bit when it comes to machinists and I thought that was the most wrong attitude that you could ever have because really what you gotta do is you just have to. You have to change what you’re expecting and change what you’re doing. So the fact that someone comes in wearing jeans and a tee shirt doesn’t mean that they’re not a professional looking for a job.

That means that their machinists and they probably just got off of a 16 hour night shift and they came in wearing jeans and a tee shirt. Just because you don’t usually go searching a technical schools for people doesn’t mean that that’s bad and they don’t have good experience. It means, well, I’m just going to change my expectations a little. I’m going to get really good candidates. Maybe from here. They just came out of school. They know exactly what they’re supposed to be doing and that’s just something I. I kept thinking of and I just wanted to point out, you know, it might be a little different of a recruiting process because you don’t really have to go searching for it and they’re going to be a little different, but I feel like that’s how you get the really good candidates is by searching harder and changing a little bit.

What do you expect? Oh, that’s a really good point. That the last thing I want to talk about just for time’s sake, is you. You’re going to want to involve all of your other machinists and get them involved. Give them an opportunity to be able to submit people and give them an incentive for being able to, for a referring friends and that sort of thing. Remember a player’s refer other a players they know they hang out with one another and so making a huge incentive for people to refer their friends over to a good place to work as a huge is a huge benefit to you. You’ve got to throw everything that you can at this. This is going to get interesting, you know, as, as they start putting this up. You know, we’re going to be, we’re going to be continuing to move the needle at, you know, the best that we can and man, I appreciate your feedback on it because that was really great.

CNC Machining, so, uh, with, with Trinity, please come visit our website, take a look at us and if you’re a CNC machine is, we’d love to talk with you. And CNC Machining, I, I believe that we’re, we’re one of the best CNC machine is companies in Tulsa when it comes to quality and in a big part of that is thanks to this guy across the table from me, Ethan. So, CNC Machining, you can give us a call if you’d like at nine. One, eight, six, two, two, two, five, eight, eight. Or you can visit us online at Trinity Employment Dot Com.