Accounting jobs Tulsa | management role

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Accounting jobs Tulsa | management role

Hi there, my name is corey mentor and I am with trinity employment specialist. We are staffing organization and we staff in the tulsa and oklahoma city markets, primarily, and we we have two different divisions. We have a division in the medical side where we stand for everything from a front office position all the way up to physicians for major hospitals, and then we also have a. We also have a a division that works in accounting and finance and banking we’ve been doing this for years and and won many awards with it. The whole deal want to talk to you just real quick about about hiring techniques. I have six different ways that I think that you should Accounting jobs Tulsa consider whenever you’re, starting to bring somebody on at your team, whether it’s going to be a medical facility in medical billing or an lpn and rn, an x-ray tech or a physician like these are things that you should look for. You know that’s the medical side or whether you’re bringing an administrative assistant, customer service, rep or if you are working for a loan originator or a loan processor loan assistant or bank teller.

Accounting jobs Tulsa You know whatever it is that you’re working for all of these things still apply, but you got to have a system to labeled heart cuz. You want to be able to minimize the margin of error as much as you can, and and do everything you can to make sure that you get an a player on your team without having to go to the process of training. Someone realizing that, oh my gosh, this is the wrong person. Then you terminate them, but you train them for 3 months before you realized it or just all these things that save you so much money, but this hiring process is likely one of the most expensive mistakes that a lot of companies make. That’s a big reason why people hire us, but you know we try to teach people how to how we do it and so do. These are some techniques that are very standard anywhere. You go read your going to read about him, but think these are some things that I think can help you. So, let’s, let’s get started. The first thing is is to know your job description. I’ll tell you! We just promote did someone into a management role several months ago, and we fell into this where it where, as we always had an ironclad system, because we always had our positions, we knew what they were. We were very knowledgeable about what we are going to have this person do, but this was a new management role for our company, and so you know it made me feel a little bit better cuz one of my mentors who owns and operates i, think the third or fourth largest staffing organization in the country. He told me that he had the same problem. I needed the same thing and until I really said he just did it again with one of his bp’s, but it’s very easy to do. Where is you promote someone and you don’t have it iron-clad in detail? What it is that you want this person do now? This does two things one.

It confuses the crazy out of the employer that you just promoted because they don’t know what they’re winds are and what their losses are, that they don’t even know you know in this is even if you have 3/4 of the job completely outlined out, which is what we did, but we had one third of the job. It was still trying to be figured out. It’s really mistake to try to do it in the middle of in while they’re in the positions better. Do it up front so make sure that you know your job description and that you know you can communicate it well to the employee. It’s really important. The second thing is you want to talk to your teen about what it is that you want in this position that this doesn’t work so much about the previous scenario. I was talking about where you’re promoting someone. However, this is very vital to when you are replacing a position or you’re, adding a new position in a position where you you currently have a job description with. You want to go to your team and say all right. What is it that we need in this team? You want to evaluate an interview, your team, and try to duplicate as much as you can you’re a players. Your top players on that team make sure that you duplicate it and all the same wild is making sure that you put just as much effort into culture as you do, as you do just skill set, but making sure that you understand the personality that works well in that position, as well as the skill set in the background that they had. You want to interview these people and duplicate your top players really important, but then thing is:is you want to you want to research?

Accounting jobs Tulsa Your competition make sure that you are at least in line with what, with what are your competitions, doing I’ll tell you what I get calls at least once a month from one of our customers, saying:hey, listen, I’m, getting ready to hire for this position, the going rate for that position. That is what they’re doing their calling me cuz. They know why I stopped for a ton of places and then want to know. What’s the going rate for this? Are we out of touch sometimes, though, call me whenever they’re losing people to be like listen? Are we out of touch what’s going on here? Accounting jobs Tulsa Why are we losing people, but it’s really important that you research your competition. So if you don’t have relationship staffing company that can easily tell you what the rates are among the entire industry, if they specialize in an industry will then you might want to consider going on to one of the top job websites in finding out what the salary is for the position making sure that the duties match the salary and that you’re in line with what your competition is doing because anymore right now, especially with the millennial type mentality, but it’s also gone into the other different generations man. Accounting jobs Tulsa

Accounting jobs Tulsa They will go for the next and biggest, and so you need to make sure that you were doing something to hold people in your in your company’s really really important. The last thing is not the last name. Sorry next thing up front with everything you’re trying to recruit someone so I get it. You want to make sure and tell him everything great about the position, especially when you got somebody really interested in, but one of the biggest mistakes you can make it specially with a player’s is not tell them I’m some of the dirt on the position. Accounting jobs Tulsa Let’s be honest, every position, even mine, I’m, the owner of the company, listen there’s some great things about bAccounting jobs Tulsaeing the owner for company there’s some really cruddy things about being the owner of a company. There’s a guy standing right behind me behind that camera is probably some really great things of his job that he likes and there’s some things he’s like man, this sucks i, don’t like it I wish. I didn’t have to do this to everybody, so be upfront with it. Accounting jobs Tulsa

When you know the crap be upfront with it and let the people know that way, they can make the decision and they know what they’re doing and that they know what they’re getting into their no surprises. No surprises surprises are never good for people next thing in integrate social media. I think this is one of the most effective recruiting tools available. We use it all the time and I’ll tell you they’re there a couple of people that I know of that do really well with the social-media thing they go out and man do they make friends with everyone they help as many people as they can to get what they want and good grief almighty man do they have a powerful recruiting tool. This is a friend of mine in what what I mean is is like he does such a great job with that, it’s hard for us to compete with him when they’ve asked us to recruit forms, because his social media is so powerful. He brings in people that you know he’s just as good as we are at recruiting because of the power that he has on social media. So that is a tool. That’s free for you that you could use last thing is to follow criteria, make sure that you have a criteria and a process at how you are going to conduct your interviews. What it is that you’re interested in in you have a hiring process, encourage people to run personality test. Once you understand the personality of a position. I encourage you to make sure and have the same questions prepared that way:you’re not just going off in a no man’s land and interviewing haphazardly that you have a system that you created. This is like i, don’t know it’s statistics 101, where you don’t want to ruin your sample by asking different questions. I learned this from a very, very boring, boring, boring statistic:teacher cinnamon, place, it’ll change the ball game for your hiring. If trinity can help you with your system would love to give us a call at 918-622-2588 or you can visit us online at trinity employment.Com. Thank you. So much hope. You have a great day

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